Tuesday, 12 February 2013

B 'n D Makeover

My people, how una dey?

Errrrm, so today i was playing with makeup 'cos it just occured to me that i haven't made myself up in a looooong time.......ok maybe 2 weeks....1 week. I got myself some new brow pencils from 'Beauty Language Makeovers' store, and so i was excited about trying them out. I didnt have an exact look in mind to create sha, i just thought to paint as the 'spirit' led.

I got my makeup bag, and set to work amidst distractions from my adorable two. By the way, each time my son sees me setting out my makeup tools and stuff, he comes and hangs out with me watching everything i do.....hmnnnnmmm.....afraid is catching me oooo! He better not want to be a MUA when he grows up, No, he shall be a footballer and bring trophies to Nigeria, or better still, He shall be a well-paid neurosurgeon far away in America (I'm prophesying....say amen). As for my 'lil miss, she's always contented with scattering my stuff, and when in exasperation i scream ''TAKE HER AWAY!!!'', She tries to grab as many lipsticks as possible before she's lifted up and away. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, i digress.....typical.

My 2 weeks of 'busy-ness' isn't up...i know, but i just missed blogging a lot so i just had to update.....even if it's only pictures.

Ok, let me show you all the look i eventually did.


Ok, here it is......

The before picture.....gross!

Those are 'thems' *In my best Jenifa voice*. Hope you liked the look?

Below is a list of the products i used to get this look;


  • MaryKay foundation  Bronze 607
  • Mary Kay loose powder Bronze 1
  • Mary Kay concealers Bronze 1 & 2
  • Zaron Pink blush


  • Mac brow pencin in 'Brown'
  • Sleek 'sunset' eyeshadow palette for the middle of the eyelid
  • Tara 'Queen Amina' palette for the inner corners
  • Sleek 'Oh so special' Palette, the matte dark brown for contouring the outer corners
  • Zaron black eyeliner pencil for the lower waterline
  • Jordana 'Fabuliner' for lining the upper lash-line
  • Sleek volumizing mascara for my lashes


  • Jordana lip liners in 'Plush Plum' and 'Carbanet' to line the lips
  • Estee Lauder lipstick in 'Rich red' to line the outer lips
  • Flormar pretty lipstick in pink for the inner lips
  • A clear lipgloss....dunno the name.....wiped off apparently.

Thanks for hanging out with me.....

Abrazos y besos.


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