Friday, 15 February 2013

MUP | Concealer

Hello lovelies......Let's talk concealers.

The last time, we talked about foundations..... Today, we'll be talking about concealers. As a MUA, you should always have concealers handy, and not just one shade or two, but get as many shades as possible.

A concealer is also called a colour corrector, and it is a type of makeup which is used to mask dark circles found under the eyes, and other blemishes visible on the skin. Concealers usually do a good job of hiding blemishes by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone. This product is a blessing, because even if your face is covered with blemishes, it will give you a flawless look if you apply it correctly and restore your self confidence even if it's for a 'lil while. It's typically used to make the skin appear more uniform in colour.

 Concealers are usually flesh-toned and come in different shades to match different complexions, but apart from the flesh-colored ones, some concealers come in different colors like white, green, blue, and purple. Green and blue can be used to cover red patches and blemishes, white is used to blur dark circles or bruise marks on the skin, and purple is used to brighten a dull or sallow complexion. Despite all these types, the skin-toned concealer does a good enough job on its own.


Concealers are applied with a concealer brush, a foam wedge or the fingers.... But i like to apply them with my fingers so that the heat from my fingers will blend it properly into the foundation, and sometimes, i use a foam wedge. When i apply the concealer, i tap it into the skin. I don't rub it because when i rub, i end up uncovering what i had covered. So what i do is that i tap it, and then i blend out the edges into the foundation so that there won't be any sign of demarcation.

I usually apply the concealer after i have applied the foundation because if i apply the foundation after the concealer, i might end up shifting the concealer i had previously applied.

So my steps are ..... Foundation.......Concealer.......and loose or pressed powder to set the foundation and concealer.


Just like we have different kinds of foundations, so we have different types of concealers.

Some concealers come in a bullet form and look similar to a lipstick tube. This kind works well to cover up scars and blemishes, but it does not blend well. It is not ideal for sensitive skin around the eyes or for large blemishes.

Bullet/lipstick-like concealer by 'Revlon'

Liquid concealer is good for large areas of the face and it works well to cover acne, dark circles, and blemishes. This kind is easier to blend.

Liquid concealer by 'Clinique'

Powder concealer is easy to blend with a makeup brush but provides a little amount of coverage. It is best used for lighter blemishes and under eye circles.

Powder concealer

Some are in a cream form, and they either come in single jars or they come in palettes also.

A concealer palette....note the colors.

Concealer in a jar by NYX

Personally, i use Mary Kay concealers in 'Bronze 1 & 2', and they do a fab job!

Now, you have been educated about concealers, i hope that you learnt one or two things. Feel free to leave any questions you may have, and comments in the comments section.

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  1. Aunty Blush,is it d same shade of ur powder that u cn use in concealer???

    1. I†'s musn't necessarily be the same shade of your powder. I† depends on the product brand and the shades they have. For example, Mary Kay ♓as jus† Bronze 1 & 2 concealers for black women. Bronze 1 is lighter †han bronze 2. I personally use the bronze 2 concealer for my complexion and the bronze 1 powder.

      Now, note that some complexions fall in between those two shades. In such cases, i mix the concealers(Bronze 1 & 2) to try and ge† their exact shades.

      There are some other product brands that may have a variety of concealer shades. My point sha is da† you may end up using a concealer that differs from your shade of powder.


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