Friday, 1 March 2013

MUP | Face powder

Oh yelz! It's another Intro to makeup products episode, and today, we'll be talking about the Face powder.

Most ladies idea of makeup is powder, 'eye pencil' and lipstick and that is all, so my point is.....everyone knows what powder is. Whether its white or brown , pressed or loose, you have all come across a type of powder.

Now, what is face powder?

Loose face powder by 'Clinique'

Face powder is a flesh-tinted, white or translucent cosmetic powder applied to the face to improve the appearance and to set  foundation. It can also be re-applied throughout the day to minimize shininess caused by oily skin. There is translucent sheer powder, and there is pigmented powder (brown). Powder tones the face and gives an even appearance.

It can be applied with a sponge, a brush or a powder puff (I remember when i used to pour powder on my palms, rub together, clap my hands to get rid the excess, and rub my palms with the powder all over my face. Chai! How i've grown! But errrrm, some of u still do it ba?). Personally, i cannot do without applying powder over my foundation to set it. Most times, i use it alone on my face without the foundation. Once i apply powder, my face instantly has a brighter look.

There are pigmented powders which adds color to the face and creates an even skin-tone, and there are the white translucent powder which adds no color to the face but brightens it.

Face powders come in different shades to match different skin tones. You should find out the shade that matches your skin tone and stick to it.

The translucent powder reflects light to give your skin a luminous attribute. It is like a finishing powder or a veil and takes away shine from your face. I usually use translucent powder for touch-ups.


Loose powder (Mary Kay)

Loose powder is generally sold in a small tin or canister and is usually applied with a makeup brush. It is less convenient to carry around, and it can be messy if you don't handle it well. A loose powder also provides better coverage. Adding loose powder after you apply foundation to your face will allow for a more natural look and set the foundation. Choose loose powder when you are having a photograph taken.


Pressed powder.....see how portable it is. You can just slip this into your purse!

Pressed powder comes in a portable compact and is pressed together and packed tight to keep the powder from crumbling. A pressed powder is useful when you need to dab and retouch powder that you applied earlier. Choose a pressed powder compact for travelling or for touch-ups throughout the day.
Like i mentioned somewhere above, Try to test and find out what shade of powder you ought to buy, and be sure that it matches your skin tone.
I usually use a powder brush for my powder application.......whether it's the loose or pressed kind...brush it is!
I start applying powder first on the jaw-line before i do so on other parts of the face so that if i happen to be using a wrong shade, i can tell immediately and fix it.
I use more powder on the oily parts of the face and less on the dry parts.
There you have it! I really do hope you learned something from this post.
Until later......Abrazos y besos!


  1. luvly post nazor! i really learned alot :)

  2. We kip learnin everyday and am glad to be here. Kudos

    1. Yes oooo! I'm glad you are here too.

  3. Nice post! I heard that these products are one of the best in terms of beauty care and I want to try it. Can anyone give me an idea where I can purchase these stuff?



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