Friday, 28 December 2012


Hey dears, i promised †o share makeup tips with you as we go along. Perhaps you know about these already, perhaps also you are jus† coming into †he field and you have no idea about these tips, either way, you have nothing †o lose. If you already knew these before, consider †hem a 'reminder' (Hahahaha!) If you didn'†, well.......we learn everyday!

Here goes.....

• Did you know †ha† you can double your 'falsies' (false lashes) if you wan†? For a fuller, darker effect, yes you can.

• Jumbo pencils grab on †he eyeshadow colors and intensifies †heir effects. I had no idea.... I used †o wonder why anyone should bother using them a† all. Now i know berrer! Use †hem as an eyeshadow base and testify. I recommend †he NYX ones.

• If you wan† red lips, †hen tone down on your eye make-up. You don'† wan† your eyes and your lips †o be 'shouting' a† †he same †ime. Use neutral/mild colors on †he eyes, †hen you can comfortably reach for your red lipstick and rub away.

• After you use a pencil eyeliner on your eyes (either on your lower lash-line, or for a 'winged' look on your upper lash-line), be sure †o use an eye shadow powder of †he same color †o se† i† because †he pencil can melt and smear......i†'s no† a pretty sight.

• Did you know †ha† you can use lip gloss †o crea†e a 'pouty lip'? How....... you ask. Well, this can be achieved by dabbing a small amount in †he middle of your bottom lip, but while doing this, make sure you don'† over-do i†.

Well, †ha†'s i† for today. I'll bring more tips your way soon by His special grace. The new year is fast approaching......have you made any resolutions?

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

DIY facials (How to do facials at home)

The first step towards a healthy skin and the best skin care routine is to find out your skin type. If you already know yours, that's great. If you don't, click HERE . I know it's great if you can get a professional facial treatment done at a spa or a beauty bar, but it's also good if you can do it yourself at home, plus you can save a ton of money too and still get great glowing results.

This basic facial treatment i'm about to share works on oily, dry and combination skin ( If you have a skin type outside these three, watch out for a post soon), don't worry, it's easy and would only take at least 30 minutes of your time.

There are 5 basic steps in this facial...............


You’ll want to remove make-up with a make-up remover and then wash your face, neck and ears with a good facial cleanser to remove any grime, dirt or oil residue on your skin and in your pores. Use the cleanser you are most comfortable with or search for the one that best suits your skin type.


Use a gentle exfoliating facial scrub to scrub your face rubbing your fingers in a circular motion. Concentrate on the areas around your nose and forehead or if you have combinnation skin, work harder on the areas that tend to be "greasy." And then, rinse your face well...the scrub scrubs away dead skin and makes your skin feel refreshed and gives your face that glow.


The next step is to steam your face. There are several ways to do can fill your sink with warm water, dip a washcloth in the water and press to your face repeating 2-3 times. Another way you can do this is taking it further by boiling water, turning the water into a bowl, and putting your head over the water with a towel over your head and letting the steam seep into your pores for a good 5 minutes. But be careful not to burn yourself. What the steam does is that it loosens up the remaining dirt and grime, and softens any hardened oils in your pores and makes it easy to remove all of them using the mask in the next step.


Facial masks are used for deep-cleansing purposes. If you have oily skin or combination skin, use a clay-based face mask. If your skin is dry or sensitive, then go for a hydrating gel or cream mask. Apply the mask, avoiding the areas around the eyes. Keep it on for 10-20 minutes (or, according to the directions on the product) then rinse completely.


This is the last step. Rub a soothing basic moisturizer over your face and neck, and you are done.


  • Gentle cleanser
  • Exfoliating scrub
  • Warm water & a washcloth
  • Clay-based or cream facial mask (based on skin type)
  • Basic moisturizer

Some people even include an extraction stage in their facials process which means extracting black heads and whiteheads that are visible. This extraction stage can come in after the steaming stage, just before doing the mask process.

You can do this facial once a week or once in 2 weeks if you want to. Try it and your face will feel very refreshed.

Love always!



It's christmas!....Don't you feel blessed to have the priviledge of witnessing yet another christmas day? The Lord has been sooooo good to me and mine, and i'm eternally grateful to Him. I have seen many die, but i still live. Who am i not to praise Him?

So i've been cooking up a storm.... since Last night oh! I have a little chance to blog now 'cos im almost done. Hubby says we are having guests, i invited a few of mine, and hubby's elder bro from Australia is staying with us and he will have guests too. To top it all, hubby's immediate elder bro who is a Doctor is coming in from the U.K tonight! Now, you can understand why i'm soooo busy *grins* it's so hot in my kitchen even though my extractor is on. Thankfully, i'll be out of here soon. I like to cook, though it isnt my hobby like it is for some people. I only do it because i have to. Well, i have tried sha.


  • Jollof rice
  • Fried rice
  • Egusi soup
  • Chicken peppersoup
  • Salad
  • Ugba
  • Fried chicken, turkey 'n fish

Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Don't you just wish? *winks*

Well, as you celebrate the birth of our saviour, amidst all the eating, drinking and merriments, please don't forget why we are celebrating, the reason for the season, why our Lord Jesus was born. May God bless you now and always.

Merry Christmas once again.


Sunday, 23 December 2012

SKIN CARE.........

Three posts in one day.............Woooooosh!!!

Oh well, this post is about skin care. I consider facial skin care as 'taking care of your canvass'. It's very important to take good care of your skin. Beautiful skin begins inside and radiates outside. By beginning inside, i'm talking about your diet. It's common knowledge that 'you are what you eat'. A healthy diet is vital to having perfect skin. Eat more of fruits and veggie....drink lots and lots of water to keep your skin hydrated, also, exercise. Start and maintain an exercise routine.

I know that some of us can not do without wearing make-up, but it is important to let your face breathe. Make sure that you DO NOT sleep with make-up on. Wash your face and cleanse before going to bed because sleeping with make-up on will clog your pores.

Having said all that, i'll have you know that it is good important to invest in good skin-care products. This is so that you can be very well able to take excellent care of your skin and keep it looking smooth, supple, youthful and good-looking. Your face is like a canvass for your painting, and it's important to keep it in good condition.

Facials are done to remove blackheads and whiteheads, also to prevent breakouts and blemishes. Oily skin types are the worst hit, this is because oily skin attracts more dirt and grime than the other skin types. If you are oily faced and you don't clean your face thoroughly, these dirts would build up and form blackheads. This is why it is recommended to cleanse our faces deeply. You should do a thorough facial at least once a month. You may exfoliate your face with a scrub or a mask once a week, and use a mild facial wash everyday. Try not to use bar soaps when washing your face especially if you have dry skin because it tends to dry out your face.

When washing your face, wash with warm water and then rinse off the suds with cold water. The logic behind this is that the warm water opens up your pores and allows the soap to get in and wash out the make-up, dirt and grime......then, the cold water closes up your pores once more and prevents dirt from accumulating in your facial skin.

If you have pimples or acne, don't pick at them as this can cause scarring. Don't handle roughly or wash your face virgorously because it will only make the problem worse.

An important way of taking care of your skin is by protecting it from the sun. A lot of exposure can cause wrinkles and other skin problems. You can protect your skin from the sun in the following ways.....

* Using a sunscreen lotion

* Avoiding the sun between 10am and 4pm because those times are when the sun rays are the strongest and the harshest.

* Some clothings are specifically designed to block UltraViolet rays from the sun.

* Some laundry additives also give clothes an additional layer of UltraViolet protection.

Another way of  caring for your skin is avoiding smoking. Smoking makes your skin look older and causes wrinkles. It damages 'Collagen' and 'Elastin'-- the fibres that gives your skin its strength and elasticity. Also, the facial expressions while smoking can contribute to wrinkles.I mean the repetitive facial expressions such as pursing your lips when inhaling and squinting your eyes to keep out smoke. The best way to protect your skin in this regard is to quit.



Find a good cleanser your skin responds to and stick to it. Like  i mentioned above, avoid using a bar soap as a cleanser because it tends to dry out the skin. If you have dry skin, choose a creamy cleanser, and if your skin is oily, choose a clear cleanser. Be careful not to cleanse your skin too much or you risk over-cleansing your skin. You only need to wash your face at night to remove the day´s make-up and sunscreen. Use an 'Eye make-up remover' to remove eye make-up. Remember that the skin around your eye is delicate, so dont rub or pull too hard.


This is another important care in facial skin-care. In other words, it means using a facial scrub to scrub off the dead skin cells. Use a gentle facial scrub with tiny grains. Big grains can tear skin and cause more harm than good. Use a good facial scrub, microdermabrasion kit or chemical peels to exfoliate and scrub your face at least twice in a week. You could even use a damp wash cloth and a cleanser to scrub your face. After a quick rinse, any sign of dead skin is erased. Darker skinned women rarely need to exfoliate. If you really need to, then choose a gentle formular.


Toning is the last part of cleasing your skin thoroughly. Toners are good, but i won't say that they are totally necessary. Toners are meant to remove any remaining traces of make-up, oil and dirt from the skin. Most times, toners dry out the skin and that's why its important to moisturize after toning. The best skin toners are those which do not contain alchohol. One of the best natural skin toners is aloe-vera gel. Ordinarily, a good cleanser should be able to do that which the toner is meant to do. A good cleanser should remove ALL traces of dirt, make-up and grime so that you won't have to use the toner anymore...but if you like using a toner, it's okay but just remember to moisturize.


If you have dry skin, you should invest in a very good moisturizer. Your skin should tell you how much you ought to moisturize....when your skin is tight, it's crying out for moisture. But sha be careful not to over-moisturize as this can clog up your pores. Dark skin is notoriously dry, so if you are dry-skinned, moisturize always.

One extra advice i have to give is that you should always wash your hands before touching your face extensively or applying make-up, not doing so can contaminate your facial skin and cause break-outs.

That should be it about skin care.................for now.  I hope to bring more tips and information your way soon.

Love always.


The first step in properly caring for your skin is to identify what type of skin you currently have. There are five major types of skin and the test below  is your first step in proper skin care.
Wash your face, pat it dry and take a few pieces of rice paper or lens-cleaning tissue paper and press on different spots on your face. If you can’t find rice paper or lens-cleaning tissue you can use blot sheets (for oily skin). If your skin is oily, the paper will stick/pick up oily spots and become translucent. If the paper does not stick or pick up any oily spots, your skin is dry. If it sticks in your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) then you have combination (or normal) skin.

OILY: Oily skin tends to be shiny with enlarged pores, and is prone to blackheads and blemishes. You might experience some tightness. If you have oily skin, the paper will have spots of facial oil on it, corresponding to the areas of your cheeks, nose, and forehead. Oily skin is problematic – it usually looks greasy, thick, coarse, and shiny, has enlarged pores, and tends to break into acne.A good thing, though, is that oily skin is not prone much to aging and wrinkling. Careful cleaning, minimizing of carbohydrate consumption, and avoiding rich creams can be helpful in improving the quality of oily skin.

NORMAL: If your skin belongs to a normal type, the tissue will not reveal any traces of oil. Your skin should feel vibrant, elastic, and supple. Normal skin is the least problematic type.It looks clean and smooth and has a good circulation and healthy complexion. Even with a minimum care, it will look good well into your advanced age.

COMBINATION: If your skin is combination, like that of most women, the tissue will have traces of oil coming from your nose and forehead, but will be clean in the areas that touched your cheeks.Combination skin has patches of both dry and oily skin, and it requires different types of care in relation to the particular facial areas. Dry zones, which are usually located on the cheeks and around the eyes, should be treated with rich creams and moisturizers, while oily areas, usually on the forehead and nose, will benefit from frequent and thorough cleaning.

SENSITIVE: Sensitive skin tends to be thin, delicate with fine pores. It flushes easily, is prone to broken capillaries, is frequently allergic and can be rashy.Sensitive skin is usually very dry, tends to feel tight, and becomes inflamed and irritated easily. Typically, sensitive skin develops reddish and scaly areas, can be itchy and tingly, and is prone to breaking into spots. It is the most problematic and fragile type of skin, which needs a very special type of care. To get the right body products for this skin type too requires great research.

DRY: If your skin is dry, the paper will be clean, too, but your face skin will feel flaky, dry, and tight after you have wiped it.Dry skin can easily develop a sallow tone, wrinkles, and fine pores, and it is very prone to aging and irritating. It might still look great on a young person, but, to keep it healthy, you should apply thorough care and use regular skin or beauty treatment with natural masks and moisturizers. Dry skin feels tight, especially after cleansing. You have a tendency towards fine wrinkles, flaking and red patches. In dark skinned women, skin may appear ashy or dull from dead skin buildup.

So............these are the 5 types of skin and their explanations. Having read through, what type of skin do you have?

BRUSHES 101 : Foundation and Powder brushes


The object in the picture above is called a 'foundation brush'. There are like 3 different types of  foundation brushes all of which are used to apply the product.  This one has long flat bristles that are tapered at the end to allow for smooth application of the product.  Foundation application can be tricky for everyone, from novices to seasoned makeup artistes..... blending it into dry spots, sliding it over oily skin and trying to cover those nooks and crannies can be quite a difficult task, but a good foundation brush can make it easier. You can use the tapered edges of the brush to blend the makeup into those hard-to-reach areas, like the corners of the nose, hairline and around the eyes and mouth. Below are pictures of other kinds of foundation brushes..............

This one below looks really nice. I would like to get one. I might not even use it, but i'll have it just to look at it anytime i want.........yeah, such things makes me happy!

This one below is a Becca foundation brush. It is almost streak-free and really nice to use, and the bristles are made of rainbow colored hair!

These are duo-fibre foundation brushes by MAC Cosmetics. They both give a very natural and airbrushed finish. I like them but they might be time consuming to use – it takes a lot of time to swirl, buff and polish.

First of all, big thumbs up for MAC brushes. This brush below may be recommended as a blush brush, but it's too dense for that. It truly does a wonderful job as a foundation applicator – it gives a very flawless airbrushed look, just like Kim Kardashian’s complexion....*Grins*

The above brushes are the foundation brushes i can show to you now. Personally, i prefer to use my hands to apply foundation *Covers Face*. Before you gasp out loud, i have my reasons......

1). It's faster
2). The heat from my fingers blend it perfectly into the skin.

Anywhoo, that's me sha. You might prefer the brush for reasons best known to you.

After applying foundation, check your face for streaks, and if you find any, blend them out. It's not a pretty sight, you don't want to look messy.

So that's all i have on foundation brushes......for now. As time goes on, and as i experiment with brushes and make-up, i might discover something new and share gladly with you all. Afterall, we learn everyday.

                           THE POWDER BRUSH

Ok, so this is a powder brush. Powder brushes are big and fluffy with many bristles to pick up loose powder. These brushes are to dust make-up powder evenly and loosely across the skin. It is a “poofy” brush. Large, full of volume and ultra soft.  When buying a powder brush, the most important thing is finding a soft, full head that feels fluffy but not too dense. The goal is providing an all-over dusting of loose or pressed powder, and if the brush is too hard, you'll risk looking splotchy. A powder brush can also double as a blush brush if needed, because the soft, round head is great for sweeping on powder blush color, too.

Below are pictures of other powder brushes..............

This powder brush is a Sephora Kabuki Brush. It is perfect for those of you that like heavy powder coverage. It's another short, super fluffy brush that is great for travel and for multiple uses.

Body and Soul Cosmetics Large Powder Brush is a capra-bristle brush that is contoured and tapered in all the right areas for a delicate application. It's ideal for gliding loose or pressed powders over the skin, and it's super soft and it probably won't irritate your face.

This is another Powder brush by Japonesque. I haven't used this brush, but i am just posting pictures of types of powder brushes so that you would have an idea of what powder brushes looks like, and so that you would not get confused by the many types you might see when you get to a cosmetics shop to buy a brush.

So my Lovelies, that's all about today's class, lecture. I hope i was able to help you, and you were able to learn something today. Watch out for the coming classes lectures on BRUSHES 101 on this blog. Good luck as you buy your safe.


Friday, 21 December 2012


Make-up in itself is an art, and make-up brushes are †he tools of †he trade. Whether you are a make-up artiste, or you are aspiring †o be one, or even if you jus† love †o play with make-up and make yourself look pretty, make-up brushes are one of †he essentials †ha† you need †o have.

As a professional make-up artiste, I†'s important †ha† you invest in a very good se† of brushes tha† don'† shed †heir bristles. Apart from †he fact †ha† a good se† of brushes doesn'† shed †heir bristles, †hey also last longer and help in giving †he perfect finish †o your make-up. So if you ge† †he right se†, †hey will make your make-up appear well on †he "canvass" (The Face)

There are different kinds of make-up application brushes (Definately a pos† for another day *Grins*), each of these brushes should be used specifically for †he product and †he part of †he face †hey were made for. For example, you obviously shouldn't use a powder brush †o apply eyeshadow (†ha† would be a sight †o behold LOL!!). You also can'† use an angled eye-shadow brush †o apply blush on †he apples of your cheeks. Even, using †he wrong eye-shadow brush (yeah, there are different kinds of †ha† one too) can make †he eye-shadow appear plastered and creased with edges †ha† are hard †o blend.

There are two kinds of brushes......Na†ural and synthetic. †he na†ural ones are made from real animal hairs, such as goats, squirrels, etc. †he synthetic is either made from nylon or taklon. The na†ural kind is more expensive, but †ha† doesn'† mean †ha† i† is better †han †he synthetic kind though.....†he key is finding †he right kind †ha† works for you, and i† could even be †he synthetic one. Synthetic brushes are easier †o clean and †hey last longer †han †hose with na†ural fibres.

So, a major factor †ha† determines how well your make-up is applied is †he make-up brush †ha† you, choose well. If you are buying online, be sure †o read reviews, †hey would help you †o make a good choice.


S†ay tuned for a pos† on †he different kinds of make-up brushes.

♥ ♥ ♥


Hello Lovelies....................

Meet "Blushes 'n Dimples", a make-up/ beauty outfit with a difference, specializing in bridal make-overs, sales of beauty/ make-up products, and beauty consultation.  I hope to share beauty tips, secrets and experience with you all as we go along.

I do hope you will be able to learn a thing or two from me, and perhaps i from you.