Tuesday, 19 February 2013

MUP | Mascara

A reader asked for a post on mascara, so here it is......

Personally, mascara is one make-up product i can't do without. I just love the effect it has on the eyes. It intensifies it and gives it a sultry look.....i love mascara jooor! (Well, not as much as lipstick)

There are different kinds of mascara. There are the lengthening, curling and voluminous/volumizing mascaras, also the water-proof and regular kinds. Apart from the water-proof and regular nature, the effect that mascara has on the lashes (curl, volume or length) depends on the mascara wand used.

Volumizing mascara and its wand. (Note the densely packed bristles)

The wand you use in applying your mascara does make a difference. There are wands that make the lashes longer, fuller or curly. There are also wands that are designed for short lashes.

Lenghtening mascara and its wand....Note how evenly spaced the bristles are.

A volumizing mascara's wand is different from a lengthening and curling mascara's wand. The volumizing wand has densely packed bristles, the lengthening wand has long comb-like brushes with evenly spaced bristles, while the curling mascara has a curved brush.

A curling mascara and its wand....Note also the curved brush

Now, the difference between waterproof and regular mascara is that one is normal, and the other is well....waterproof *snickers*

Ok, let me explain properly.

Water-proof mascara doesn't wash off or run when liquid touches it. For instance, when you walk in the rain or cry at weddings, you do not end up with mascara-stained cheeks. But when you wear regular mascara, you better not cry because darling...... You will have black streaks of mascara running down your face. *evil grin*

Now you see the difference between water-proof and regular mascara?


I'll advise though that you shouldn't wear water-proof mascara everyday because it's not that easy to remove and you will loose some lashes. Remember that it takes a lot of time for lost lashes to re-grow. I warned you sha ooo! I reserve waterproof mascara for brides 'cos i know they'll probably cry on their wedding days, and for myself, i always use regular.....but sometimes, i reach for my water-proof.


Here's a short written tutorial on applying mascara. This is how i apply mine sha....

---First, i use a dry mascara wand to comb out the lashes in a bid to unclump any clumped hairs so that when i want to apply the mascara, the wand with the product will comb through my lashes freely.

---Next, i twist the wand out of the mascara tube (note.....i twist.....i don't pump. Don't pump because pumping pushes air into the tube and causes your mascara to dry out quickly, thus reducing your product's shelf-life), after twisting it out, i place the wand with product on top of my lashes and wiggle it to get in between the hairs, then i pull the wand and my lashes foward and upwards.

---I repeat that step as much as possible so that i can get all the strands and separate them all.

---Then, i use the mascara wand to separate the tips of my lashes

There are different mascara colours.....blue, green, black, brown, purple, etc. The one you choose depends on how dramatic you want your eyes to look.

Applying mascara

Lest i forget, NEVER apply mascara before using your eye-lash curler to curl your lashes. Doing so will cause you to loose some lashes because the mascara-coated lash will easily stick to the lash curler and when you clamp and pull, you risk some lashes coming off.

Dear reader, i hope you got what you wanted from my mascara post, and i hope it was as informative as you wanted. Like i mentioned earlier, i can't do without mascara. It is definately a must-have for me.

Goodluck .


  1. Nice post plus tutorials... lol @ bride cryn on her wedding day.. nice blog :)


    1. Thanks dear! Yes ooo! Some brides cry on their wedding days. Me? I'm gangster, i didn't cry. Hahaha!

  2. I think you created this blog for me. Iam learning so much stuff here.
    @Shishi, Your writing is so conversational, I like it!

    1. Oh really? That's good to know...so glad i could be of help. As for the writing, what can i say? Na God dear.


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