Wednesday, 20 February 2013

MUA hygiene

*WARNING....Some MUAs may not like this post*

Ok, i was in my bathroom the other day, and i had this idea......most of my great ideas come to me when i'm in my bathroom i dunno why. Someone once said it's prolly because the sound of running water is relaxing, and taking a bath is also relaxing, so it makes sense that when you are in such a relaxed state, ideas come..........Hmnnnnn, i digress as is typical of me.

Ok, i was talking about this idea i had. It's not much, but i just thought to write a post on MUA hygiene

I have come again.....i know, but the fact is that makeup artistes hygiene cannot be over-stressed. I guess this post was inspired by my last post about cleaning your make-up brushes. It occured to me that asides from the fact that some of my colleagues might be working with dirty brushes, who knows....some might be invading their client's personal space with errrrrmmmm....errrrmmm......ok.

Let me expand more on this issue. If you are a makeup artiste and you are reading this, please don't grumble or vex......well unless you fall into the category of those who don't keep clean. If you as a MUA observe a good personal hygiene, then that is wonderful....keep it up darling. Also, you will have no reason to be irked my post *smiles*. But if you fall in the other category, read and learn and change.


***First of all, a make-up artiste job requires him/her touching his/her client's face. Since you are required to touch her face, are your hands clean? If you do not have the time to go to the bathroom to wash your hands, get yourself a hand sanitizer and sanitize your hands before touching your client's face. Remember that bacteria can be introduced to the face through the hands and also cause breakouts, so please, sanitize your hands. You never know.....some clients take note of such things and it puts you in their good book and they will willingly refer you to people. (Sometimes, i even spray the pulse points on my wrists with a little perfume)

***What about your hair? Is that clean too?
You are required to bend your head towards your client in a bid to work on her face for at least 30 minutes and at most 1 you really want to subject her to the torture of inhaling the smell of dirty hair throughout the makeover session? Honestly, if i were your client, i'll be left with such a bad taste in my mouth that i won't refer your services to anyone i know *shrugs* What if your client is pregnant and reacts violently to pungent smells? Keep your hair clean. If it isn't so new, use good-smelling hair sprays on your hair so that when you bend towards your client, it wouldn't smell bad. How's that?

***As a MUA, you are also required invade your client's personal space by standing as close to him/her as possible in a bid to work on their faces. Do you wear old clothes that reek of stale sweat? #GASP!'s people like you that give other MUAs a bad name! Ok that was harsh.......Errrrrrrm....why not wear fresh clothes sprayed with perfume? That's not a bad idea you know. Wearing smelly clothes will make your client so uncomfortable that she might rush you to hurry up and finish already, and you would end up doing a not-so-good job. So, please, wear clean professional clothes or casual clothes like jeans and a tee-shirt branded with your business logo....What say you? *Raised eyebrows*

***Aha! This one is really important.
If you know that you have issues with your mouth (you know what i mean), i'll say you should pop a breath mint into your mouth before you start working to ensure that your breath is fresh always because you might sometimes speak to your know, when you say things like "Please open your eyes" "look up", etc. You don't want to harass him/her with one kain yeye smell like that.

*** Keep your makeup box clean. Stack your products and brushes in an orderly manner. Well, no one might look inside your box sha, but i just decided to add this as an will help in keeping you organized.

Like i mentioned before, some people might have issues with this post, but i just thought to put it out there so that others can learn because some people are not even aware that things like this should be observed. My decision to put up this post is so as to educate those who don't know. But if you already know these things, good for you! Put them into practice......if not for anything else, for the success of your business. Observing good personal hygiene will promote you and your work.

Thank me later *grins*

Abrazos y besos.


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