Friday, 21 December 2012


Make-up in itself is an art, and make-up brushes are †he tools of †he trade. Whether you are a make-up artiste, or you are aspiring †o be one, or even if you jus† love †o play with make-up and make yourself look pretty, make-up brushes are one of †he essentials †ha† you need †o have.

As a professional make-up artiste, I†'s important †ha† you invest in a very good se† of brushes tha† don'† shed †heir bristles. Apart from †he fact †ha† a good se† of brushes doesn'† shed †heir bristles, †hey also last longer and help in giving †he perfect finish †o your make-up. So if you ge† †he right se†, †hey will make your make-up appear well on †he "canvass" (The Face)

There are different kinds of make-up application brushes (Definately a pos† for another day *Grins*), each of these brushes should be used specifically for †he product and †he part of †he face †hey were made for. For example, you obviously shouldn't use a powder brush †o apply eyeshadow (†ha† would be a sight †o behold LOL!!). You also can'† use an angled eye-shadow brush †o apply blush on †he apples of your cheeks. Even, using †he wrong eye-shadow brush (yeah, there are different kinds of †ha† one too) can make †he eye-shadow appear plastered and creased with edges †ha† are hard †o blend.

There are two kinds of brushes......Na†ural and synthetic. †he na†ural ones are made from real animal hairs, such as goats, squirrels, etc. †he synthetic is either made from nylon or taklon. The na†ural kind is more expensive, but †ha† doesn'† mean †ha† i† is better †han †he synthetic kind though.....†he key is finding †he right kind †ha† works for you, and i† could even be †he synthetic one. Synthetic brushes are easier †o clean and †hey last longer †han †hose with na†ural fibres.

So, a major factor †ha† determines how well your make-up is applied is †he make-up brush †ha† you, choose well. If you are buying online, be sure †o read reviews, †hey would help you †o make a good choice.


S†ay tuned for a pos† on †he different kinds of make-up brushes.

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