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PRODUCT REVIEW.....Zaron & Jordana pencil liners

'Allos peeps!

It's time to do another product review. This time, i will be reviewing the eye and lip liner pencils by 'Jordana' and 'Zaron'. Please, note that i am doing these reviews solely based on my experiences while using these pencils. Your opinion of them might differ, but my reviews are here to give you an idea of what these products have to offer in case you haven't tried them. At the end of my review posts, i will always leave an address of where you can get the products in case you wanna try them out yourself, afterall, seeing they say, is believing.

Ok, let's do the Zaron review first. When i first saw a 'Zaron' advert, i was like "Hmmmm......what would these people have to offer now?" But now that i have used some of their products, i must admit, i have been 'wowed'. They have a range of products.....Lip/eye liners, eye shadows, powders, eyebrow definer kits, lipglosses...etc. I have used their pencils, eye shadows, blushes and eyebrow definer, but those are posts for other days. Today, we are doing the lip/eye liner reviews (I digress a lot, i know.........get used to it *sticks out tongue*)

These pencils are just the right amount of creamy. I've never had them crease on me or smear. They are not stiff like some other pencils that make you scrub and scrub so that you will see some color........believe me, those kind of stiff pencils can wound someborri *rolls eyes*. They have no weird chemical smell like some other pencils do. The lip liner and the eye liner has the same creamy texture, and that is what i like best about them. I don't have any grouches at all against this product, and i will always ensure that i have them in my makeup box.........well... until i find one that beats it. *Grins* They come in different shades and colors, and each shade/color has a name. Below are pictures of the pencils and swatches i did on my skin for you to see how it looks on skin.

Look how short my eyebrow pencil is! Hahahahaha! You can tell i use it a lot.

You need to feel how smoothly and easily it glides on, and they are pigmented too. In case you are wondering, that's my hand...the back of it. it's small abi? *Sheepish Grin*

From the left : EZ 05 Cappiccino (lip liner), EZ08 Fussy Fusha (lip liner), EZ09 Brownie (eyebrow pencil), EZ06 Bricklayers (lip liner).

I'm even thinking of signing up with them to become a distributor, so if you need Zaron products, you know who to call....*winks*

Ok, on to the 'Jordana' pencils. These ones are oh so creamy! and even within themselves, some are more creamy and more pigmented than the others. I love these pencils! Infact i don't think i can ever choose between the 'Zaron' and 'Jordana' pencils........please don't make beg i dey beg! The Jordana pencils are retractible, and it's better that way because they are so delicate and break easily, so you have to be careful with them. Always make sure you have twisted it inside completely before you snap the cover on, else you risk breaking them. My only grouch with this product is that they smear. I use the black one to line my lower lash-line and when the day heats up or when my eyes water (they do that a lot), they smear on the lower lash line. I even think that the heat from the skin helps in the melting and the smearing. But the way to handle this is by using an eyeshadow powder of the same color as the pencil liner to set it. This will reduce the smearing or even prevent it completely (I said that in my last 'random tips' post.....#Gasp! You haven't read it? Gaaaaaaaan find it and read it quick! Ok, lemme be merciful and give u a link. Oya click here ). So as usual, here are pictures and swatches of the jordana collection i have.....

Pictures above, swatches below

You might even be able to tell from this picture that some of them are more pigmented than others. For example, the blue in the middle.

From the left, we have : Blue Devine (eyes), Sea Green (eyes) , 13 Chocolate Cherry (eyes), Carbernet (lips), Sterling Blue (eyes), Plush Plum (lips), Black (eyes), Purple Fusion (eyes).

Those are just the ones i have. I hope to get more if possible.

So, that's all for my 'Zaron' and 'Jordana' reviews. I will not hesitate to let you know if i happen to find a better brand than these two above. Hey! If you know a good brand, please leave the name in the comment box.

As usual, i thank you for your time.

*Bows and leaves the stage*


#9 Alhaji Kanike Close,
 off Awolowo road, Ikoyi Lagos.
Opposite Bacchus night club.

Infact, click here and choose a distributor that is close to you.
The price ranges between N750-N800

*Ebenezer Cosmetics store
51 Road, Festac town, Lagos
Opposite Nitel.

*There's a shop opposite TFC in festac town,
they sell Jordana pencils too.

*Pharmacare store, 51 road
Festac town, Lagos.

****Those who don't stay in Festac, just check in beauty stores around you, you will definately find Jordana pencils there.


  1. Hahaha! You are really funny.I will look for the pencils and buy too. I enjoyed your review. So i guess your reviews are one of the things to look foward to on your blog. Well done!

  2. Okay! Haven't tired Zaron products was sceptical. Will try it. Nice review. Need review on their foundation. Thanks dعar.

    1. I was sceptical too till i was pleasantly surprised. I haven't used their foundation yet, but i will try it out and post a review soon. Stay tuned.....*winks*

  3. U are a darling sis.... Hawau

  4. Lovely lovely also a mua bases in ire akari in isolo.kudos to u.

  5. *based*After 2mnths jst discovrin my blunder*yeeeh


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