Friday, 22 March 2013

B 'n D Photoshoot

Last weekend, i had a photoshoot session. In the absence of a professional camera of my own, i had to employ the services of a professional photography to come take pictures of my work. In all, i had 4 beautiful models.....Lucy, Uche, Ogor and Nony who also happens to be my sister.

It was a 5 hours photoshoot, 5 hours of immense fun and laughter. Lucy was the white wedding bride, and she loved wearing the bridal gown, and she looked absolutely gorgeous in it. Uche was the igba-nkwu/ traditional wedding bride, and she was indeed the right choice to play this role...she looked really regal. Nony was also an igbankwu bride, but she looked more like royalty......perhaps it was the blue color of her attire *shrugs*. Ogor was the engagement bride, gele and all, but i had a problem tying her gele because of her hairstyle. The front refused to go down flat, my waist was killing me, so i gave it up.....but i wasn't happy with how the gele eventually turned out.


Picture time woohoo! I must warn you though, it's a lot of pictures

Uche 'before'

Uche 'after'

You see what i meant? Lovely bride!


Me working on Lucy

Almost done here


Finishing touches



Beautiful bride

She just had to ping!

Ogor 'before'

Fixing Ogor's lashes

What's wit these ladies and their phones?


She had to ping too!

Tale of 3 brides

Finally...Nony ('before')

Smokey eyes

very nice....if i may say so myself


See what i meant about the blue?

I like the pose

Wheeeeeeeeew! *wipes brow* Well, i warned you that there were lots of pictures didn't i? The pictures turned out alright, but i prefered some over others. Which ones did you like best?


  1. Wow!! So r really gifted. Meee likey nazor :)

  2. Wow!!! They look a lot better here...screen munching away!!! Chio u r doing my make-up oooo be warnedd!!! I prefer the ogo babe, she's rlly cute.

    1. Hahaha! Of course you will prefer her! And i Am doing your makeup.....yes!

  3. waohhh not too many pictures ohhh we can never be tired of pics jare..Nice Job! I def prefer the white wedding and the engagement look..

  4. Nice,all of them are so lovely,u're wonderful,more blessings


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