Friday, 17 October 2014

Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference (More pictures)

Hallo beauties…
I haff come again with more pictures from the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference.
No i won’t stop.
‘Because of why?’ You ask…..
Well, because i really want you to see what a swell event it was, and also because i want those of you who missed it for nothing’s sake to regret making that choice, so that you will plan to come next year *Mnneeeein…..nkooooin to you* (In Mish’s voice…..yes she says ‘Nkoooin’ instead of ntoooin).
Oh hey! Did you notice that i have bought my own domain? Yeah, i did…..It’s no longer, rather its now .com. My dears, i had to ooo! I had no idea that the powers that be could delete someborri’s blog just like that. N’ofu ntabi anya (in the blink of an eye)……now you see me and now you don’t. Well, you prolly didn’t notice because i bought the domain, and then i redirected my blog to the new domain, so even if you type in my blogspot address, it would take you to my .com address *cool huh?* The ministry is moving.
What was i saying again? Pictures! Oya…..lesgoo there!

Oke Maduewesi (MD of Zaron cosmetics)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Kiddies store alert!! | Tender hands & Feet

Good afternoon beauties
This post is dedicated to the mums and aunties in the house….
You know how i love to share when i discover nice places and things? I found a kiddies store today! *Whoop-whoop!*.
I know that this blog is about all things beauty, but hey, i’m a mum and i know that there are lots of other mums who read my blog. Sometimes, it can be hard to find things you need for your kids……yes, there are lots of kiddies stores everywhere, but trust me, you can walk in and out of some of them without finding what you need or buying anything at all. Some stock their stores with drab-looking things.

So here’s introducing ‘Tender feet & hands’, a lovely ‘lil store that has all a mum needs. Not all stores have me ‘wow-ing’, staring and touching, but this one did! And the best part is that it’s not even far from my place at all. There are some items i had been looking for which i found here.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

B 'n D Makeover | 'Pink Candy'

Good evening.
Today, i felt the urge to do a bright and colorful look. When it was time to choose the colors, i was torn between yellow & green and pink & blue. However, the latter won over the former… pink and blue it was!

I almost didn’t do this look today though ‘cos today was just soooo stressful. I had too much errands to run, and i eventually finished them all around 4:30pm, all on an empty stomach. Then it was time to cook *by the way, i really don’t like cooking….i do it because i have to*. I eventually had to multitask…..that’s how i ended up cooking and applying my makeup at the same time. Of course that required me climbing up and down the stairs several times *well, it’s good exercise for my thunder-thighs*.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference......More photos

Hello again!
Like i said before, i took a lot of pictures at the just concluded Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference. In this post, i’ll be sharing more pictures….
‘Twas not a small something!
So here are more pictures of people that attended the event…..


Hullo dears....
Makeup by Ashabee now has its own lash brand, and i was sent some lashes to review……4 beautiful lashes…..i can't even shout!
These lashes are soft, light  and really beautiful. I wore one of them (#747M) to the Beauty Africa Conference, and people kept saying that they loved my lashes.

Well, before i go on with my review, here’s what ‘Bee lashes’ have to say……

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

20 Random facts about me......

So i was tagged by Dobby to participate in the ’20 Facts about me’ challenge. I love playing games like this …….
Oya brace yaselves.

1.   I don’t take God lightly……..i don’t joke with HIM at all!

2.   I hate hot food. Makes the food seem tasteless to me, plus it always burns my tongue.

3.   My eyes don’t close completely while i'm asleep…..little wonder…they’re huge!

Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference (Pictures from the event)

Hello dolls…..
So the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference started yesterday. Yours truly was there live & direct……well, as one of the official bloggers for the event, i had to leave everything else and attend. And boooooy, i’m glad i did!

Did you miss it?
If you would have loved to attend but you missed it ‘cos of some really good reason, then i’m sorry about that…..maybe next time, you would be able to attend. But if you missed because you were busy doing nothing even after all the hype and posts, then all i have to say to you is “Ntoooooooin!”

Sunday, 5 October 2014

B 'n D Makeover | Ft. Jasmine

Hullo Dolls......
Jasmine came visiting today after 3 long years!
We went to school (Unizik) together, and back then, we used to eat abacha (African salad) a lot! I love that food.
Jasmine has one of those ‘fun to work on’ faces, and sometime ago when i promised her a makeover, i already knew exactly what look i was going to do on her face.

Friday, 3 October 2014

UPDATE | Beauty Africa Exhibition and Conference

The Beauty Africa Exhibition and Conference (the region’s largest event dedicated to beauty and wellness) is only couple of days away!!!
I can't keep calm……i’m mega-excited! Do you even understand how huge this is?
Keep scrolling…….

Beauty Africa Exhibition and Conference 7th – 9th Oct 2014 is the start of a very exciting journey which will see the event return annually to Nigeria, show-casing to the West African market the very best beauty products, brands and stylists from across the world.  The Beauty Africa Exhibition will see over 20 companies from all areas of the beauty market place including hair, make up, spa and wellness and skincare, showcasing the latest products and services available today.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Blushes 'n Dimples at 99.3 Nigeria Info!

Hullo Dolls!
A good morning to you all, and welcome to my new readers *Big squishy e-hug!*.
Yesterday was one of the high-points in my makeup career (I’ve had 3 high-points)….. I was featured on ‘The Woman’ show, on 99.3 Nigeria Info fm. We talked about makeup and the Nigerian woman, makeup trends, shared tips, talked about the do’s and don’ts of makeup, and gave out 3 spots for professional training at the makeup school. As in……it was AH-MAY-ZING!
Ok, i'm going to gush a little a lot about my ‘On-air’ experience *now entering gushing mode*
I listen to the radio a lot while driving……infact, i hardly play music in the car. If it’s not Wazobia fm, its Inspiration fm, Cool fm or Nigeria Info. While listening, i always imagine what it looks like inside the studio and how it feels working there (especially while listening to the Wazobia fm crew, those people can play ehn! Loool!). Well, i found out yesterday……it’s a lot of fun! It wasn’t what i expected at all… was even better!
Imagine my elation when Zoe contacted me for the interview, i was not expecting it at all…..the invitation just came out of the blues, and my first thought was "At last, i'll get to see what goes on 'inside' my radio!". Tehehehe!
Oh… are pictures...