Thursday, 21 March 2013

Beauty tips

Beautiful people.......

Here are some beauty tips to add to your reservoir of knowledge

If you are using a wedge or sponge or beauty blender to apply your foundation, soak it in water and squeeze out the excess first. This allows for a more even and smooth coverage and also prevents the sponge from absorbing too much of your foundation.....(discovered that recently and thought to share)

Like i pointed out yesterday, if you want your lipstick color to last longer on your lips, fill in your entire lips first with a lipliner of the same shade as your lipstick before applying your lipstick on top of it. That way, even when your lipstick wears off, you still have some color on your lips (the lipliner) to serve you before you have the chance to go and re-apply your gerrit?

Don't store your pencils (eyeliners, lipliners, brow pencils) and lipsticks below room temperature....the heat will make them melt. Don't put them in your makeup bag and pop the makeup bag into your handbag, and then leave the handbag in your car especially when the weather is hot....That is disaster! The worst-hit would be your lipsticks. When you notice that they are begining to melt and get all smeary, pop them into the fridge to chill them awhile.

Foam applicators work better with metallic and shimmery eye-shadows.....learnt that from Bunmi.

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  1. These are really good beauty tips to be cherished by all the girls.

  2. great facial and make up semi tutorial i really appreciate it! now i will aplly it on my own!

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  3. I know why my make up were melting. Gonna find another place to stock them.. Thanks for this awesome tips!! Gonna learn from this.
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    1. You welcome dear. Thanks for coming by.

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  5. Soakin ur foundation sponge in water n dryin out d excess water b4 use; wont that make d sponge damp hence makin ur foundation watery?? Or ud hv to let d sponge dry 1st b4 using it? *confused*

    1. No dear, it won't make your foundation watery. It will even help you apply it smoothly. You shouldn't wait for the sponge to dry first. Just soak in water, squeeze out the excess and start applying foundation right away!

      When the sponge is wet, it will not be able to absorb more of your foundation like a dry sponge does....hence, helping you save your product.

      Try it out, you will love the outcome. I even wet my foundation brush too.

    2. Wow. Niceee. And to think I wsnt taught this in makeup school. I'l try it out. Tnx alot

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