Thursday, 28 February 2013


This is just to remind you all that registration is still going on at 'The Deeva Centre' . If you want to learn

  • Makeup Artistry
  • Photography
  • Beads & Crafts
  • Interior Decoration
  • Events Management

Visit for more info and for their contact details and enquiries.

Next classes begin on the 4th March 2013.


Abrazos y besos.

Sunday, 24 February 2013



Onyinye Chikelu (C.E.O BarryGold Bridal Makeovers)

 BarryGold bridals is a make-up outfit/studio located in Enugu, Nigeria. This successful outfit is owned and run by the lovely, funny and good-natured Onyinye Chikelu. I had the pleasure of interviewing her today. Read the interview below;

Friday, 22 February 2013

B 'n D Makeover

Yesterday, i was opportuned to work on the lovely Shade's face......Shade with the sultry eyes! Pssssssst! *whispering* She doesn't know i put up her pics on this blog oooo! Let's not tell her ok?

Remember i mentioned training for 2 weeks to hone my skills? I did that at 'Beauty Language makeovers' in Festac town under the tutelage of Bunmi. She was a great tutor, and she taught me a lot that i didn't already know, and i'm glad i went to her. Thank you Bunmi!

So I also met her wonderful and loveable sister Seyi. Seyi is soooooo funny mehn! There was never a dull moment with her at the studio. It was there that i also met Shade.

FACIALS FRIDAY | Pawpaw and honey mask


Is it me or do fridays come too quickly these days? *scratching head*

Anyways, eeeeeeeees friday and also time for another of our natural home-made recipes. This amazing mask is guaranteed to get rid of  uneven skin-tone, sun spots, black /dark spots and hyper-pigmentation on your face. And by the term hyper-pigmentation, i mean that some areas on the face are lighter than the rest. A lot of people ask me how they can get rid of spots left behind by pimples and all what-nots. This is the answer! And the main ingredient is pawpaw. One good thing about these homemade recipes is that the ingredients are easily obtainable, and what's more??? They are cheap! This particular mask only requires pawpaw and honey. By the way, another name for pawpaw is papaya.

Errrrrrrrm...........disregard the cocoa in the bowl. E no follow.

All these recipes i share, you will find them in tubes, cups and jars on cosmetic stores shelves. Yes you will, but the thing is that those ones have added preservatives and chemicals to make them last up till their indicated expiry dates. There are pawpaw and honey masks in would you prefer to buy the already made-chemically preserved ones, or would you like to make yours without the chemicals? Your choice to make.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

MUA hygiene

*WARNING....Some MUAs may not like this post*

Ok, i was in my bathroom the other day, and i had this idea......most of my great ideas come to me when i'm in my bathroom i dunno why. Someone once said it's prolly because the sound of running water is relaxing, and taking a bath is also relaxing, so it makes sense that when you are in such a relaxed state, ideas come..........Hmnnnnn, i digress as is typical of me.

Ok, i was talking about this idea i had. It's not much, but i just thought to write a post on MUA hygiene

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

MUP | Mascara

A reader asked for a post on mascara, so here it is......

Personally, mascara is one make-up product i can't do without. I just love the effect it has on the eyes. It intensifies it and gives it a sultry look.....i love mascara jooor! (Well, not as much as lipstick)

There are different kinds of mascara. There are the lengthening, curling and voluminous/volumizing mascaras, also the water-proof and regular kinds. Apart from the water-proof and regular nature, the effect that mascara has on the lashes (curl, volume or length) depends on the mascara wand used.

Volumizing mascara and its wand. (Note the densely packed bristles)

The wand you use in applying your mascara does make a difference. There are wands that make the lashes longer, fuller or curly. There are also wands that are designed for short lashes.

Lenghtening mascara and its wand....Note how evenly spaced the bristles are.

A volumizing mascara's wand is different from a lengthening and curling mascara's wand. The volumizing wand has densely packed bristles, the lengthening wand has long comb-like brushes with evenly spaced bristles, while the curling mascara has a curved brush.

A curling mascara and its wand....Note also the curved brush

Now, the difference between waterproof and regular mascara is that one is normal, and the other is well....waterproof *snickers*

Ok, let me explain properly.

Water-proof mascara doesn't wash off or run when liquid touches it. For instance, when you walk in the rain or cry at weddings, you do not end up with mascara-stained cheeks. But when you wear regular mascara, you better not cry because darling...... You will have black streaks of mascara running down your face. *evil grin*

Now you see the difference between water-proof and regular mascara?


I'll advise though that you shouldn't wear water-proof mascara everyday because it's not that easy to remove and you will loose some lashes. Remember that it takes a lot of time for lost lashes to re-grow. I warned you sha ooo! I reserve waterproof mascara for brides 'cos i know they'll probably cry on their wedding days, and for myself, i always use regular.....but sometimes, i reach for my water-proof.


Here's a short written tutorial on applying mascara. This is how i apply mine sha....

---First, i use a dry mascara wand to comb out the lashes in a bid to unclump any clumped hairs so that when i want to apply the mascara, the wand with the product will comb through my lashes freely.

---Next, i twist the wand out of the mascara tube (note.....i twist.....i don't pump. Don't pump because pumping pushes air into the tube and causes your mascara to dry out quickly, thus reducing your product's shelf-life), after twisting it out, i place the wand with product on top of my lashes and wiggle it to get in between the hairs, then i pull the wand and my lashes foward and upwards.

---I repeat that step as much as possible so that i can get all the strands and separate them all.

---Then, i use the mascara wand to separate the tips of my lashes

There are different mascara, green, black, brown, purple, etc. The one you choose depends on how dramatic you want your eyes to look.

Applying mascara

Lest i forget, NEVER apply mascara before using your eye-lash curler to curl your lashes. Doing so will cause you to loose some lashes because the mascara-coated lash will easily stick to the lash curler and when you clamp and pull, you risk some lashes coming off.

Dear reader, i hope you got what you wanted from my mascara post, and i hope it was as informative as you wanted. Like i mentioned earlier, i can't do without mascara. It is definately a must-have for me.

Goodluck .


Hello everyone,

Today, i'll be sharing 5 important make-up tips with you. My reason for sharing these random tips is so that you might learn a tip or two that you never knew before.....hey, we learn everyday!

---When choosing eye shadow or lip colour, be creative and use within your skin colour and tone. For example, it's not all shades of red lipstick that looks good on dark people. If you are dark, you have to search and find a shade of red lipstick that will fit your skin tone.

---To prevent your lipsticks and eye/lipliner pencils from melting, don't store them in your make-up bag and leave them in there for a long time. The heat makes them melt.  Rather, store at room temperature or in your make-up box.

---When using eye primers, be careful not to use too much to avoid changing the color of your eyeshadow or making it crease. Too much of anything isn't good.

---Use a skin-tone eyeshadow to blend your eyeshadows into the skin above your crease to avoid harsh demarcation lines.

---When highlighting your brows with a concealer or foundation, use a concealer/foundation that is a shade lighter than your complexion to highlight under the brows, and then a concealer/foundation that is exactly your complexion to highlight the top. If you still want to use a lighter one on top, then remember to blend well into the foundation you use all over your face. 

There you have it!

I hope you learnt something today, and as usual, i thank you for your time.

Abrazos y besos.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cleaning your makeup brushes

It's not just about buying and using make-up brushes, you have to learn to take care of them too. Whether your brushes are for professional or personal use, it's essential that you should clean them regularly.


Well, because the brush bristles can be a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly cleaned and washed, and that definately wouldn't be healthy on your skin or your client's skin. Imagine hiring a MUA, and when it's time to apply the foundation or lip color, they fish out a foundation brush which has bristles that are caked with dried up foundation, resulting in stiff bristles and a streaky application, or a foam wedge/sponge which looks all kinds of brown from numerous previous applications, or an equally greasy and dirty lipbrush coated with lipcolor from the previous use on a client. Bear also in mind that there are probably dead skin cells on those brushes and sponges too........yeah, dead skin cells from random people.



I know!

When you don't wash your brushes and you continually use them on your face or your client's face, you are calling for break-outs on the face, so don't keep wondering why your face breaks out often when your make-up bag or box is filled with dirty brushes.

So my advice to you my readers is that you should always wash your make-up brushes.

If you are an MUA, wash the brushes you use for liquid products application (foundation, concealer, lipcolor, angled eye-liner brush) after each use, your eyeshadow brushes every 3 days and the rest of the brushes at least every week at most every 2 weeks.

If you are a bride-to-be, do NOT let your MUA use dirty brushes on your face (Yeah....i seddit!)

Besides the hygeine purposes, remember that the brushes are the tools of your trade, so as you invested and bought a good quality and probably expensive set, if you want them to last, you should take adequate care of them (errrrrrm......i think that sentence didn't quite sound right......oh well!).

Cleaning your brushes regularly will make them soft and lush.

Cleaning your brushes makes your makeup flawless.

Cleaning your brushes gets rid of  old makeup, oils, dirt & debris, bacteria and dead skin cells.

Have i scared you enough? *raised eyebrow*

Good! Now keep reading for tips on how to clean your makeup brushes.

To clean your most prized posessions, you should either get a brush cleaner or you can get a good shampoo and some dettol.

Mac brush cleaner

Put some warm water in a bowl, add the needed quantity of shampoo.

Dip the brushes one after the other and swirl in your palm in order to reach the makeup that may be at the stem of the brushes. Dip again into the water and swirl in your palm again. Repeat this till you no longer see product washing out of the brush then set aside and wash the next one. (NOTE : Don't soak all the brushes at once to avoid softening the glue used to hold the bristles together).

Rinse the brushes properly in a bowl of water in which a little dettol is added, and set out them out to dry on a flat surface (NOTE : Don't dry them directly in the sun, rather, air-dry them by placing them in an airy place so that they will take their time to dry.) Drying time will depend on the size of the brush and its density.

Now, if you are using a brush cleaner, soak a small towel with it and work through the brushes till the brushes are clean. It the solution dries out before the brush is clean, add more to the towel and work through again. If it's a spray kind of brush cleaner, spray onto the bristles and swipe with a small cloth/towel till its clean.

Brush cleaners

Now that you know how to clean your brushes, you have no excuse for brandishing a dirty brush in your client's face talkless of using it on her face or even yours... *Sticks out tongue*, so do your brushes, your skin and your client's skin a favour............


The Deeva Centre

Hello dears..........Meet 'The Deeva Centre'

The Deeva Centre is a dynamic one-stop entrepreneurial training centre that offers the opportunity to learn artistic, professional and technical skills in a comfortable and conducive learning environment.

They believe that talent alone is not sufficient to guarantee success in life which is why they incorporate the understanding of business elements into their program.

The principal aim of the school is to provide each student with an insight into each of the training modules by offering essential hands-on experience through the use of teaching aids, visuals for clarity and follow-up mentorship.

The variety of courses offered at 'The Deeva Centre' are intensive, and promise to motivate any innovative and creative mind.

The 'Deeva' tutors are professionals in the various fields which they represent, and educate students with the most up to date and relevant trends. The real life experiences of tutors and interactivity during classes provide an enjoyable learning experience for students.

The courses offered at 'The Deeva Centre' are;

  • Makeup Artistry
  • Photography
  • Bead & craft
  • Interior decoration
  • Events Management

For more info, click The deeva centre and read more about them. There, you will see the course outlines, the duration, the fees, what to expect, etc. You can even register online. This is a great opportunity to acquire some skills, and i wouldn't miss out if i were, it's very affordable!  

Contact Address
5th Avenue,N Close,
House 3, Festac Town,
Lagos, Nigeria.



Register as soon as possible because the next training kicks off on the 4th of March 2013.

Thanks for your time.

Friday, 15 February 2013

FACIALS FRIDAYS | The Apple face mask/scrub

Yup, today's friday, and nope, i didn't forget that it's 'Facial Fridayyyyy'!

By the way, TGIF, and after the 2 weeks i've had, i'm embarking on a well-deserved rest *wipes brow*. It's been 2 hectic weeks, but i really had fun all the same. That's why it's good to do what you love doing and what you have a passion for. That way, no matter how tired you are, you will still love doing it, and you will put in your best.

I had good students who learnt well, and i really wish them well in their endeavors. And as they set out to set places for themselves as MUAs, may God help them achieve all they want to achieve.

Ok, so today's facials post is on a mask/scrub....The apple face-mask/scrub (doubles as a mask and a scrub). This mask/scrub is mainly for people with mature skin....perhaps in their late 30's and upwards. As the name implies, the main ingredient in this mask is the apple.

I've mentioned before that i didn't come up with these recipes, but i got them from my researches so that it will benefit you my readers..... anything for you...*tongue out*.

The Apple face mask/scrub is meant to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and promote a youthful-looking appearance.... (who doesn't wanna look like a sweet sixteen *winks*). Even if you don't have mature skin, you can still use it to delay the appearance of wrinkles on your facial skin and help you age gracefully.....i really like!

1 Small Apple

1 Tablespoon Heavy Cream

1 Teaspoon Olive Oil

Peel the skin off the apple then grate the flesh of the apple on a grater.

Combine all three ingredients in a small mixing bowl.

When blended well, apply the face mask to your clean face and neck, leave for 20 minutes then srub with circular motions on your face, then rinse off with warm water.

Gently pat dry with a soft hand towel then apply an oil-free moisturizer.


Sliced apples

Apples contain a high level of glycolic acid and when combined with the granules of the apple that you have blended, it creates an awesome exfoliator for the skin! It helps minimize scarring from acne, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and removes cellular build-up from the skin, stopping oils and bacteria from getting trapped under the skin’s surface.


Heavy cream

Heavy cream and olive oil will hydrate your skin while soothing irritated and inflamed skin. This combination will reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well.

Recommend this mask/scrub to your mum, your mum-in-law, and your aunts.

Have a wonderful weekend.

MUP | Concealer

Hello lovelies......Let's talk concealers.

The last time, we talked about foundations..... Today, we'll be talking about concealers. As a MUA, you should always have concealers handy, and not just one shade or two, but get as many shades as possible.

A concealer is also called a colour corrector, and it is a type of makeup which is used to mask dark circles found under the eyes, and other blemishes visible on the skin. Concealers usually do a good job of hiding blemishes by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone. This product is a blessing, because even if your face is covered with blemishes, it will give you a flawless look if you apply it correctly and restore your self confidence even if it's for a 'lil while. It's typically used to make the skin appear more uniform in colour.

 Concealers are usually flesh-toned and come in different shades to match different complexions, but apart from the flesh-colored ones, some concealers come in different colors like white, green, blue, and purple. Green and blue can be used to cover red patches and blemishes, white is used to blur dark circles or bruise marks on the skin, and purple is used to brighten a dull or sallow complexion. Despite all these types, the skin-toned concealer does a good enough job on its own.


Concealers are applied with a concealer brush, a foam wedge or the fingers.... But i like to apply them with my fingers so that the heat from my fingers will blend it properly into the foundation, and sometimes, i use a foam wedge. When i apply the concealer, i tap it into the skin. I don't rub it because when i rub, i end up uncovering what i had covered. So what i do is that i tap it, and then i blend out the edges into the foundation so that there won't be any sign of demarcation.

I usually apply the concealer after i have applied the foundation because if i apply the foundation after the concealer, i might end up shifting the concealer i had previously applied.

So my steps are ..... Foundation.......Concealer.......and loose or pressed powder to set the foundation and concealer.


Just like we have different kinds of foundations, so we have different types of concealers.

Some concealers come in a bullet form and look similar to a lipstick tube. This kind works well to cover up scars and blemishes, but it does not blend well. It is not ideal for sensitive skin around the eyes or for large blemishes.

Bullet/lipstick-like concealer by 'Revlon'

Liquid concealer is good for large areas of the face and it works well to cover acne, dark circles, and blemishes. This kind is easier to blend.

Liquid concealer by 'Clinique'

Powder concealer is easy to blend with a makeup brush but provides a little amount of coverage. It is best used for lighter blemishes and under eye circles.

Powder concealer

Some are in a cream form, and they either come in single jars or they come in palettes also.

A concealer palette....note the colors.

Concealer in a jar by NYX

Personally, i use Mary Kay concealers in 'Bronze 1 & 2', and they do a fab job!

Now, you have been educated about concealers, i hope that you learnt one or two things. Feel free to leave any questions you may have, and comments in the comments section.

Thanks for your time


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

B 'n D Makeover

My people, how una dey?

Errrrm, so today i was playing with makeup 'cos it just occured to me that i haven't made myself up in a looooong time.......ok maybe 2 weeks....1 week. I got myself some new brow pencils from 'Beauty Language Makeovers' store, and so i was excited about trying them out. I didnt have an exact look in mind to create sha, i just thought to paint as the 'spirit' led.

I got my makeup bag, and set to work amidst distractions from my adorable two. By the way, each time my son sees me setting out my makeup tools and stuff, he comes and hangs out with me watching everything i do.....hmnnnnmmm.....afraid is catching me oooo! He better not want to be a MUA when he grows up, No, he shall be a footballer and bring trophies to Nigeria, or better still, He shall be a well-paid neurosurgeon far away in America (I'm prophesying....say amen). As for my 'lil miss, she's always contented with scattering my stuff, and when in exasperation i scream ''TAKE HER AWAY!!!'', She tries to grab as many lipsticks as possible before she's lifted up and away. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, i digress.....typical.

My 2 weeks of 'busy-ness' isn't up...i know, but i just missed blogging a lot so i just had to update.....even if it's only pictures.

Ok, let me show you all the look i eventually did.


Ok, here it is......

The before picture.....gross!

Those are 'thems' *In my best Jenifa voice*. Hope you liked the look?

Below is a list of the products i used to get this look;


  • MaryKay foundation  Bronze 607
  • Mary Kay loose powder Bronze 1
  • Mary Kay concealers Bronze 1 & 2
  • Zaron Pink blush


  • Mac brow pencin in 'Brown'
  • Sleek 'sunset' eyeshadow palette for the middle of the eyelid
  • Tara 'Queen Amina' palette for the inner corners
  • Sleek 'Oh so special' Palette, the matte dark brown for contouring the outer corners
  • Zaron black eyeliner pencil for the lower waterline
  • Jordana 'Fabuliner' for lining the upper lash-line
  • Sleek volumizing mascara for my lashes


  • Jordana lip liners in 'Plush Plum' and 'Carbanet' to line the lips
  • Estee Lauder lipstick in 'Rich red' to line the outer lips
  • Flormar pretty lipstick in pink for the inner lips
  • A clear lipgloss....dunno the name.....wiped off apparently.

Thanks for hanging out with me.....

Abrazos y besos.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | InColor Fabuliner by Jordana

Hello lovelies,

This review is particularly for those who do not have steady hands while applying liquid eyeliner on the upper lid. You know how it is while applying the normal liquid liner, if your hands are not steady, you might smear the product all over your eyelid and already applied's not a pretty sight.

So, if you happen to have unsteady hands, or even if you have steady hands, but you just want an easier way to apply the liner, then this product is for you.

Meet the 'InColor Fabuliner'!

This product is just AMAZING! It has a felt tip for precision, and it applies smoothly. I used to struggle {sometimes} with the liquid liner that comes with a wand until i found this product. It's soooo much easier to use, and ever since i got it, i hardly use the other liquid eyeliner.


The fabuliner allows for more precise and neater application because of its fine tapered tip.

It is very pigmented.


If your hand shakes while using it and it smears on the lid, it dries fast and you might not be able to clean it off properly.

If you don't store properly it might dry up fast. The right way to store it is horizontally

It has a chemical smell. I don't mind the smell at all, but i don't know about you though.

Honestly, this is a very nice product to have. I know that ZARON also has these kind of liquid eyeliners in stock, i'll definately get one of them to use and compare, and i will let you know which is better.

I had to use a picture of the fabuliner which i got from the google, because the pix i took of mine didn't turn out well, but i'll post it anyway.

My fabuliner

If you want this product, it's available in almost all cosmetic stores. Will i buy it again? Of course i will!

{By the way, i know say 2 weeks never reach, but i couldnt help it. I happened to be free today *Huge grin*}

Abrazos y besos.

Friday, 8 February 2013

FACIALS FRIDAYS | Oatmeal, milk and honey mask

Another facials friday is upon us, and despite my busy schedule these days, i couldn't miss out on putting up this facials post.

This is the 'Oats, milk and honey mask', and it's ideal for dry skin.


1 tablespoon of finely ground oatmeal

1 tablespoon of organic milk

2 teaspoons of pure honey


Combine the oatmeal and milk together in small bowl until blended into a semi-smooth paste.

Add the honey into the mixture and blend together.

If needed, warm the honey for a few seconds to make it easier to stir into the paste.

Apply mask to your clean face and neck and leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water and gentle cleanser.

Follow with an oil-free moisturizer and eye cream.


Gentle enough for all skin types, ideal for people prone to dry, flaky, and dull-looking skin. 


Oats contain healthy fats that add moisture and hydration to skin. Oats are a great exfoliator for the skin, removing cellular build-up (dead skin cells) and allowing new, fresh skin to surface.  They contain saponins that gently remove dirt, oil, and bacteria from your pores without clogging your pores and will leave your skin glowing long after you remove the mask


Organic milk is great for the skin because it will leave your skin glowing due to the low amount of acidity in it, which will restore your natural pH balance. It is also great for adding hydration to the skin and is great for soothing sunburns or irritated skin. It will add intense hydration to your skin without clogging your pores.


Honey is a wonderful antioxidant proven to help reduce impurities from the skin and help battle mild acne. It also helps restore skin’s texture due to its anti-microbial properties, and will help repair skin damage from the sun and daily environments.

That's all about the oats, milk and honey mask. I hope to bring another recipe your way soon.

Besos y abrazos.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

2 weeks leave......

Hello dears.........I hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog so far....your presence means a lot to me.

Some were able to read and comment, some were comfortable with reading and not commenting at all, others read and wanted to comment, but couldn't do so with their phones (sorry about that by the way....i don't know the reason behind that, i can't even comment on some blogs with my phone unless i use my laptop) .

I just want to say thank you to you all.

I also want to use this opportunity to inform you that the next 2 weeks will be really busy for me, and i might not able to update my blog at all as i will be tutoring some MUAs-to-be for the 2 weeks. I will also be undergoing some personal training of my own in order to hone my skills and upgrade, still within the same 2 weeks, so surely you will understand if you come here and see no updates.

Meanwhile, i know it's kinda late, but have a wonderful new month! May it be productive and be filled with all things wonderful......Amen.

Thanks a lot for understanding

See you soon!


Friday, 1 February 2013

FACIALS FRIDAYS | Honey and almond scrub

It's facials friday.....yaaaaaay!

I'll like to say that the recipes i share on this blog are gotten from my many researches. I decided to post these natural recipes because i know that apart from the cost issues on the chemical ones in bottles and jars, some people are more comfortable using very natural things on their faces. There is every guarantee that these recipes work well, unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients. I'm sure that they even work better than the chemical ones becuse the natural ones are in their raw natural form, and the chemical ones....even though the manufacturers swear they are 100% natural, there must still be chemical in it, and i choose natural over chemical anytime.....anyday!

The recipe i'm sharing today is the honey and almonds recipe. If you are in the dry skin category, you should try this scrub.


* ½ Cup Raw Almonds

* 3 Tablespoons Pure Honey


Grind the almonds in a coffee grinder or a blender until you have a coarse powdery substance like sand. Otherwise, you can crush the almonds with a rolling pin or empty wine bottle though it may take more time to do so but it will still work.

Combine about 1 Tablespoon of ground almonds with the honey and blend well. You can save the excess ground almonds in an air-tight container and use again in a mask later in the week.

Once you have the face mask scrub ready, apply to your clean face and neck and gently massage in a circular motion with your fingertips on your skin for 1-2 minutes. When finished, rinse off the scrub with warm water and a little gentle cleanser.

Gently pat your face dry then apply an oil-free moisturizer for added moisture for your skin.

This scrub is wonderful for anyone that suffers from dry skin.


A plate of almonds
 Almonds, particularly the oil from almonds, will make your skin feel smooth and soft. Grinding the almonds into a paste makes this particularly ideal to exfoliate dead skin cells from your face and neck, which removes impurities and oil that cause acne. Your pores will also become unclogged with this amazing natural exfoliator.


 I've talked so much about the benefits of honey on this blog. Pure honey contains amazing antioxidants proven to help reduce impurities from the skin and help battle mild acne. It also helps restore skin’s texture due to its anti-microbial properties, and will help repair skin damage from the sun and daily environments.

If you try it out and you like it, please remember to testify on this blog first....Hahaha!