Wednesday, 25 May 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | Ajali Vanilla & Lime Lip Scrub, and Ajali Coconut Hibiscus Lip Balm

So we have officially welcomed my favourite season of the year....the rains are here!!! *rings gong*. Goodness me, the heat had become unbearable! I was using mangoes to console myself but i think they are making their exit slowly but surely *na that one dey pain me pass anything!*. My love for 'sherry' mangoes.........

Do you remember when i reviewed the Ajali konjac sponge i purchased a while ago? I also mentioned that i bought a lip scrub and a lip balm from them. Read the Konjac Sponge review HERE .

For a while, i was using the Maybelline Baby Lips to moisturize my lips and keep them soft, but buying them soon became a problem because they never seemed to be available in my vicinity, and then i decided to go natural on my lips, so it was time for a change. I knew Ajali makes natural lip scrubs and lip balms, so i went ahead and placed my order on their website for the Vanilla & Lime lip Scrub and the 'Coconut Hibiscus Lip Balm.

Oh my God! I hate chapped lips....they are NOT acceptable! I dislike seeing them, i hate working on them. It doesn't make the lipstick look good, no matter how much you blend the lip pencil and lipstick. If you have chapped and dry lips, then these two products are for you. You ought to purchase them, you NEED to purchase them!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Tales Of A Nigerian Mum | Liar, liar.....Pants on fire!

What do you do when your kids lie? How do you handle the situation?

We all know that kids lie, but knowing the fact that kids lie still does not prepare you for the horror and sadness you feel when your own kids lie.

It comes with a sense of disappointment and though you are failing in your duties of bringing them up in the way that they should go. There was a time that Dindu and Munachi´s lies were soooo frequent that it began to scare me shitless.


DINDU : "Not´s Munachi".

MUNACHI : "Noooooo Mummy! Dindu did it!"

*Wipes brow*

At such times, they used to have such innocent and convincing looks on their faces, and i couldn´t for the life of me figure out who was fibbing. It really scared me that they were becoming professional little liars.

Well, i´m glad to say that the lies have did i handle it? i´ll tell ya!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

B 'n D Makeover | Soiree

Because pink looks are oh so pretty.....

You just can't get enough of them!

I totally loved this look and took about 80 pictures *Don't worry, there aren't 80 pictures in this post...loool!*.

It was hard to choose these 7.....oh well!

Because i never held my ear as a i'm holding it now *looool!*

The look is named 'Soiree' after the eyeshadow i used on my eyelids. It's a pretty pink shade by E.l.f Cosmetics and it has the same consistency as the ColourPop eyeshadows, so it's best applied with your fingers.

I love this shade of beautiful!

You can order makeup products from If you use my discount code BANDD, you get 5% knocked off your order.....yaaaaay!!!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | ColourPop Lippie Stix in 'Leather'.

How have you all been?

I bought this lipstick about 2 months ago, and today, the spirit has moved me to post a review.

This is my very first ´ColourPop Cosmetics´ lipstick, and somehow, i chose to get the colour purple. I don´t know if i´m a sub-conscious purple lover, because when buying lipsticks, i tend to gravitate towards the Purple family...... when indeed my favourite lipstick colours and shades are the Browns.

Did that make sense to you?


Ok then.

I wonder what inspires the names that makeup companies give their lipstick shades....i assume there is a little story behind each one *or not*. Anyway, this one here is called ´Leather´.

I like the packaging of the ColorPop Lippie Stix´. A long, thin tube with an even thinner stick of lipstick in it.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Tales of a Nigerian Mum | Potty trained!

So this is really happening!

It took me a while to type my first post in this series because i didn't know what story to start it off finally this evening, i thought, what better way to start than with the celebration of a milestone?

So it happens that my Zuriel is now potty-trained! It all happened before she turned 2 years old...two weeks ago. The amazing thing is that i didn't really have to do a lot of work in the quest to get her potty-trained. I just know that diapers *she wears pull-ups* suddenly became very expensive and i knew i had to start the potty-training process.

Prior to that, she had already been introduced to the potty at school..... parents had to buy potties and take them to school for their toddlers to learn with at school. I took the one Dindu and Mish used when they were in their pre-nursery classes......infact, that potty has never actually been brought home from that school *loooool!*.

So they usually had 'Potty times' at school, but Zuriel never pooed or pee-ed in hers. However, she knew that wee-wee and poo-poo had to be done in the potty. I would ask her:

"When you want to poo or wee, where would you go?"

And she would reply:

"The potty!".

Yet getting her to sit long enough on the potty to pass something was a big problem she just wouldn´t co-operate.

So one day, i decided to try something new. I said to her " Nana, if you poo or pee in your potty, i would give you a star" .

She looked at me as if to say "Are you for reaaal? A staaaaar?!"

Now, she loves it when she's rewarded with a star sticker on her forehead or drawn on the back of her hand. So off we went to the potty. She sat and then after a few seconds, she started getting antsy and wanted to stand up. i urged her harder and distracted her by singing a little song to her, and she pee-ed!

I drew a star on the back of her hand, and she was sooo proud of herself. She went straight to her dad with a huge smile on her face to show off her reward. Some hours later....the same day, she came and said to me;

"Mummy, i want to poopoo". I put her on her potty and she made a big one! Another star!

From then henceforth, Zuriel started to go to her potty by herself, and then she would bring the black marker *which i use to draw the star* to me and say;

"See mummy, i pooed, gimme a star", or "I pee-peed in my potty mummy". And each time i checked her potty, there was always something in it *Yaaaaaaas!!*.

 It was sooo easy....she basically potty-trained herself! All i had to do was draw a little star. Now, she only wears panties at home and to school, but when we go on an outing, she always wears a diaper. The funny thing about that is that even while wearing a diaper out of the house, she always says to me ;

"Mummy, i want to weewee", and when i say to her "Wee in your diaper", she gives me a funny look, and it´s almost as if she´s saying "Ewwww! That´s nasty! Quit playing" *loooooooool!*.

So if  you have a toddler and you are struggling with potty-training, have you tried a reward system? Just find out what your child likes and reward him or her with it whenever they use the potty, and make sure they understand the reason why you are rewarding them.. It just might work and you will stop spending so much on Pampers....

It haff cost biko!

Besos and Good night.

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Monday, 25 April 2016

B´n D Makeover | Leather


As some of you know, i battled a bad bout of conjuctivitis over the past few weeks. It was the longest 2 weeks of my life, and i was sooooo miserable! I wasn´t allowed to do makeup, all i did was sit around the house and mope or stare at my eyes with a small mirror in my hand. I went to google and scared the shit out of myself, and then i sat around and moped some more.

Dindu got it first and of course i had to get it too because i examined his eyes, and i can´t remember if i washed my hands or not. Only his left eye was affected and he seemed not to be bothered at all. Anyway, kids are resilient and he healed before me. Mine spread from the left eye to the right eye and i felt horrible all through.

I couldn´t do makeup because the eyes were really bad, and i didn´t want to get my products infected. So yesterday, i was finally able to plaaaaay!

My eyes are baaack!
I did a cut-cease look with gold glitter and paired with purple lips. Keep scrolling for product details..

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | Ajali Konjac Face Sponge

I have always wanted a soft sponge for my face because my body sponge is kinda hard and there's no way i'm scrubbing my face with it. So i've been washing my face with my facial soap and my bare hands while on the look-out for a suitable soft sponge.

So on Instagram, i came across a picture of this sponge by Ajali, and i knew it was the 'One'. My search was over! I placed my order and after a few days it was delivered to me along with two other products i ordered from their website.....but today, we are talking about the Konjac Face Sponge.

They have the Lavender, Ginger, Bamboo, Green tea & Original varieties of the Konjac Face sponge. I went for the Green tea variant because it suits my skin type best.

LAVENDER: Suitable for all skin types. This sponge is the perfect de-stress treatment after a long day. Also encourages cell regeneration.

GINGER : Combats irritations, inflammations and minimizes bacteria that causes acne. It contains natural skin brightening properties, and it's suitable for oily skin.

BAMBOO : Infused with activated charcoal and is perfect for oily and acne-prone skin.

GREEN TEA : Infused with natural green tea. It has added anti-oxidant benefits and is suitable for normal to combination skin types.

ORIGINAL : No added clays. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Beauty talk | Makeup tips

Hello Dolls....

Good evening.

Remember when i used to share makeup tips on this blog?

It´s not like i ran out of tips to share. You know the learning never stops....and so i got some new tips to share with you all....

Let´s get into it right away!

For those of you still struggling with fixing your falsies, have you ever tried cutting them in half?

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tales of a Nigerian Mum.

Hello dears......
So I´ve started this new segment on the blog called ´Tales of a Nigerian Mum´. One of my blog readers pitched the idea to me, and i thought that it was really cool. Thanks again Chibugo. She has an interesting blog check it out here.

This is a beauty blog, and i am a beauty blogger *I think we´ve established that fact*, but i´m also a mum and i love my kids to pieces, and most times, they do some stuffs that make me unable to keep calm and i just wanna ´Loud it´from the roof-top of a sky-scraper with a massive mega-phone!

Kids are a very interesting set of humans, and these ones i have at home are no exception. Everyday they either shock me, amaze me, annoy me or amuse the heck out of me. If you are on my Blackberry contact list, then you are not new to short writeups about my kids antics at home. But you can only type a few words on your blackberry status. Over here, i can ´broaden´the story *looool!*

If you don´t want me to ´bore´ you with such tales, then you don´t need to open the post whenever you see it.....just jump and pass. There will always be beauty-related posts on the blog as well.......ALWAYS,

Infact, there was supposed to be a new look on the blog today, but i have conjunctivitis, and my left eye is red, swollen, watery and achy. It should clear in a day or two and then i can work on the new look.

Thanks for your time....


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Friday, 1 April 2016

My Blog Signature ordeal

Hello beauties...

If you have been following my blog for a while, you would have noticed that at the end of every post, there is usually a blog signature. I remember when i added the signature to my blog.....i was still trying to build the blog, and i had to learn everything on the internet as i had no one to teach me *so all of you that i have been teaching about the basics of blogging for free, you berrer appreciate! Looool!*. I remember the struggle i went through the day i added the signature to my blog posts. It took me 4 long hours to figure it out because i´m somewhat of a perfectionist, and because as you all know, google has sooo many teachers.....some just successfully confused me *loool!*. Eventually, i figured out a shorter way to do it which doesn´t even take up to 20 minutes, as long as you have fast internet.

Now, for some time, the signature stopped appearing at the bottom of my posts and i didn´t know why. And since its been about 3 years ago that i went through the ´signature ordeal´, i had totally forgotten how i attached the signature to my blog. So yesterday, i finally braced myself to figure it out all over again!

I asked google, and as usual there were so many confusing answers with equally confusing links. I opened one or two links and was finally prepared to shut down the laptop and go to bed without achieving my aim.....

Then suddenly, i remembered!

In 2013, after i attached the old signature to my blog, another blogger mailed me telling me that she really liked it, and that i should please teach her how to do it. By that time, i had figured out the shorter and easier way, and so i sent her a detailed email explaining the steps in clear terms.

I remembered that email and i ransacked my ´Sent folder´looking for it. Finally, there it was! With that detailed email, i was able to restore my blog signature within 20-30 minutes. I even tweaked it a little bit by adding butterflies *loooool!*.

And that´s how an email i wholeheartedly sent to my fellow blogger some years back saved me a lot of time and stress, because if i hadn´t taught her willingly, i would have had to figure the whole thing out over again! *shudders*. How was i to know that the email was actually for myself.....for future use!

So, if you happened to visit my blog last night and you saw posts with titles like "Testing", "Still testing", "Ok bye", this post is an explanation for what was going on. *Lmaooo!*.

Ok dears, i have to go take them for their swimming lessons *By the way, a darling blog reader suggested that i should post occasionally about ´Life as a Nigerian Mum´. That is definately going to happen....Thanks Chibugo!*.

Besos darls!

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