Sunday, 17 March 2013


I love makeup and i love good pictures.

Did you know that makeup and photography go hand-in-hand?

Has this ever happened to you? You finish a masterpiece on a client's face and everyone around are like 'WOW!' and then you decide to take pictures.

First click and you are like "Hian! worris dis?"

Second click you are like "Ooooooh! What's this now? I don't know why the picture isn't coming out the way the work actually looks"


If you do your best job on a client's face, you will definately want to take a picture of that look, and what's more? will want the picture to come out exactly the way you are seeing your work on the bride's face....flawless. The worst mistake you can make is to try to capture that look by taking a pix with your phone.

1. It will NOT photograph well.

2. If you use flash, you have murdered the entire look in the pix 'cos the bride will look like a baked witch in the pics...seriously!

Instead of using your phone, it's even better to get an affordable digital camera, set it well and use it. Then, if you want the real thing, go for a professional camera with its lens. That is the perfect equipment you should use to take pictures for your portfolio.....the Nikon D90 for instance. Those kind of cameras go for about N130,000-150,000.......chai!.......yes i know!

Photo Credit : Nikon website

Why on earth should you spend that much on a camera???

I'll tell you why

See ehn, remember that as a MUA, what sells you is your work. When you are about to book a client, one of the questions she asks you is "Can i see some pictures of the work you have done?". You may present your 'bestestestest' work to her in pictures to see, but she might be unimpressed still because the pictures didn't come out well. And of course, she wasn't there in person to see that other bride when you finished working on her. But if you use a standard professional camera to take pictures of your work (Don't depend on the event photographer...they usually disappoint oooo! Unless you have one you usually move with), your pictures will turn out very well and your prospetive client will see wat you actually want her to see, and she'll be duly impressed.

I'm always wow-ed when i see Ewar, Banke, and other big MUAs works because i can see the combined effect of the makeup and the photography too......a beautiful combination!

Believe me, a professional camera is actually worth investing in. Your ipad will not take clear and detailed pictures. Use the camera, take the pictures and transfer to your ipad or your laptop.

Getting good pictures of your work is really important because it will help you get 'there' faster.

Me, i'm definately getting one by His special grace.......or will anyone dash me? *runs away*

Hope i made sense?



  1. I second that! Pls what camera do you recommend I use on a budget scale of 20-40?

    1. My dear, i actually know nothing about cameras and their prices, but i recommend you check online for different cameras, and be sure to read reviews.

    2. Go to There are lots of them to choose from.

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