Thursday, 24 January 2013

B 'n D Makeover


'Tis my first make-over post, and i decided to start it using my humble self as a model *bats eyelashes*. It was my wedding anniversary yesterday ( we are 3 years old, yaaaaay!), and i gave myself a make-over before we went out to dinner. It's not a special look actually, but i didn't want to look like my ordinary makeupless self. Abeg, please excuse my poor pictures 'cos i took the pictures with my phone camera, so it doesn't look fantastic, but believe me, the makeup looked better in person. Most of these amazing makeup pictures you see in magazines and adverts, the photograpgher and his camera played their part in it *winks*

Ok, so i will post my pictures below......before and after pics. Then afterwards, i'll write a list of the products i used for the whole thing. So, sit back, relax with a glass of kunu and enjoy *goofy grin*

Before. (My phone camera sef na wah!)


That's one of the many poses i did. I snapped and snapped and snapped. Ehn-hen.....biko dont mind my smile. I have a very weird smile, and each time i smile, the picture spoils. I dunno why! Hahaha!



In case you are wondering......that is NOT what i wore to my anniversary dinner ooooooh! Rather, i wore that during the day, and i wore something else to know na! *winks*



My hair was in a mess, so i had to tie a scarf, and it's a co-incidence that my scarf happened to be as black as my top......oh well........

Don't mind that tiny little brow hair sticking out

Honestly, it looked better in person

Ok, so that's all the pictures i have. I really have to get a professional photograper to do this job for me 'cos i and my phone camera suck at it. Well, i hope you still liked the look though.



  • Mary Kay time-wise age fighting moisturizer
  • Mary Kay time-wise matte wear liquid foundation (Bronze 1)
  • Mary Kay loose powder (Bronze 1)
  • Mary Kay concealer (Bronze 1) *To conceal dark circles under my eyes*
  • Zaron Eyeshadow/ blush duo palette (D001) *for blush*


  • Zaron eyebrow pencil EZ09 Brownie
  • Zaron eyebrow definer/filler T001
  • Mary Kay eye primer
  • Sleek 'Bad girl' and 'Storm' palettes *For the eye shadows*
  • Estee Lauder 'Sugar bisquit-satin' *To highlight the brow arch*
  • Elf liquid eyeliner (Midnight)
  • 'Blue heaven' Indian kajal *For upper and lower water lines*
  • Sleek volumizing mascara (Black)
  • Jordana pencil eyeliner (Blue devine) *Lower lash line*


  • Jordana lip liner (Plush plum)
  • Flormar pretty lipstick (P319)
  • Mary Kay lip gloss (Fancy Nancy)

That's it for my make-over post. Till next time.



  1. Thumbs Up For All Marykay Products Used. I Love Their Products Keep It Up xx

    1. Yeah, i like some of their products too.

  2. Wow, the Phone camera still did a great job. The pics are spot on! I like all dem!
    I didn't
    know that you do post. Every time I go to your Google plus page, the message there is that Chinazor hasn't shared anything with me yet. I get frustrated and hit the button back. May be you should work on the setting of that profile so that we get to your blog through that route too.

    1. Awwwwwwww! i think i know what the problem is. After i publish a post, i dont click 'share' I will do that from now on.

      Thanks for the compliments dear.

  3. ℓ☺ℓ! You don't need a professional photographer;Ur fone camera did a wonderful job. Nice post!

    1. Thanks a lot Dobby! Thanks for coming by.

      *Strutting off to Dobby's blog*

  4. Whao! But to me u look more beautiful without the makeup. Guess u look like ur sweet mum. Lol!

  5. Think you need to work on your brows....dirs a concept abt d brows dt I don't think u re getting ryt...aii den!

  6. Weldon dear,m a keen follower of your blog.kip on d gud worl


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