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MUP | Lip liners and lipsticks

Morning everyone!

It's another MUP (makeup product) segment and you are welcome to the show. *coughs* Today, we'll be talking about Lipliners and lipsticks. *does my version of the azonto dance* Come to think of it, i think i'm the only one in this country who doesn't know how to do the azonto oh! It's kind of hard for my legs to be doing one thing, and my hands another thing.

Oh well!

Lipliners and lipsticks

I did that little dance that time because i love lipsticks. Looking at 'em, applying 'em, talking about 'em, buying 'em........i just love 'em.

But first, let's talk lipliners. Why? Because we use lipliners before lipsticks, so you should learn about it first.

Lip liner pencils. Photo Credit : Web

Lip liners are also known as lip pencils, and they are designed for shaping, lining or filling in the lips. They should have a creamy texture and not a stiff one. With the help of a good liner, your lips can appear fuller or thinner depending on what you prefer. Lining the lips therefore perfects the shape of the lips.

If you have full lips and you want to make them appear smaller, line just inside the lip outline (the outline of your lips is that line/edge that goes around your lips giving it its shape.......i suck at describing stuff!). Lining within that outline/edge will make your lips smaller when you fill in the new line you created with lipstick.

Perhaps, this pix will help me explain it better. (Photo Credit : web)
 If you have small lips and you want them to appear fuller, this time, line on that outline/edge and even slightly outside it.....depending on how thin your lips are. When you fill in that outline you created with the lipliner with lipstick, viola...you have full lips!

You gerrit?

If you want your lip lipstick to last longer on your lips, use your lip liner to fill in the entire lips before topping with lipstick. Also, you should choose your lipliner color based on your lipstick color....use a lipliner that is the same shade as your lipstick, or a shade darker. Gone are the days when people used black liners wit red lipsticks.....eeeeeeeek!.

Now, on to lipsticks.

Lipsticks add the final touch to any makeup application. There are creamy lippies, shimmery lippies, sheer lippies, matte lippies, satin lippies, frosty lippies, shine lippies......blah blah blah blah......  Honestly, i don't care about all that 'cos to me lipstick is lipstick. *covers face* I like the creamy and sheer ones sha.

I know! I just had to display my latest babies again *tehehehe!*

Remember that when applying lipsticks, you should consider your eyeshadow colors. if your eyes are loud, then your lips shouldn't be loud too. But if your eyes are subtle, then, feel free to go all 'Ruby woo' and 'Lady danger' on your lips. With the lipstick, fill in the outline you created with your lip pencil, add a little gloss if you want and you are done.


First, i apply just a little lip balm if my lips are dry.

Next, i use my lipliner and line inside my lips creating my outline, and if i want, i can also use the lip liner to fill in my entire lips. (I use zaron, jordana and NYX lip pencils)

Using my lip brush, i blend out the lipliner.

Then, i clean the brush and start filling in the outline with my lipstick.

If i want a shine, i top it up with a little clear lipgloss, and if the gloss is too much, i use a cotton swab to dab my lips by rolling it over them to soak up the excess gloss.

There you have it! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments section.

Abrazos y besos

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  1. Thank you dear, I'd always wanted to make my lips look fuller like a real African woman. Lol!

  2. Oh yeah! I gerrit...lol. Great tips. Thanks!

  3. Emm chinazor pls dis lip pencil is it different from the regular eye pencil.bcos me na one pencil I dey use for both eye and mouth oo*covers face.sometimes sef,if I go to d market asking for lip pencils,I really believe wat dey gave me is eye pencil.so just wanna kno d diff

    1. Actually, the only difference between the two pencils is that one is for the lips, and the other for eyes. But wen u go to the store, specify which one you want, and it will be given to you. It sha doesn't hurt to use the same for oth eyes and mouth sha 'cos sometimes, we just have to improvise.

      Anyways, if it's for lips, they will write 'lip liner' on it. If its for eyes, they will also write 'eye liner' . Sometimes, I see some pencils on which is written 'eye & lip liner'.


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