Friday, 26 August 2016

Reputable online makeup stores in Nigeria

Good Morning!

One of the questions i get asked a lot is "Where do you buy your makeup from?"

Now, the fact is that i don't buy a lot of makeup these days...gone are those days when i used to buy makeup like it was going out of fashion. These days, i only buy what i absolutely need....not what i think i want.

I hardly walk into stores to buy makeup......i do most of my makeup shopping online. The only time i buy in-store is when i attend makeup fairs and when i go to Little Extra's Store in Festac.

So, in this post, i would be sharing with you some of the reputable Nigerian Online Makeup Stores i know....some of them i have patronized, some of them i haven't.

Most of these stores listed above accept payment on delivery...isn't that just great?

The DF Store.

This is a Nigerian pre-order store which carries makeup and skin care products. They don't keep anything in stock, but anything that is made or sold in the U.S.A is available for preorder. This means that you can contact them and tell them what product you want, they buy/ order it for you over there and ship to Nigeria. They deliver all over Nigeria, which means that your products gets to your door step.

However, you have to pay to their bank account before your package is sent to you because pay-on-delivery is not possible *I'm sure you understand why*. Processing and delivery takes about 3 weeks.

I'm not sure they have an online store because they don't keep things in stock, but if you are on Instagram, follow them @the_df_store . They regularly put up pictures of products you might want to buy through them. However, if you want something that wasn't posted on their page, you can ask them for it. If you are on BBM, add them up with 569026A8. For whatsapp, contact them with plus12189797906. *My 'plus' sign is not working, so i wrote it in words before the numbers. Add your 'plus' sign before the numbers when trying to save it ok?*.


For really nice brush sets and brushmats, you can buy from Cheecheelive. Follow her blog HERE. Or add her up on BBM D1F880CE.

So, these are the online makeup stores i know. I'm sure there are some others, but these are the ones that have been brought to my attention and some of the ones i love as well.

Have fun shopping!


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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference 2016

Good evening.....

How many of you are excited to read the title of this post? You don't know how excited i am that the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference is coming to Nigeria this year again! This is the third consecutive year the event would be holding in Nigeria.....*whoooop-whooooop!*.

Oh, and Blushes 'n Dimples is once again an official blogger for the event *whooop-whoooop again!* The first event in 2014 was amazing! I haven't forgotten it at all. The second one in 2015 was even better....and this year 2016, they plan to surpass the past two events!

If you attended the first two editions, i'm sure you understand what i'm talking about, and can't wait to attend this one. However, if you didn't attend any of them, here's another opportunity you don't want to miss *i wouldn't miss it if i were you!*.

The conference is aimed at all Beauty Professionals and business owners, and it's a 3-days event. There will be expert speakers from the region (Nigeria), and from across the globe as well. The speakers will showcase the latest methods and insights from each of the sectors throughout the 3 days. There will also be hour-long live demonstrations on models from Beth Model Agency.

Now, there will be something new that wasn't done at the conference of the past 2 years. This 2016, there would be a panel of experts who will be discussing the A-Z of the manufacturing of beauty products, looking at the opportunities, the red tape and logistics involved in this process.

And just like was done the last two times, there would be a dedicated session on marketing, Social media, and business opportunities for Beauty Professionals who are looking to enhance their branding. customer reach and drive revenue.

Oh, and there is a very interesting line-up of speakers...people who i'm certain that you would love to meet.

Did i mention already that attendance is free? All you need do is register HERE

I would be doing follow-up posts here to let you know all that would be happening at the Exhibition / Conference........

Stay tuned..


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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

B 'n D Makeover | Ft. Lolade

Lolade has been a blog reader and a BBM friend for a loooong time, and about 2 weeks ago, i met her for the very first time!

She has very beautiful skin, and if not for the fact that she's a very busy person and also lives far from me, i would have loved to work on her face as often as possible.

Beautiful and clear skin plays a huge part in achieving a flawless makeup base. I thoroughly enjoyed working on Lolade's face.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | Sonia Kashuk Highlighter

For a long time, i wanted a highlighter......well, because everywhere i looked on the social media, i saw glow! Blinding glow! Some looked like they bathed themselves with their highlighters, and some were just perfect and in the right places.

So at the LMUF i got the Sonia Kashuk highlighter because i had seen a few people use it on Instagram, and also because their products were on sale *you know awoof feels good*.

This highlighter comes in a gold compact case with a magnetic flap.

At first when i started using the product, it looked like it wasn't showing up at all, but it turned out that as with most new products, you have to rub the brush well into the highlighter to break the surface *because it's usually as though there's a dry layer covering the product*.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

B 'n D Makeover Ft. Onyinye

Hello Chicas......

So Onyi was my muse last Thursday.

Something happens to me every time i get a muse to work on.....i'm always at a loss for what look to do. One would think that at the time i ask for a volunteer model, that i would have had a look in mind, but nooooooo! They get to my studio, i take one look at their faces and all of a sudden, about 10 different looks comes to my mind and i get confused! *looooool!*.

Eventually, i found this 'record' pattern fabric and we decided to work with it. We were like ... "Gold and Orange eyes, we would figure out what to do with the lips later". But i didn't want red.

By the time we were done with the eyes, i knew what had to go on the lips.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Product Review | Milani 2-in-1 Foundation

I bought the much talked raved about Milani foundations at the LMUF a few months ago.

If you are an avid follower of my blog, you would have noticed that the MaryKay foundations in 607 & 507 *i was in-between shades* were my go-to foundations since i started my makeup journey. Then early this year, i switched to the BlackUp foundation because a lot a fake productions of MaryKay had infiltrated the Nigerian makeup market......hence, i desperately needed change.

Now, you all know the current situation of our dear country....i need not gist y'all about how expensive everything has become ....including makeup products. i bought my BlackUp foundation bottle for about N9,500 in January, but now a bottle costs about N11,000.

However, that bottle i bought was for my personal use, and i still needed more foundation for my students at the makeup school, but there was no way i would buy more bottles at that alarming rate just for makeup nu! Chukwu aju! *God forbid*. So that's how i became torn between the Maybelline Fit-me foundation and the Milani 2-in-1 foundation.

Of course i went online and read reviews hoping to see the light, and i noticed that there were a lot of positive reviews about the Milani 2-in-1 Foundation, so i went to the Makeup Fair and bought the 3 shades Beauty Kink had at the time..... Spiced Almond, Golden Toffee, and Amber.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Tales Of A Nigerian Mum | The end of a school session

So another school session is over.....thank God!

I'm grateful to God for seeing us through the 3 terms. The school runs, the tears of separation anxiety (Zuri of course) the home-works, the extra lessons at home, the rehersals, the school meetings, the graduation, and of course the school fees! *school fees for 3 kids in this current economy is not a beans*.

Dindu is officially done with Year 1 (pry 1) and is going on to Year 2 (pry 2), Mish has graduated from the nursery school and is going to Year 1....oh, her birthday was last week Tuesday and we had a Ballerina-themed photoshoot done. For the past few days, she keeps saying to me, "Mummy i'm a big girl now..i'm 5 years old!" Zuri on the other hand is still in her pre-nursery years. This past session was her very first session at school, and she will be going to the next pre-nursery class.

Zuri's first term at school, she didn't cry for even one day. I was really worried about her because i remembered how Dindu and Mish bawled every morning throughout their very first terms at school. I dreaded the day Zuriel would start school, but guess what? The chic didn't even shed one single tear, and i was like "Oh? very well then" looool!

Then came the holidays and they spent some weeks at home. When we resumed for the second term, that was when Zuri turned on the water-works. She had gotten used to staying at home during the holidays, and then when she resumed school and saw her 'colleagues' crying, she decided to cry along with them for about a week.....after that week, we were good.

Third term, she didn't cry at all, but she opened up at school. She loved school so much that every morning she'll go downstairs before everyone else and stand beside the car with her bag and wait for us to finish whatever it was we were doing upstairs and get down so we could leave for school already! She participated fully during class activities and answered questions when asked. She could identify her colours, shapes and numbers and everything else. Almost everyday she went to school, she came home with a Star and a 'Smiling face' drawn on the back of her hand. She did so well this last session, and she got an award as a Outstanding Student at the end of the session! Zuri made us soooo proud!

Mish the little Ballerina struggled for a bit with her spellings because at the beginning of the 2nd term when her class was introduced to spellings, she wasn't in school. Oh, but she picked up alright!

She also did very well throughout the session *school fees ain't wasting*.

Finally, Mr Dindu excelled! He only struggles with ICT and Music ... and those are the subjects he got 'C's' in. The rest were A's and B's *10 A's, 3 B's and 2 C's precisely*.  Super proud parents we are!!! If i don't celebrate them, who will?

So we are looking forward to the next session starting in September, but in the mean-time, i'm thinking of enrolling them for summer lessons so as to give them a head-start for first term...that way, whatever they will be taught in the first term of the new school session won't be new to them. Also, i can't imagine 8 weeks of chaos with these munchkins at home...loooool! It's only been 1 week and they are doing my head in already.

Biko, they should go to school jare! That's their work. Let me face my own work.


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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

B 'n D Makeover

Hello Dolls.....

How's your holiday going?

Just a new makeup look to hopefully inspire your makeup combo.....I don't have a name for this look but i love the eyes so much....


Contacts are 'Sugar grey'....prescription contacts though.

Friday, 1 July 2016

D.I.Y | Face Primer

Good morning dolls...

So i found some D.I.Y recipes which i would be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks *or something like that*.

This economy isn't smiling, and the prices of makeup products have's just alarming! I don't think there are any foundations below N4,000 anymore. It's alarming i tell we have to find ways to cut costs *somehow*.

All the ingredients used in these pictorials are perfectly safe on the skin.

So today, i'll be sharing a pictorial with you on how to make your own face primer. You will need :

  1. Aloevera gel
  2. Almond oil
  3. Water
  4. A small bottle or jar

Almond oil, Aloevera gel, Water, Small bottle

Friday, 24 June 2016

B .n D Makeover | Ft. Ella

Hey Dolls!

So today, i got to meet Ella and give her a makeover. She has this very soft and pretty look, and also had a striking resemblace to about 3 people i know *looool!*.

I had two ankara materials to choose from, so i had a hard time choosing between smokey eyes with brownish nude lips and pink eyes with pinkish nude lips *both inspired by the ankara materials*. We eventually did the smokey look as you can see.

I suck terribly at photo editing, but let's just manage these ones shall we?