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Lips care

Have you ever tried to apply a lip balm or a lipstick on your lips and then saw some stuff that looks like peeled skin sliding across your lips as you rub the lipstick or balm?

Do you frequently lick your lips in a bid to provide moisture to them with saliva *Yuck....i know*

Do you bite off dead skin cells with your teeth? Yes.....those things you bite on your lips are dead skin cells. *Evil Grin*

Your lips are an important part of your face, so caring for your lips is just as important as caring for the rest of your skin. Our lips need regular moisturizing. They are really delicate, and they do no† have oil glands to protect them. I†'s up to you to provide the oil. They can be damaged easily from the drying affects of the sun, wind, pollution and indoor heating and cooling, so keeping your lips regularly moisturized prevents the skin on your lips from becoming dry and cracked.

If your lips are dried and chapped and crusty, even the most expensive lipstick is no† going to help you. Caring adequately for your lips will prevent dem from getting chapped or crusty. Also, you should frequently remove dead skin cells from your lips, I'll tell you how in this post.

Whenever you are buying lip products, please remember to check for their expiry da†es. While using them, do NOT exceed the expiry da†e. Some†hing happened to me last year. My lip balm finished, so i found one that had been in my make-up bag for a long †ime and started using i†. 3 days later, my lips developed a dry painful rash and started swelling up. I† didn'† even occur to me that my old lip balm was the problem because i was pregnant a† the †ime, and i assumed that i† was one of those pregnancy issues. I also didn'† think that there was anything wrong with using a particular make-up product for years (now i know better!). Well, my lips looked hideous and painful. Have you watched "Monster-in-law"? Yeah, my lips looked like J-lo's after she had that nut allergic reaction in the movie.  Somehow, i† occured to me to change my lip balm, and voila! My lips returned to normal again! That was some scary shit sha. I later figured out that i† was my expired Lip balm da† dealt so wickedly with me........Moral of the story? Don'† buy expired products or use anything that has been in your makeup bag for a looong while. 

Here are some tips on how to care for your lips..........


1). Try to avoid licking your lips too much because this actually dries them out more and causes them to chap and crack. Avoid biting your lips too! This migh† be hard to do because some of us are habitual lips lickers or biters. May God help us all!

2). Try gentle exfoliation at least once a week to help shed some of the built up dead skin on your lips. This will stimulate cell turnover and help keep lips looking smooth, soft and healthy. Exfoiliation is done to eliminate the upper layer of our skin. The lips, just like the skin, naturally shed dead skin cells over time. Regularly exfoliating the lips will prevent a buildup of dead skin cells and allow new skin cells to emerge, which in turn will make your lips look younger and brighter. However, care needs to be taken when exfoliating lips because the skin is very thin.

If you don'† have a lips exfoliating scrub, here's a home-made way of srubbing off dead skin cells from your lips....

•Apply a thick layer of Vaseline, to the entire lip area.

•Using an old toothbrush, preferably with soft bristles, gently massage the lip area , alternating circular motions with back and forth strokes.

•Remove excess product with a dry tissue or a slightly warm, damp washcloth. The flaky and dry skin should be mostly removed.

•Finish by applying a layer of lip balm to protect the skin and keep the lips hydrated.
Another home-made way of exfoliating ur lips is using sugar...........yes, sugar. Add a pinch of brown or white sugar to 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix it well and dab it on your lips. Leave this on your lips, for a minute. Now, gently rub it back and forth with a wet washcloth or your finger. Rinse properly with cold water. After exfoliating, rub a lip balm on your lips. You will see that your lipstick will stay on better. it will also glide on better and smoothly. You will no longer have chapped lips and wrinkles will be less visible.
NOTE: Exfoilate your lips at least once a week and at most, twice a week.

However, don'† scrub too much with the soft brush or rub too hard with your fingers if using a lip exfoliating scrub. NEVER exfoliate sun burned, cracked or damaged lips. Below are some pictures of different lip scrubs

Some even come in a bullet form like a lipstick. Here is one by E.l.f cosmetics below

It's cool ba? Yeah, i know!

3). Try to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day with generous use of moisturizing lip balms, glosses or moisturizing lipsticks. The lip balm i recommend is called "Aloe Lips" by Forever living products. I† contains Jojoba oil and beeswax among other ingredients that nutures your lips. Another good lip balm is "Burt's Bees"

Now, you could also use a moisturizing lipstick instead of a lip balm. Why? Because they moisturize your lips and make them look nice a† the same †ime because of the color. They moisturize as long as the lipstick lasts on your lips. If they wear out, re-apply. No† all lipsticks moisturize oh! There are certain few that do. For example:

1. Bare Escentuals Lipstick by Sephora.

2. Colour Riche Star Secets Lip Colour by L'Oreal

3. Stylistics Lipsticks by MAC

4. Moisture Extreme Lipcolor by Maybelline.

5. Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick by Sephora.

Personally, i use Aloe lips, but if i want a hint of color without using lipsticks, i reach for my 'Clinique - flirty honey' tinted lip balm.

Always keep a lip balm handy. One migh† no† be enough, so ge† 2 or 3. Pu† one in your purse, one in your car and one in your room. Tha† way, you always have a lip balm a† your reach, and you  won't have an excuse for having dry lips.

4). Try to use a deep moisturizing herbal lip balm at night while you sleep. Even if you don'† have a herbal lip balm, use the "Aloe Lips" by forever living products. You'll awake with soft, kissable lips!

5). Remember to drink lo†s of wa†er! Wa†er is hydrating. Chapped lips are often †imes as a result of dehydration. Drinking wa†er will prevent that from happening. Wa†er moisturizes your lips from the inside.

That's i† for my pos† on 'Lip care', i hope you learnt some†hing that will be useful to you. Glad to be of help.


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  1. Replies
    1. Yaaaay! Nice to see you here..... Thanks a lo† jare!

  2. Never taught lips need this. rush and try this. Thanks.

    1. Try i† dear. Thankfully, there are lo†s of options. If you don'† have a lip scrub, then go for Vaseline and a soft toothbrush, or better s†ill, use a mixture of sugar and honey or sugar and olive oil to scrub your lips gently.

  3. Please what do think about marykay's lipstick and glosses. What do think is the cause of darkspots on lips and the solution. Thanks

    1. Mary Kay's lipsticks are good and long-lasting when applied peoperly with a lip brush. I use them and i love them. Even if you don't use a lip brush, they are still good.

      About the dark spots, they could be caused by any of the things outlined below:

      Smoking, taking hot beverages, lack of vitamin B, hormonal imbalance, too much sun exposure, using expired lipstick or lip products, biting of chewing your lips, and it could also be a reaction to some lip products.

      To clear it, do any of the following:

      Apply lemon juice in your lips and leave it overnight..lemon 'cos its a natural bleach and will lighten the spots.

      Always moisturize your lips with a lip balm that has sunscreen to protect your lips from the harsh UV rays of the sun...... Don't lick them.

      Stop biting or chewing them...if you do.

      Take Vitamin B supplements.

      Check your lipsticks and throw out the ones that have been in your make-up bag for a long time, also, check to see that you are not reacting to a new lipstick you bought recently.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Yes Thanks. I also realised that some lip products don't have expiry dates, infact my sleek lip gloss doesn't have. What do you say.

    1. Then in that case, like i said earlier, thow out any lipgloss you find in your makeup bag that has been there for a long time. When buying, it's advisable to go for those that have dates so that you will know exactly when to throw them out. If you decide to buy a gloss or lip product that has no expiry date on it, bear in mind the fact that you don't know how long it has been in that store for sale. By the way, it's also possible that those without dates prolly won't expire, but to be on the safe side, throw it out if it's been in your bag for over a year.


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