Thursday, 7 March 2013

B 'n D Beauty Shop

Hello lovelies!

Guess what? 'Blushes 'n Dimples Beauty Shop' has some new products in stock. See the pictures below, and if you are interested in any of the products, please contact the beauty shop with the contact details at the end of the post....

Now, you can feed your eyes.....

BH cosmetics eyeshadow palette...4th edition (Price on request)

Another pix of the BH Cosmetics palette

A pix of the open Bh cosmetics 120 color eyeshadow palette....4th edition

BH Cosmetics Blush and contour palette

Another pix of the blush/contour palette

A pix of the open blush/contour palette

BH Cosmetics Concealer palette (Price on request)

The BH cosmetics concealer palette

An pix of the open concealer palette

Multi-purpose Blending sponges (Price on request)

The open pix of the sponges

NYX jumbo pencils (Price on request)

ITALIA Eyeliner pencils (Price on request)

MAC studio moisture fix (SOLD)

NYX glitter shadows (Price on request)

Revlon expert tweezers (Price on request)

Skintone NYX Eyeshadow base (Price on request)

Those are pictures of the products we have in stock.
Price is on request.
If interested, please contact 'Blushes 'n Dimples Beauty Shop' with the details below;






God bless you as you buy.

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