Tuesday, 8 January 2013

REVIEW....... Clinique Lip balm

Hey lovelies........

Eeeeeeees my very first product review yaaaaay!

Actually, i would have done this since, but like i've mentioned before, my connection to the internet was unavailable, and then, when it became available, i found out that i couldn't upload pictures on my blog anymore #SoftGasp. Well, i figured out a way around that issue. I now upload the pictures i want to use on picasa first before i can then upload on my blog. Kinda tedious, but it's better than nothing.

Ehn-hen....... on to the review. *Clears Throat*

The product i'm going to talk about today is by 'Clinique', and it's a lip balm.....a tinted lip balm actually. One of the reasons why i like this product is that it's pink. Yeah i like pink *blushes*. Infact, lemme say the truth...the day i bought this lip balm, i was actually in the store for another product, but the color of the tube caught my eye, and i asked to see it. I twisted it out of the tube and saw that the stick itself was also pink and i just had to have it.  It's called 'Flirty Honey'. Here is a picture....not a very good picture though.

You see why i got attracted to it? Hahaha! It also served me well this hamarttan period. I like the fact that it's slick and has a mild gold under-tone. My grouch with this product is that when you twist it out of the tube, it's kinda little. It's not as long as a regular lipstick is.....well, they did write 'almost lipstick' under it. *shrugs*

Another grouch i have is that it doesn't glide on smoothly and easily. You kinda have to rub hard....as in, you have to apply pressure while rubbing it for it to show on your lips.
Those are the only issues i have with the lip balm.

I like the fact that it lasts for a considerable amount of time on the lips before it wears off. I also like the fact that it gives my lips a slightly pink tint. This will look wonderful on a fair person. It also looks good on dark people too.

Ok that's it for my first review. If you are intrested in buying it, you might be able to get it at some cosmetic stores. I got mine from a cosmetics store in Festac town (my second tube actually), and i will leave the address below for those within Festac who might want to buy it.

Thanks for your time.



Ebenezer cosmetics shop
Along 51 road Festac town
Few stores away from Pharmacare.


  1. U like better thing Nazor chei..well I enjoyed ur review keep it up...!ut vaseline no good for harmattan again..ooppssss

  2. Welldone maam Nice

  3. Shishi, I love ur outing. Ur review is excellent and encouraing. U are really on track, keep it up my dear. Will make my orders soon #smiles#.

  4. When is your product line coming? #smacking my lips

  5. Loool @ anon21:02 Vaseline serves well sha...when you have exhausted all other options.

    @ anon22:29, Thank u very much.

    @ Chime & Yujay....una don reach here? So happy to see you both. Don't worry, by His special grace, my product line will come soon. *winks* Thanks darls!


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