Saturday, 30 March 2013

B 'n D makeover

Hello dolls,

Hope y'all are having a great Easter weekend?

Well, my laptop Internet connection is having some issues, so I've resolved to blogging with my iPad for now. When I tried doing it the normal way with "safari", I found out that I could type posts, but I couldn't post pictures. So, I downloaded the "Blogger" app. This one let's me type and post pictures, BUT the pictures only stay at the end of the post

It totally sucks!


But you know what they say.....half bread is better than none at all, so we'll make do with what we have....I hope this turns out well.

So I was playing around with colors and I came up with this look. I love my iPad, but it's worse than my phone when it comes to taking pictures. It's terrible I tell ya! In the look I did, the eyeshadows are a combo of gold, yellow, green and a little black for contouring.....but I can't even see the colours in the pictures *rolls eyes* I can't wait to get a professional camera.

Oya oooooo! Picture time haff rish
Manage the look abeg

Till next time..... Besos.


  1. Sorry about the laptop connection. Typing long posts with an Ipad no easy o. I prefer my QWERTY o.

    Great job I must say. The pics kept getting better and better.

    1. On the contrary, I like to type with my iPad, i'm actually type faster while using it. I just wish I could figure out a way around the picture thing.

      Thanks for the compliments.

    2. *** I actually type faster***

  2. Lovly pics, good job.

  3. Lovely pics, nice job well done.


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