Friday, 22 March 2013

Managing your sensitive skin

Today my dears, i have decided to talk about sensitive skin. When i woke up this morning, i had no idea that i would be having this chat with you about sensitive skin, just like i had no idea that i would ever be interested in makeup, skincare and everything that goes with it.

People with sensitive skin can have dry skin. The skin can also be oily and sensitive at the same time. It may be normal or combination skin and still be sensitive. What am i saying? Sensitive skin doesn't have a particular skin can be any of the other 4 types and still be sensitive. So how do you know if your skin is sensitive?

1. It will easily react to products.
2. You might experience tingling, tightening, and discomfort without any visible signs.
3. You might react to shaving, stress, etc.

Now, for those of you that have sensitive skin, i recall saying that it will take you a lot of research to discover the products that works best for you....that is still true. Now, i have to add this....while you are searching for the perfect products, please stick to one product/brand at a time so that if your skin starts reacting to it, you can be sure of what it's reacting to exactly. I say this because for instance (poor sentence construction, but who's checking?), let's say you are using 'Olay' and 'Dove' products at the same time, if your skin starts to react to any of them, how can you tell which one it's reacting to? That's why its better to do it one at a time.

Sensitive skin is a very complicated skin to have. You can make your own masks at home using Avocado, honey, oats, eggs, bananas, yoghurts, etc. It's your skin, you know it better than anyone else even dermatologists, so stay away from anything that triggers sensitivity, reactions, irritations and allergies. The key to managing sensitive skin is using gentle skin care products. I recommend 'Cetaphil gentle cleanser for all skin types' It's a gentle formular that will work well on your skin.

This is what it looks like.
 Moisturize always, and go for a moisturizer that has little or no fragrance at all.....the less ingredients, the better ('Cetaphil' also has a lotion, moisturizing creams, eczema cream, etc). I'll also advise you to test the products on a hidden patch of your skin for a while to see if you will react to it, instead of all over your body. Avoid ingredients such as ethanol and propylene glycol because they penetrate the product labels carefully.

Finally, completely remove all traces of makeup before going to bed.

If you have sensitive skin, i hope my write-up helped you....even a little.
Also, others with this type of skin, please share with us in the comments section how you manage yours



  1. Is it advisable to use brown powder daily? I mean compact powder like Iman n co. Nice blog thou.

    1. Hello dear, there's nothing wrong with using brown powder daily, but the most important thing is that you should clean your face of ALL makeup before you go to bed. Always use a good cleanser to make sure that you remove all traces of the powder afterwards.

      But it wouldn't actually hurt to let your face breathe once in a in go without any makeup at all. Do you dare? *smiles*


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