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BRUSH 101 : Blush, Concealer & Lip brushes

Ok, here's the part 2 of Brush 101......i†'s been long overdue. If you missed the part 1 on Foundation and powder brushes, please click HERE.

Le† me remind you that the right make-up brushes are the key to flawless make-up application. They really are important, and i†'s good to invest in a good se† that  won't fall apart and shed off most of i†'s bristles. There are different se†s which contain different quantities ranging from 4-32. The se† you buy depends on if you are using them for yourself for your everyday make-up application or if you are using them for your profession as a MUA (Make-up Artiste). If you are buying from an online site, remember to read reviews, they will help you make a good choice.

So today, I'll be sharing about the blush brush, the concealer brush and the lip brush.....Yes, there's a lip brush too! 


On a lighter note, try saying the sub-heading out loud 3 times in quick succession.....hahaha! That's a tongue-twister. *whispers* 'the blush brush, the blush brush, the blush brush' Hahaha! i definately babbled. #OffPoint
Ehn-hen...where was i? Ok, the blush brush. This is a brush with full soft bristles kinda like a powder brush, but smaller. There are different shapes of blush brushes depending on the brand. some are angled and some are fully rounded. The blush brush is used to apply blush color to the cheeks and also for contouring and highlighting the face for definition. This is one of my favourite brushes because i love to apply blush on the face.....i just don't know why. As usual, here are pictures below....

That's a cute brush, and its made by 'Real techniques'. I especially love the colour. As you can clearly see, this one above is not angled. Here is a picture of an angled brush by E.l.f cosmetics below.

A good blush brush should be able to pick up the right amount of colour and apply flawlessly. Some have coarse bristles, while some have soft ones. I would go for the soft bristles any day.


Why would i need a lip brush when i can easily apply my lipstick from the tube, you may ask. well, here's why. Using a lip brush gives for a more precise application of the lip color. It also helps you to apply your lipstick lightly, which means that you would end up using less product, and hereby, saving your lipstick and making it last longer. A lip brush is small and has short soft bristles. It helps u apply within the lines of your lips and not smear lipstick outside the lines----precision. you can also use it to blend out the harsh line of your lip liner. Using it at first may take some practice, but not to worry, you will get the hang of it quickly. As a make-up artiste, its better and more hygenic to use a lip brush to apply lipstick on your clients because you can easily wash the bristles after each use. People wouldn't want you to apply the lipstick on their lips directly from the tube because you have already used it on someone else who is obviously a stranger to them. So as a MUA, get lip brushes and add them to your collection, and they should be replaced at least once a year. Some of them are retractible, and some are not. The logic behind the retractible ones is so that their short soft bristles wont get damaged in your bag. Here are images below....

This one above is by 'Sephora', and the one below is by 'Kjaer Weis'
So, lip brushes come in different sizes, the above are just samples so that you will have an idea of what lip brushes looks like.


A concealer brush is used to apply and blend concealer evenly and smoothly. It looks like a smaller, flatter foundation brush. Well, this brush.....i wont say it's really necessary because you can as well use your fingers to dab the concealer on, and the heat from your finger will help it blend in well. But if you must use a brush, after dabbing the concealer on, you can use it to blend out the edges of the concealer you applied so that it will blend in well with your skin. Here are pictures below....

 See? It has tapered and rounded tips.

So, those are what concealer brushes looks like.

Ok, now that we have finished the lecture on the blush, concealer and lip brushes, i really do hope that you learnt something. If you have questions or comments, please leave 'em in the comment box.
Thanks for your time.



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