Friday, 18 January 2013

EYEBROWS : Caring for them and grooming them

The eyebrow is an area of thick, delicate hairs above the eye. I call them the frames of the face. I read somewhere that their main function is to prevent sweat, water, and other debris from falling down into the eye socket, that's why most times, sweat rolls down around your face to the side of your eyes. But they are also important for human communication and facial in when someone says something and you raise your brows in question, or when when you are being sarcastic, or when you raise them in surprise....etc. Imagine your face without eyebrows...

Your brows are a major feature in defining your face. Eyebrows shape the face and give definition to the eyes and forehead. They come in different shapes and textures. Some people have stubborn and unruly brows that are scattered in different directions. They usually look untidy and unruly....not a good sight to behold. Some eyebrows are also bushy.....those kinds reminds me of cookie monster in the T.v program 'Sesame Street'. I would show you how to trim them down towards the end of this post.

Just like every other part of your face, your brows needs care and grooming too. However, some people don't like to shape their brows at all (I wonder why......well, to each his own). For those who don't mind shaping them, there are different ways of doing so, and they are Shaving, Waxing, Tweezing and Threading.

You can shape them yourself or get a proffesional to do it if you can't. You don't want to risk making a mistake and changing your look for months till it grows back. If you over-pluck, you may get a perpetually surprised look. *laughs*. If you don't know how to shave them, i'll advise you to get a professional to shave them for you, hereby creating a frame for you to follow....then all you have to keep doing is to pluck or shave along the lines of the frame the professional created. But you have to do it often or it will grow back and you will lose the frame which has been your guide.

Have you ever noticed dry, flaky, white skin underneath your brows? If you see such, it could mean a lot of things....dandruff...yes dandruff, fatigue, a fungus, etc. Just in case it's just dandruff, you should brush it off with a toothbrush and use your facial cleanser to wash your face....scrub the brows gently with it, rinse and moisturize with baby oil maybe.


This implies shaving the hairs of your brows with a razor. It could be a razor blade or a razor with a handle. There are lots of them in cosmetics stores almost everywhere. If you can handle a normal razor blade, you can use it, but be careful not to cut yourself. The area near your brows is very delicate as the skin there is a lot thinner than the skin in many places on your face and body, so you run the risk of getting scraped or cut. Another issue with this method of shaping your brows is that it grows back really fast since the root of the hair wasn't pulled prepare to keep doing it very often so that you don't lose your frame. Even if you do, you can create it again by using a mirror, deciding the shape you want and shaving neatly. I shave sometimes when i'm too lazy to tweeze.

These are quite easy to should get them.


Hmnnnnnn.....waxing! How high is your pain treshold? ooouch! Ok, let me not scare really takes some getting used to. I have never done it before sha, but those who have done it said that its kinda painful, but the results are neat. You will end up having clean, defined brows. You can do it at home if you like because the kits are sold in some stores. If you are getting it done by a professional, you tell the waxer the shape you want, she applies hot wax on the part of the brow she wants to remove, presses the wax strip on it and then pulls it off and all the hair in that area comes out with the strip. Maybe one of you should try it and tell me if it's painful *Evil laugh*. I watched 'The 40yr old virgin' the other day. There was a scene where Andy was getting his chest hairs waxed.....he cursed and cursed! I winced and winced!
Waxing the brow gives you clean smooth results....and the hair doesn't grow back as quickly as they do when you shave them off. If you have a high treshold for pain, you can try it......maybe i will one day.


Now, this is my turf. This is the one i do a lot. I like to tweeze out the hairs on my brow using a good tweezer with a good grip and a mirror, then i follow the shape i want. This is also painful, but not that painful......its very bearable. Tweezing your brows pulls them from the roots out of the skin, so it doesn't grow back as quickly as it does when you shave too. Tweezers can also be bought at stores. It's important to buy a good tweezer with a good grip....some don't have good grips and don't really clamp on the hairs and that can be frustrating.


Ok, i really don't get the difference between tweezing and threading since they pretty much do the same thing *sratching head*. It's an ancient method of hair removal, and in this method, a thin cotton thread specially designed for threading is doubled, then twisted. It is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking out the hair at the roots. Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short lines of hair.....that's the difference. Me, i prefer tweezing sha.

Now, if you have bushy and long eyebrows, even if you dont want to shave them, you could trim them easily and reduce the bulk. I would show you how with the steps below;


* Eyebrow or cuticle scissors

* Small brow comb or any small comb with tiny teeth.

*Brow brush


Start by brushing hair out using a comb (as if you are combing the hair forward).

The hair that is up above the comb can be removed.

If you want it as short as possible, then press the comb somewhat close to the skin. If you just want a little off, move the comb a bit away from the skin.

Use the scissors and cut the hair above the comb. The comb helps so that you don't get too close and take off too much hair or get bald patches.

Brush the hairs of your eyebrows upwards with the brow brush. Trim the hairs that go above the brows with a sissors. Brush the hairs downwards and trim the hairs that go below the brows with a scissors too.

Below is a picture so that you will understand what i mean better.

Ok, so that's it on the eyebrows post today. Wheeeeeeeeew! Let me go and find something to eat. I had too many typos today.......perhaps it's hunger *Huge Sheepish Grin*. If you still found any typos in the post, pardon me abeg.

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