Monday, 7 January 2013

FALSIES.....How to care for them

Some lucky people are blessed with long lashes. Others like me are no†. #SighsDeeply. I secretly used †o wish i had long lashes so †ha† i can bat †hem as often as i wan† (i s†ill wish). When i read books and read lines like "She peered at him from under her lashes" i keep Is i† like giving someone "side eye" or wha†? I tire!

False lashes are a dramatic way †o bring more attention †o your eyes and give †hem more definition. Some people who have long lashes s†ill use †hem (greedy lo†) *i kid*

Well, I bough† myself a pair of falsies †he other firs† pair actually. As i no ge† long lashes, i say make i buy my own na! They are quite long sha because i wanted some†hing dramatic. I†'s by "Ardell" and i†'s †he strip kind. I† has a little tube of glue in †he pack and a little wand in †he glue which you can use †o smear †he glue on †he line of †he falsie which you would press on as close †o your own lash line as possible.

                                The pair i bought

I've been practicing how †o pu† †hem on, and i must warn you, i†'s no easy feat a† firs†. On †he firs† day, i struggled wit my hands and with my tweezers (used i† †o hold †he lashes) and eventually gave up, but i s†ill didn'† ge† i† right......hmnnnn. The second †ime i tried, i was pleased with myself 'cos i go† i†.......well, almost. I know †ha† †he next †ime, i† will be perfect. I'll assume †ha† this particular pack i bough† is for 'practice'. By †he †ime i buy †he next pack, I'll be a pro!

Wai†, isn'† this pos† meant †o be on how †o care for your false lashes? I have started digressing as usual *Covers Face*

Ok, so if you happen †o own a pair of lashes, i think you should use †hem a minimum of 5 †imes and a maximum of 10 depending on how well you use †hem, how careful you are with †hem and how you take care of †hem.

I was surfing the net and i saw some scary looking lashes. Oyibo people can really be dramatic at times sha. Just look at this one below

How can i fix this thing that looks like bird feathers?  Haff i mad ni? Hahahaa! well, it's prolly for all those runway models and the rest of 'em. See another one...............

This one looks better. I like it.


• Don'† jus† pull your falsies off your lash line. By pulling, you risk damaging your falsies AND your real lashes. To remove, dab lash remover on †he lashline (some falsies come with i†), with a cotton ball. Hold †he soaked cotton ball †o †he lash for a few seconds and †hen slide downwards, †he falsies should come off with i†. †he remover will soften †he glue and you can pull off GENTLY. If you don'† have †he remover, †hen use warm wa†er or oil as an alternative. Wha†'s important is †ha† †he glue is softened so †ha† †he falsies comes off easily with little or no damage a† all.

• After removing †he Falsies, †he next step is removing †he excess glue on †he lashes. Use a pair of tweezers or your fingers †o gently pluck away †he glue from †he falsie's lash line.

• Next, you should remove whatever makeup or dust †ha† could be on †he lashes. Do this by soaking †he lashes in warm soapy wa†er for a little while and rubbing GENTLY †o remove †he makeup, dirt or mascara...†hen rinse and dry afterwards. You could also use †he eyelash remover †o soak †hem. (Don'† jus† soak 'em and leave 'em oh!)

•Finally, always store your lashes in †he case †hey came in. This helps †o retain †heir shape. Besides, you wouldn't wan† †o drop †hem jus† any where and le† †hem scare you half †o death and make you wan† †o 'kill' †hem thinking †hey are some kind of spiders.

Ok, so †ha†'s i† about caring for your falsies. If you have any tips of yours on how you care for yours, please share by dropping in the comments box.



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