Sunday, 6 January 2013



Happy new year folks!

May God who has brought us into 2013 despite all odds keep us through the year.

May this year bring nothing but good things, blessings and favour  to us all.

Every name you give this year will manifest in your lives...........

I have named 2013 "My year of light and fruitfulness", and so shall it be for me in Jesus name. Light will flood in, over-power and drive out darkness (whatever darkness represents) in every area of my life and that of my family, and we shall be fruitful in all areas.

I have a great feeling about this year, and i will not be moved by what i see happening around me. You shouldn't be either. Hold on to God's word and it will become true for you........


(Sorry this is coming really late, but it's because my laptop network was unavailable, and it's kinda tedious blogging with my phone. It's just impossible to upload pictures or even blog at all sef! So i thought........better late than never!)

So what have you named 2013?

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