Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Let's take a break.

Morning Lovelies!

I thought we should take a break from all the beauty posts *Whew! wipes brow*. At a point sef, i was wondering when my blog turned to a 'skin care' blog. It's also meant to be about makeup products, product reviews, make-over pictures, make-up tips, infact......all things beauty. But now, it seems like the skin-care posts wants to over-shadow the whole thing. Don't worry, i'll try to strike a balance. I also plan to feature other MUAs......(An idea i got from  MISYKONA'S blog). You case them so that if you are in different parts of Nigeria, you will know who to call on for your special occasions make-overs. *Winks*

But the thing is that these plenty skin care posts are actually necessary. A clean, clear skin is pertinent. If you want flawless make-up, then you should strive to have flawless skin! Some people wonder why it takes a lot of time for their foundation to blend into their skin or for their skin to absorb their moisturizer while they rub and rub. I have just one question for you.....when last did you exfoliate? Huh? Huh? Huh? *side eye*. How do you expect it to absorb well when there are dead skin cells covering your skin?

Some people don't even feel comfortable without makeup. They can't bear to be seen with their natural faces because its covered with orishirishi *insert bbm evil smiley here*. Meanwhile, they have the power to look as beautiful as they want to be. Personally, i even prefer my natural face to my made up face (I've been told so severally too)......why? Because i take care of my skin, and it looks clean enough for me to flaunt. I do facials once a week  ( yeah.....cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, masking), i cleanse morning and night, i never use bar soaps that are meant for the rest of the body for my face....rather, i use my Mary Kay gel cleanser to wash my face twice daily. I do a full body exfoliation twice a week with my St Ives Apricot body scrub and my pair of exfoliating gloves (Thanks again princess Mma *hugs*). I moisturize my face every morning and every night. I exfoliate my lips twice a week and moisturize it too.......anyway, lemme not bore you with my routine, but my point is that you SHOULD have a routine too! If you have blackheads, whiteheads or acne, they will greatly reduce if you develop and stick to a proper routine, and soon you will have nothing to be ashamed of and proudly bare your natural face for the world to see. If your problem is the expensive products, i usually post some natural and affordable recipes that are just as effective as the chemical ones in bottles and jars.

My face without makeup. Just ignore the red lipstick.

Look at it this way.....your face is like a canvass for a painting. If you want your painting to look good, then, you should paint on a clean canvass. If you want your skin to glow and look good, then you should take care of it well watch what you eat and drink lots of water.

Yesterday, i modelled for a MUA friend of was fun and i'll post the pictures of the make-over later, stay tuned. Like i mentioned earlier, i'll start a segment where i will be featuring other MUAs and their works so that if you are in Enugu, Lagos, PH, Abuja, will not be so confused when you need to hire the services of a MUA when you need it.

As time goes on, i will introduce more segments to my blog to make it more interesting and fun to visit.

But for now, i gats to go!



  1. nice one dearie, iv learnt a lot. i actually went thru the whole blogg today. would be your fav follower now. *wink*

    1. Yaaaay! Nice to have you here dear. *Hugs*

  2. Nice one dearie. Beauty tips made simple. Please I'm worried about pimples oooooo. Jst started noticing dem on my face oooO.

    1. First of all, do you have an oily face? Do you have a facial cleansing routine (washing with a cleanser, exfoliating...etc)? Did you ever have pimples before? If you didn't, then, did you recently change a beauty product? It could also be a change in the weather. I think you should check your diet too. Well, instead of just wondering what the cause may be, you should take steps to prevent it from spreading further. Buy a facial cleanser for acne and wash twice a day....please check to make sure that it is oil-free. Avoid more oil getting on your face too by avoiding oil-based make-up products and moisturizers...infact, to cut a long story short, see my post on 'Acne'

      Hope i was able to help.

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    1. Thanks a lot. Thank you!

      PS. I tried to view your site, it's under construction i think.

  4. Errrrrrm, i think there are some comments i can't see on this particular post. I can see them through my email, but i cant see them when i open the post. I don't know why.

    Someone asked what platform i'm using for my's blogger not wordpress. and i did not require any coding knowledge to make my blog.

    Thanks for coming by.


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