Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Deeva Centre

Hello dears..........Meet 'The Deeva Centre'

The Deeva Centre is a dynamic one-stop entrepreneurial training centre that offers the opportunity to learn artistic, professional and technical skills in a comfortable and conducive learning environment.

They believe that talent alone is not sufficient to guarantee success in life which is why they incorporate the understanding of business elements into their program.

The principal aim of the school is to provide each student with an insight into each of the training modules by offering essential hands-on experience through the use of teaching aids, visuals for clarity and follow-up mentorship.

The variety of courses offered at 'The Deeva Centre' are intensive, and promise to motivate any innovative and creative mind.

The 'Deeva' tutors are professionals in the various fields which they represent, and educate students with the most up to date and relevant trends. The real life experiences of tutors and interactivity during classes provide an enjoyable learning experience for students.

The courses offered at 'The Deeva Centre' are;

  • Makeup Artistry
  • Photography
  • Bead & craft
  • Interior decoration
  • Events Management

For more info, click The deeva centre and read more about them. There, you will see the course outlines, the duration, the fees, what to expect, etc. You can even register online. This is a great opportunity to acquire some skills, and i wouldn't miss out if i were, it's very affordable!  

Contact Address
5th Avenue,N Close,
House 3, Festac Town,
Lagos, Nigeria.



Register as soon as possible because the next training kicks off on the 4th of March 2013.

Thanks for your time.


  1. chi can you talk about mascra. i dont know how to apply, i tried it once in schul and i mixed my lecture ffor the whole day. await your response. thanks jovita

    1. Ok dear, watch out for the next MUP series....i'll be talking about mascara.


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