Friday, 6 January 2017

B 'n D Makeover | New year's look

Ok, that's a lie.....

It's a Christmas look, but i had to choose between this one and that one i posted on Christmas day. That other one won, but i didn't want to waste this one, so let's just pretend that it's the new year's look shall we?

Thank you...

This is probably the makeover post with the smallest number of pictures i have ever published. What? Only three?! *looool*.

That day, i had finished the first look with gold eyelids and green waterlines and i had finished taking pictures, so i decided to do this other green one. All i had to do was pack green eyeshadow on top of the gold one. That's why you can see the gold peeking out from underneath the green in the picture.....i think the effect is gorgeous!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | Hegai & Esther foundation and powder

We are already 4 days into the year, and i haven't really gone out of my way to wish anyone a happy new year..... Oh, i'm cool with everyone, it's just laziness *loool!*.

Happy 2017 everyone!!!!!

So for a long time now, ever since there was a mass production (fakes) of  my beloved Marykay foundations, i began the search for another good foundation. I got BlackUp which was of course very good but also quite expensive, so i had to search further. I got Milani which i didn't really like the finishing so my search wasn't quite over.

Imagine my joy when Hegai & Esther announced the launch of their foundations and other makeup products. I was joyful and very hopeful because hey, it was Hegai & Esther! The makers of the wonderful Hegai & Esther brow i had a feeling that this was it!

For the benefit of those who don't know, Hegai & Esther is a Nigerian brand......a popular Nigerian brand. They recently launched a line of makeup products. Prior to that, they were mainly known for producing and selling tools for makeup and tools that promote makeup hygiene.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Holiday look collaboration with Chloe's Makeovers

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I'm so grateful to God for yet another Christmas day....

So, Doyin (Chloe's Makeover) and i collaborated to do a holiday look *yippieeeeeeee! yaaaaaaaaay!*. I'm especially excited because since all my years of blogging, this is my very first collabo.

It wasn't difficult thinking up what look to do and how to combine the Christmas colors....Of course it had to be red glittery lips!

I must warn you though....this is a picture-heavy post....

Y'all know that the Christmas colors are Red, Gold and Green, hence the Gold eyes, Green eyeliner and Red lips. I had gorgeous red glitter on my lips. I wish you could have seen it in beautiful!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | Ajali Raw sugar body polish in 'Peppermint'

Good morning!

Christmas is in 4 days, but it doesn't feel like Christmas to me.......and i'm sure you'll agree. Where did our hamarttan go? It doesn't feel like Christmas without it.

Yeaah, i know i really hate the hamarttan season, but it helps set the mood for Christmas *sad face*. I don't understand what is going on with the climate and everything.

Anyway, it just occurred to me this morning that i hadn't posted my review of the Ajali raw sugar body polish i bought at the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference......i'm going to make this short 'n sweet.

First, let's talk about the packaging. Don't you just love the little jar you see in the picture? And i especially love the fact that it's made of plastic not bottle. The rubber on the mouth of the jar cover helps seal it very properly so that oil doesn't spill out.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

B 'n D Makeover | Barely there

Good morning!

I hear Trump is winning, but who cares? God is still God and will always remain God ....... that's all that matters to me. That's all that should matter to you too *smiles*.

So i did this look on my face 2 days ago. You know that situation where you have a particular look in mind and end up doing another look totally different from the one you pictured? Yup, that happened to me again *quite frankly, it happens to me a lot!*. I had a dark smokey look in mind with a very unusual eyeliner, and perhaps nude lips.....infact, that will be a look for another day.

I absolutely loved this look by the time i was done. It took me about an hour and 30 minutes to do, not because i was getting rusty, but because i thoroughly enjoyed doing the look, so i wasn't in any hurry at all.

I took quite a number of pictures and i had a hard time selecting the ones to post on the blog, by the time i was done selecting, i still had a lot of pictures in my camera.....i'll just go on ahead and post them all *sorry!*.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hegai & Esther launches new products

Today, the Nigerian Beauty brand called 'Hegai & Esther' launched some new products (The same company that made the H & E brow gels in 'Ebony', 'Nubia' & 'Toffee'). They look and sound promising, and they come in impressive packages.

The products includes....


Hegai & Esther says...

"It glides smoothly 
Matte finish
Buildable coverage - Light to heavy
Doesn't shift with sweat
Can be worn without powder
Paraben free"

The Foundation is available in 8 shades, and it costs N4,500 each.


Hegai & Esther says,,,,

"Velvet matte lipstick
Heavily pigmented
Does not dry out
Does not flake
Does not bleed
Does not dry the lips
Does not feel heavy on the lips
Stays after meals"

It has 9 velvety matte shades and 1 moisturizing shade. All-day wear......No need to wipe lips to touch up. It costs N3,500 each.


Hegai & Esther says...

"4 metallic shades
Daytime and photographic makeup"

It costs N8,500.


Hegai & Esther says.....

"Velvety soft
Pastel colours
Highly pigmented
Pocket size"

The eyeshadows are available in 3 palettes, and costs N3,500 each.


Hegai & Esther says.....

"A multifunctional quad that conceals, highlights and contours.
Highly pigmented to minimise the appearance of skin discolouration .
Visibly sculpts and enhances the facial structure"

This product is available in 2 palettes......costs N8,500 each.


Hegai & Esther says......

"Oil free
Can be used wet or dry
Velvety soft texture
Buildable coverage
Great for touch-ups
Infused with antioxidants and vitamins"

This product is available in 7 shades....and it costs N4,000 each.


Hegai & Esther says.....

"Silky - fine loose powder
Oil absorbing matte powder
Melts like butter on the skin
Gives an airbrushed glow to the complexion"

This product is available in 5 shades....and costs N4,000 each.

A hearty congratulations to the Hegai & Esther brand. I can't wait to get my hands on these products.

They are now available on their website

Have a good night......


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Monday, 24 October 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | Bath Kandy 'Luminous Exfoliating Bar' (Garri Scrub)

One of the skin products i bought at the 'Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference' is the Luminous exfoliating bar *also known as the 'Garri scrub'* from the Bath Kandy stand.

While walking around the exhibition area i was suddenly hit with a mix of very pleasant smells. I let my nose guide me, and so i found myself in front of the Bath Kandy stand.

Now, Bath Kandy is the first handcrafted, food-inspired, bath & body store in Nigeria. All their products are made of food *as in they are infused with real food ingredients* or inspired by food. Their candles looks like Cupcakes or Ice cream, some of their soaps look like in you have to stare at them for a long time and also touch them to be certain that they are not indeed ice-cream or cupcakes. Oh, and they smell 'ah-may-zing'!

I bought the 'Garri scrub' which is made of real Garri. It is a very moisturizing exfoliating scrub, and it is made of Almonds, Rice, Cocoa Butter, Garri *of course!* and a special blend of oils and butters. They must have done their homework while creating the blend of those oils and butters because the smell........oh the smell!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

B 'n D Makeover | 'Greenish'

The last time i beat my face was for the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference.....the last time i beat my face before that was like 3 years ago .... well, that's not true, but it seems that way.

So yesterday, out of the blues i whipped out my brushes and beat my face 'blue-black'....or rather 'green-red' *looool*.

Amoshine when amoshine

I'm really loving this deep shade of red lipstick. It's called 'Diva' by M.A.C, and if you follow this blog, you will notice that i've used it for quite a number of makeup looks.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

D.I.Y | Setting Spray

Seems like years ago when i published my last D.I.Y post.

I had totally forgotten about the pending 'Setting spray' post until i scrolled through my draft messages *yup, i have many of those*. That's where i saw it and my mouth hung could i have forgotten? And you people didn't even remind me sef *side-eyes*. Maybe it's not even important to you guys, but you know what? I'll just leave it here anyway whether you like it or not *clicks tongue*.

All you need to make your own Setting spray is a spray bottle, water and glycerine. That's all.
I bought a bottle of the Pure glycerine for about N1000, and the spray bottle cost about N150.

Monday, 10 October 2016

The Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference 2016 (In pictures)

Dearly beloved.....

This morning, i bring you pictures from the just concluded Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference. As usual, it was a raving success, and i was glad to have been a part of it.

The Speakers and facilitators were on point, and there were lots of new brands from different countries displaying and exhibiting their products.

There was quite a large number of attendees, and i'm sure they had an unforgettable experience. They gleaned knowledge from the professionals in the industry, asked them questions and got direct answers....that doesn't happen everyday you know.....and for free too!

*WARNING..... this is a picture heavy post*

Lets scroll through the pictures shall we?

Spot Doyin of  'Chloes Makeovers' wearing the black and white polka dots blouse and Adaobi of  'Dobzi Fingers' with the red shawl and the big smile.

Fatima Mamza started by showing us how to achieve a simple Nigerian bridal look. Her model was so beautiful...infact, there was a selection of very beautiful models for the demonstrations.

Fatima Mamza with the very beautiful body. I was so green with envy! loooool!