Sunday, 31 March 2013


Halleluyah................. He is risen!!!!

As we celebrate, may we not forget the reason for the season, and may His death not be in vain in our lives.

Happy Easter everyone, and may we live to celebrate many more Easters.


Saturday, 30 March 2013

B 'n D makeover

Hello dolls,

Hope y'all are having a great Easter weekend?

Well, my laptop Internet connection is having some issues, so I've resolved to blogging with my iPad for now. When I tried doing it the normal way with "safari", I found out that I could type posts, but I couldn't post pictures. So, I downloaded the "Blogger" app. This one let's me type and post pictures, BUT the pictures only stay at the end of the post

Monday, 25 March 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Jordana 'Easy shine' tinted lip color

I know you will say that i've come again with Jordana products. Don't mind me jooor, i just love their products....nice packaging, affordable, and of good quality.

Before i start, i must say again that i am in NO way affiliated with Jordana cosmetics. Remember that i mentioned that i will be doing product reviews on this blog....the aim is so that you will know what products have to offer before you buy that you won't buy 'blindly' and regret later. I do my best to describe and review the products, and then if you feel you want to go ahead and buy it, fine.

Left and right....'Pink Lemonade. Center.....'Sweet Strawberry'

Friday, 22 March 2013

B 'n D Photoshoot

Last weekend, i had a photoshoot session. In the absence of a professional camera of my own, i had to employ the services of a professional photography to come take pictures of my work. In all, i had 4 beautiful models.....Lucy, Uche, Ogor and Nony who also happens to be my sister.

Managing your sensitive skin

Today my dears, i have decided to talk about sensitive skin. When i woke up this morning, i had no idea that i would be having this chat with you about sensitive skin, just like i had no idea that i would ever be interested in makeup, skincare and everything that goes with it.

People with sensitive skin can have dry skin. The skin can also be oily and sensitive at the same time. It may be normal or combination skin and still be sensitive. What am i saying? Sensitive skin doesn't have a particular skin can be any of the other 4 types and still be sensitive. So how do you know if your skin is sensitive?

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Beauty tips

Beautiful people.......

Here are some beauty tips to add to your reservoir of knowledge

If you are using a wedge or sponge or beauty blender to apply your foundation, soak it in water and squeeze out the excess first. This allows for a more even and smooth coverage and also prevents the sponge from absorbing too much of your foundation.....(discovered that recently and thought to share)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

MUP | Lip liners and lipsticks

Morning everyone!

It's another MUP (makeup product) segment and you are welcome to the show. *coughs* Today, we'll be talking about Lipliners and lipsticks. *does my version of the azonto dance* Come to think of it, i think i'm the only one in this country who doesn't know how to do the azonto oh! It's kind of hard for my legs to be doing one thing, and my hands another thing.

Oh well!

Lipliners and lipsticks

I did that little dance that time because i love lipsticks. Looking at 'em, applying 'em, talking about 'em, buying 'em........i just love 'em.

But first, let's talk lipliners. Why? Because we use lipliners before lipsticks, so you should learn about it first.

Monday, 18 March 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Coco malt & Cabaret (Jordana lipsticks)

How i love lipsticks! I just love collecting them. I might not use them myself oooo, but i love seeing them in my makeup box. I especially love the ones with sleek-looking packaging. There's this brand called 'office' their lipstick tubes are silver and shiny....looks like bullets....very nice! I also like M.A.C packaging.......which other one again? ehn-hen.....i love Givenchy lipsticks packaging, and then finally, Revlon.

But this post isn't about lipstick packaging is it?

Unique Berry Hairs

This is for all brides-to-be.

If your wedding is coming up, and you don't already have a hair-stylist, or if you are confused about which hair-sylist to use, i want to introduce you to a hairstylist i know who is really good at what she does.....

Meet 'UNIQUE BERRY HAIRS'  a wonderful hair-stylist. I just love her work, and if only i wasn't already married......hmnnnnnnn.....

Let me show you pictures of her work, and if you like what you see, i'll leave her contact details at the end of the post so that you can contact her


Do you like them as much as i do? If you want to contact her, please use the details below

PHONE : 08081985764
PIN : 28E21457

P.S...She sells human hair too.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Let us Pray

Eternal rock of ages. The maker of all mankind. The God who made heaven and earth. He who knows the end from the beginning. The first and the last. Our tower of strenght. Our refuge and our hope.

I come before u this morning, giving you thanks and praises, if not for anything else....but for whom you are! I thank you because you are a good and just God. For all you have done, i say thank you. Blessed be your name forever.

Thank you dear Lord for the gift of life and health. I have seen many die, but i still live. It's not by my power or my might...rather, it's because of your mercy and your grace. Thank you.

Thank you for all the extras you have given, clothing, shelter, peace, eyes that see, ears that hear, mouths that speak, legs that walk, hands that carry and do thingsand every other thing. We may never know the value of these things until we lose them or ask someone who doesn't have them. For all the little things we take for granted, Jehovah, i say thank you.

Please Lord, forgive our many sins, short-comings, errors, wrong choices and decesions.......every way we have sinned angainst you and mankind, we plead for forgiveness.

We comit our lives and families into your able and loving, bless, protect and favor us. Our enemies will have NO HOLD or power over us. Sin will have no dominion over us. Guide and order our steps this week and the rest of our lives.....may we never be in the wrong places at the wrong times, the lines shall fall in pleasant places for us.

Let us have a closer relationship with you and long to know you more. This and many more we ask you Lord, and we thank you for the answers which we know will come.



I love makeup and i love good pictures.

Did you know that makeup and photography go hand-in-hand?

Has this ever happened to you? You finish a masterpiece on a client's face and everyone around are like 'WOW!' and then you decide to take pictures.

First click and you are like "Hian! worris dis?"

Second click you are like "Ooooooh! What's this now? I don't know why the picture isn't coming out the way the work actually looks"

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My KONGA experience

Morning everyone.....My apologies for not doing a Facials post yesterday being friday. I will make it up to you....*winks*

By the way, how's your weekend going? Great i hope. Mine is going very well, and KONGA made it better!

I assume you have all heard about Konga


You haven't???!!!  *Mouth agape*

*Hands you a freshly startched latsma uniform*

Friday, 15 March 2013

March 4th-15th makeup training at 'The deeva centre' pictures

Hey people!

We just concluded the March session of our makeup training at 'The Deeva Centre' today, and it was 2 weeks of fun! Amarachi and Bunmi were wonderful students, and i wish them all the best in their endeavours.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Hello people.......

I know that on seeing my post title, you must be wondering if you are at the right place. Don't worry....blogger isn't playing tricks on you, this is still 'Blushes 'n Dimples beauty blog'. I don't know why, but I just felt the urge to share with you this morning about God and my love for Him.

Yeah, I'm a Christian and a full-time lover of apologies. Sometimes, an overwhelming love for him just fills my heart and i'll feel like breaking into song or walking on my head or something else like that *huge grin* I'm sure that any other lover of God in this house will totally understand what I'm talking about. 

Monday, 11 March 2013

MUA Alert!

I was opportuned to interview the lady behind 'Jenna Makeovers' ....The lovely Jennifer Umejiuba. Her Studio is located and based in Awka, Anambra state.

Read and enjoy......

Jennifer Umejiuba (C.E.O)


I am jennifer umejiuba, a fresh graduate from nnamdi azikiwe university,also graduated from gazzelle makeup school were i became a professional makeup artist.

Friday, 8 March 2013

B 'n D Makeover

Meet Bunmi and Amarachi, two of my students at The Deeva Centre. We were learning how to do a natural look, and i took pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Bunmi's 'before look'

FACIALS FRIDAY | Lemon and honey mask

Friday again!
Thank you Lord for keeping us, we are not better or holier than those who passed on to the other side between last friday and today.
So, it's been a busy week, and i thank God for making it so. How i love my job as a Makeup artiste!!
Let me not bore you all jare! Today, i'm sharing a mask recipe. This mask is made of just lemon and honey, and its supposed to help wit discoloration and promote young-looking skin.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

B 'n D Beauty Shop

Hello lovelies!

Guess what? 'Blushes 'n Dimples Beauty Shop' has some new products in stock. See the pictures below, and if you are interested in any of the products, please contact the beauty shop with the contact details at the end of the post....

Now, you can feed your eyes.....

BH cosmetics eyeshadow palette...4th edition (Price on request)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

B 'n D makeover

It was yesterday afternoon when i learnt that Uju was in town! I had to leave everything i was doing to go and give her a makeover. MUAs in the house, you know that excitement you feel when you happen to get a client that has attractive facial features? Yes....that's exactly how i felt, and i just couldn't wait to see the finished look.

Uju's before look....gorgeous still
Even before makeup, she was still fresh-faced.


My phone camera didn't do this babe justice! Ask Madam Henrie her naughty sister. By the way, Uju fine pass Henrie too much *Sticks out tongue at Henrie*

Yessssssss! I ya worst!

*Picks up slippers, dusts it and runs away*

Another before



*Singing in Flavours's voice*  ''Fire, fire baby oku...kirikata kirikata baby oku, baby you dey cause wahala''

Ok, that's the look i did for her. I actually used an orange eyeshadow on her lids, a mild orange lippie on her lips too and outlined with brown, but i don't know why i can't really see it in the pics......

Alrighty then......


Sunday, 3 March 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Qiqige Mascara

Since it's Sunday, and a lazy one at that, i have nothing serious to do at home other than sitting around and watching movies. Therefore, it's product review time, and the product under the spotlight today is the mascara with the wierd name which i mentioned in my previous post. It's called 'QIQIGE', and i have absolutely no idea how that name is pronounced......good luck trying to pronounce it yourself.

B 'n D Makeover

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, i decided to do a mild daytime look with nude lips. I thought to take a break from all the colors and do a natural look, and i must say, i really liked the way it turned out, and i did the same look for church today. There's this new jordana lipstick i bought, and it inspired the look. It's a nude lipstick and its called 'Coco Malt', I think i should do a review of the lippie actually, but that would come later.

Friday, 1 March 2013

MUP | Face powder

Oh yelz! It's another Intro to makeup products episode, and today, we'll be talking about the Face powder.

Most ladies idea of makeup is powder, 'eye pencil' and lipstick and that is all, so my point is.....everyone knows what powder is. Whether its white or brown , pressed or loose, you have all come across a type of powder.

Now, what is face powder?

Loose face powder by 'Clinique'

Face powder is a flesh-tinted, white or translucent cosmetic powder applied to the face to improve the appearance and to set  foundation. It can also be re-applied throughout the day to minimize shininess caused by oily skin. There is translucent sheer powder, and there is pigmented powder (brown). Powder tones the face and gives an even appearance.

FACIALS FRIDAY | Honey and egg mask...for wrinkles

TGIF again.

How are y'all doing? I trust that you all are bouncing in tha Lord! *In my bestest thickest ibgotic accent*

Photo credit:

It's friday again, and i'm ready to share my next Home-made facials recipe with those of you who are intrested. Today's facial product is a mask, and this mask helps get rid of wrinkles. It contains Honey (always!), egg yolk, yoghurt and almond oil. I like the fact that these ingredients are easy to get....well, except for the almond oil which i have no idea where you can get that one...unless maybe they can be found in grocery stores *lazily stroking chin*

Oh well........

I suggest you recommend this mask to your mums and aunts to help them keep the wrinkles at bay, because like i mentioned before, this mask is the best remedy to get rid of the unwanted wrinkles on the face. It helps in tightening the skin as well.