Friday, 15 March 2013

March 4th-15th makeup training at 'The deeva centre' pictures

Hey people!

We just concluded the March session of our makeup training at 'The Deeva Centre' today, and it was 2 weeks of fun! Amarachi and Bunmi were wonderful students, and i wish them all the best in their endeavours.

Yesterday and today were their project days, and they really tried. All they need now it brushing up and skills perfection because noone can b a perfect MUA within 2 weeks. What they are taught in training is the Basics and the methods of application and all.......and when their time at the centre is up, they continue to brush up their skills and practice all that they have learnt and become perfect. We also follow up the students even after they have graduated from the centre.

Anyway, i thank God for the past 2 weeks, and for the wisdom which only He can give. Girls, if you are reading this, keep it up, don't give up, persistence pays just like i told you...and may God help you both and grant u success.

Here are some pictures


Bunmi trying to tie Amara's gele

Bunmi still at it

Me showing them the strings

......with all seriousness

Project day

Amara's model

Bunmi's model

....and the time begins now....

Hard at work

Bunmi's model's 'after look' a natural makeup

Bunmi show-casing her work

Amara's model's 'after look' A natural look too

Amara and her model

Photo-shoot look *snickers*

Photo-shoot look *still snickering*

The girls trying to tie gele

Bunmi's work...and engagement look

Aso-oke gele tied by Bunmi

Gosh! *wipes brow* Those are the pictures i could get. It was fun, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The next makeup classes starts on the 8th of April 2013, if interested, please click THE DEEVA CENTRE for all the info you need and the contact details you can use to make enquiries.

Thanks for reading.



  1. waohhhh nice work not to be biased tho but i think bunmi's work is quite neat..i kinda prefer her looks..

  2. Love bumi's gele, they tryed its not easy at first.


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