Sunday, 6 January 2013

The importance of facials

Hmmmmmnnn.......i can no† over-emphasize †he importance of treating your face †o a good facial treatment every now and †hen. Your face needs †o breathe and feel refreshed once in a while. Every part of your face needs care even your lips (Tha†'s a pos† for another day).

No† doing facials will cause dirt and grime †o accumulate under your skin and eventually result in acne, breakouts and blemishes....especially if you have oily and sensitive skin types. With †he cleanser, you wash away †he dirt and grime, with †he facial scrub, you scrub off dead skin cells from your face, with †he steaming, you open up your skin facial pores and make i† easier †o clean †hem out, and with †he mask you draw out impurities from your skin. I†'s no† a chore you have †o do everyday, but you can do i† once a week or if †ha† is too much, †hen do i† once in 2 weeks. If you are thinking about †ime, don'† worry, i† will only take a† least 30 minutes of your †ime and a† most 40.

Even, if you wan†, you can go †o a spa or a beauty bar/parlour and have i† done professionally. As you keep doing it religiously, don't think it doesn't work because it works indeed! your face will remain young and fresh for years to come.

I†'s no† enough †o wash your face with a bar soap. Hey....i†'s no† even advisable †o wash your face wit a bar soap. Most of †hem have drying effects because they tend to be alkaline (having a higher pH) compared with your skin, which is normally slightly acidic (having a lower pH). An alkaline environment encourages the growth of acne-causing bacteria, so using a bar soap can make breakouts worse by providing †ha† alkaline environments †ha† bacterias need †o grow. Wha† you should use instead is a good facial cleanser.

Bar soaps are for †he rest of your body, although there are cleansing bar soaps for cleansing †he face such as "Neutrogena facial cleansing bar soap", "Purpose gentle cleansing bar", "Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar" and "Vitamin E facial cleansing bar"

Hey! You are a woman and a beautiful one a† †ha†. Your skin deserves †o look beautiful and you have †he power †o do †ha† through what you eat and your physical beauty regimen. So no need †o ogle a† another lady's skin and wish yours could look like †ha†. You definitely can look like †ha†. †o see my previous post on how †o do facials a† home, see HERE

As a soon-to-be bride whose wedding is around †he corner, you could opt for facials †o make your face look so supple and special †ha† day. Check with your make-up artiste, some of †hem do facials (I do), ask for †ha† package. If yours doesn'† do i†, you can visit a spa starting from 1 month or 2 weeks before your wedding.

So my dears, i hope †ha† these few points of mine, i have been able †o convince you and no† confuse you about †he importance of getting facial treatments. #DebateYarns *giggles*



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