Friday, 22 February 2013

B 'n D Makeover

Yesterday, i was opportuned to work on the lovely Shade's face......Shade with the sultry eyes! Pssssssst! *whispering* She doesn't know i put up her pics on this blog oooo! Let's not tell her ok?

Remember i mentioned training for 2 weeks to hone my skills? I did that at 'Beauty Language makeovers' in Festac town under the tutelage of Bunmi. She was a great tutor, and she taught me a lot that i didn't already know, and i'm glad i went to her. Thank you Bunmi!

So I also met her wonderful and loveable sister Seyi. Seyi is soooooo funny mehn! There was never a dull moment with her at the studio. It was there that i also met Shade.

I had fun working on her face 'cos she has good features. It's every MUAs dream to get to work on a face with great makeup features, it brings out your work and makes the entire look pop. Shade has that type of face......It's just that she had eye issues yesterday, so i couldn't line her lower water line with a black pencil to brighten her eyes, but still, she looked beautiful. Thanks again Shade for letting me work on your face.

I did a bridal look on her and it was............well, i'll let you be the judge. Oya view the pictures below...

Her before picture (Shade, please don't kill me)

 But she still looks good without makeup oh! Tehehehehe!

 #GASP! Ok.....i'll let you be the judge but i can't help smiling.

 Funny, Shade is not a makeup person, but Bunmi is changing that fact.....and i support!

Caught her in a moment

That's the look i did. I also did an engagement look, but i didn't get good pictures, plus my phone battery died. Come to think of it, my phone battery dies too quickly these days.......*shrugs*

So to get this look, i used the products below:


  • Mary Kay 607 foundation
  • Mary Kay loose powders in Bronze 1 & 2
  • Mary Kay concealers in Bronze 1 & 2
  • Zaron powder and blush duo palette


  • M.A.C brown pencil for the brows (Not the main MAC oh!)
  • Tara's eye primer
  • Estee Lauder 'Berry burst shimmer' in the crease
  • Milani 'Dream baby' quad palette (The shadow in the top left corner)
  • Black radiance 'Desert clay' quad palette (The dark brown) for contouring the outer 'V'
  • Jordana 'InColor' Fabuliner for lining the upper lash line
  • Qiqige waterproof mascara (Yes, that's the name)


  • Jordana 'Carbarnet' lip liner
  • Island beauty 'blue flame' lipstick for the outer part of the lips
  • Jordana 'Rose Love' lipstick for the inner part of the lips

There you have it. Please leave your comments in the comment box.



  1. Welldone Chinazor! Sorry my question isn't about today's post. Pls can i preserve d remaining apple scrub for d next day? Thanksss

    1. Yes dear, you can. As long as you preserve in the fridge and use up within 7 days.

  2. Beautiful,stunning and lovly lip colour combo. Well done.Expecting more make overs

  3. Wow this is good! Looking forward to the day u will do my face

    1. Ok Anon! Looking forward to that day too *grins*. Thanks for coming by.

  4. You did a great job sis. Looking forward to the day you'd turn my face around.
    Well done dear!

  5. please o, when can you book me for a session? me I want one o... lol. you are just too much!

    1. HAHA! As soon as you want! thanks dearie.

  6. Beautiful makeover. Plus u re such a funny fellow. Lols


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