Sunday, 17 March 2013

Let us Pray

Eternal rock of ages. The maker of all mankind. The God who made heaven and earth. He who knows the end from the beginning. The first and the last. Our tower of strenght. Our refuge and our hope.

I come before u this morning, giving you thanks and praises, if not for anything else....but for whom you are! I thank you because you are a good and just God. For all you have done, i say thank you. Blessed be your name forever.

Thank you dear Lord for the gift of life and health. I have seen many die, but i still live. It's not by my power or my might...rather, it's because of your mercy and your grace. Thank you.

Thank you for all the extras you have given, clothing, shelter, peace, eyes that see, ears that hear, mouths that speak, legs that walk, hands that carry and do thingsand every other thing. We may never know the value of these things until we lose them or ask someone who doesn't have them. For all the little things we take for granted, Jehovah, i say thank you.

Please Lord, forgive our many sins, short-comings, errors, wrong choices and decesions.......every way we have sinned angainst you and mankind, we plead for forgiveness.

We comit our lives and families into your able and loving, bless, protect and favor us. Our enemies will have NO HOLD or power over us. Sin will have no dominion over us. Guide and order our steps this week and the rest of our lives.....may we never be in the wrong places at the wrong times, the lines shall fall in pleasant places for us.

Let us have a closer relationship with you and long to know you more. This and many more we ask you Lord, and we thank you for the answers which we know will come.



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