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SKIN CARE.........

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Oh well, this post is about skin care. I consider facial skin care as 'taking care of your canvass'. It's very important to take good care of your skin. Beautiful skin begins inside and radiates outside. By beginning inside, i'm talking about your diet. It's common knowledge that 'you are what you eat'. A healthy diet is vital to having perfect skin. Eat more of fruits and veggie....drink lots and lots of water to keep your skin hydrated, also, exercise. Start and maintain an exercise routine.

I know that some of us can not do without wearing make-up, but it is important to let your face breathe. Make sure that you DO NOT sleep with make-up on. Wash your face and cleanse before going to bed because sleeping with make-up on will clog your pores.

Having said all that, i'll have you know that it is good important to invest in good skin-care products. This is so that you can be very well able to take excellent care of your skin and keep it looking smooth, supple, youthful and good-looking. Your face is like a canvass for your painting, and it's important to keep it in good condition.

Facials are done to remove blackheads and whiteheads, also to prevent breakouts and blemishes. Oily skin types are the worst hit, this is because oily skin attracts more dirt and grime than the other skin types. If you are oily faced and you don't clean your face thoroughly, these dirts would build up and form blackheads. This is why it is recommended to cleanse our faces deeply. You should do a thorough facial at least once a month. You may exfoliate your face with a scrub or a mask once a week, and use a mild facial wash everyday. Try not to use bar soaps when washing your face especially if you have dry skin because it tends to dry out your face.

When washing your face, wash with warm water and then rinse off the suds with cold water. The logic behind this is that the warm water opens up your pores and allows the soap to get in and wash out the make-up, dirt and grime......then, the cold water closes up your pores once more and prevents dirt from accumulating in your facial skin.

If you have pimples or acne, don't pick at them as this can cause scarring. Don't handle roughly or wash your face virgorously because it will only make the problem worse.

An important way of taking care of your skin is by protecting it from the sun. A lot of exposure can cause wrinkles and other skin problems. You can protect your skin from the sun in the following ways.....

* Using a sunscreen lotion

* Avoiding the sun between 10am and 4pm because those times are when the sun rays are the strongest and the harshest.

* Some clothings are specifically designed to block UltraViolet rays from the sun.

* Some laundry additives also give clothes an additional layer of UltraViolet protection.

Another way of  caring for your skin is avoiding smoking. Smoking makes your skin look older and causes wrinkles. It damages 'Collagen' and 'Elastin'-- the fibres that gives your skin its strength and elasticity. Also, the facial expressions while smoking can contribute to wrinkles.I mean the repetitive facial expressions such as pursing your lips when inhaling and squinting your eyes to keep out smoke. The best way to protect your skin in this regard is to quit.



Find a good cleanser your skin responds to and stick to it. Like  i mentioned above, avoid using a bar soap as a cleanser because it tends to dry out the skin. If you have dry skin, choose a creamy cleanser, and if your skin is oily, choose a clear cleanser. Be careful not to cleanse your skin too much or you risk over-cleansing your skin. You only need to wash your face at night to remove the day´s make-up and sunscreen. Use an 'Eye make-up remover' to remove eye make-up. Remember that the skin around your eye is delicate, so dont rub or pull too hard.


This is another important care in facial skin-care. In other words, it means using a facial scrub to scrub off the dead skin cells. Use a gentle facial scrub with tiny grains. Big grains can tear skin and cause more harm than good. Use a good facial scrub, microdermabrasion kit or chemical peels to exfoliate and scrub your face at least twice in a week. You could even use a damp wash cloth and a cleanser to scrub your face. After a quick rinse, any sign of dead skin is erased. Darker skinned women rarely need to exfoliate. If you really need to, then choose a gentle formular.


Toning is the last part of cleasing your skin thoroughly. Toners are good, but i won't say that they are totally necessary. Toners are meant to remove any remaining traces of make-up, oil and dirt from the skin. Most times, toners dry out the skin and that's why its important to moisturize after toning. The best skin toners are those which do not contain alchohol. One of the best natural skin toners is aloe-vera gel. Ordinarily, a good cleanser should be able to do that which the toner is meant to do. A good cleanser should remove ALL traces of dirt, make-up and grime so that you won't have to use the toner anymore...but if you like using a toner, it's okay but just remember to moisturize.


If you have dry skin, you should invest in a very good moisturizer. Your skin should tell you how much you ought to moisturize....when your skin is tight, it's crying out for moisture. But sha be careful not to over-moisturize as this can clog up your pores. Dark skin is notoriously dry, so if you are dry-skinned, moisturize always.

One extra advice i have to give is that you should always wash your hands before touching your face extensively or applying make-up, not doing so can contaminate your facial skin and cause break-outs.

That should be it about skin care.................for now.  I hope to bring more tips and information your way soon.

Love always.


  1. Wow! This is so informative. Plus i didnt even know products like what you have in your pictures existed?
    I've got a looooong way to go with cleansing my face though.

    Quick question, if i use a variety of cleansers and scrubs everyday, is it bad? What I do is i have a number of cleansers and a number of scrubs and i pick whichever one i want to use to wash my face every morning. Is that fine?

    1. Oh dear Keisha! *covers face*

      First of all, you shouldn't scrub your face everyday 'cos u risk stripping your face of all moisture and end up looking raw. You should scrub twice a week, but as for cleansing, you can do that everyday. Infact, how often u should scrub depends on ur skin type (Have u figured out ur type yet?) Oily skin may need more frequent scrubbing than dry skin.

      Secondly, I tink its better to stick to a particular cleanser that is good for you.


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