Saturday, 16 March 2013

My KONGA experience

Morning everyone.....My apologies for not doing a Facials post yesterday being friday. I will make it up to you....*winks*

By the way, how's your weekend going? Great i hope. Mine is going very well, and KONGA made it better!

I assume you have all heard about Konga


You haven't???!!!  *Mouth agape*

*Hands you a freshly startched latsma uniform*

Konga is an online store where you can go shopping and then they deliver to your home or office or any address you specify. You either pay online or you pay-on-delivery. I had heard about Konga a long while ago, and on thursday, i decided to test their service. I checked the online store, signed up and browsed through the beauty section. I saw some revlon lipsticks which looked really nice and a particular zaron eye-shadow i had been looking for, so i clicked and added them to my cart. After ordering, i checked out and specified the address i wanted them delivered to, i chose to pay on delivery, and also filled in a time slot (I choose 3-6pm) when i wanted them to deliver. Thereafter, i got a call from their office wanting to confirm my order....we did just that.

The next morning, i got another call from them, and they said they knew that the time slot i choose was between 3-6pm, but that they were coming to festac that morning, and do i mind if they deliver my stuff earlier?

I asked how early?

They said 10am

I said ok.

Guess what? They delivered at exactly 10am, and i was like "WOW!"

Everything i ordered was carefully packaged and was in good condition. My first time shopping with them, and i'm impressed!

My precious goods

Aren't they beautiful? #Sigh

Will i use them again? Is the sky blue? YELZ OF COURSE!!!

By the way, each of the lippies cost N1,000. Click here to buy

Have you used Konga? How was your experience with them? Please Share in the comments box

***PS. I'm not affiliated with, and i wasn't paid to do this oooooo! I just thought to make shopping easier for you. You're welcome***


  1. I love Konga. I shop with them all the time. Thanks for sharing.


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