Monday, 18 March 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Coco malt & Cabaret (Jordana lipsticks)

How i love lipsticks! I just love collecting them. I might not use them myself oooo, but i love seeing them in my makeup box. I especially love the ones with sleek-looking packaging. There's this brand called 'office' their lipstick tubes are silver and shiny....looks like bullets....very nice! I also like M.A.C packaging.......which other one again? ehn-hen.....i love Givenchy lipsticks packaging, and then finally, Revlon.

But this post isn't about lipstick packaging is it?

I'm actually here to do a product review on 2 cheap lippies i love and use....yeah, i use these ones. They are both by Jordana and are called 'Coco malt' and 'Cabaret'. I remember raving about Coco malt in a previous makeover post, click here to see where i actually used the Coco malt lipstick. Now, here are the  lipsticks

On the left is 'Coco malt', and on the right 'Cabaret'

On the left is a swatch from the 'Cabaret' and on the right, a swatch from the 'Coco malt'

First of all, what i love about Jordana lipsticks is the smell. I'm very particular about smells, and any good-smelling product has a thumbs-up from me. How can i even begin to describe this one? It smells like a sweet-candy or a citrus i'm torn....i dunno, but it just smells wonderful, and each time i twist out any jordana lippie, i hold it up to my nose first and sniff for a while (not while i'm working on a client though!)

Both lippies have a creamy texture and finish.

The Coco malt is nude. Even while doing the swatch, i had to rub and rub for it to show.

They both last on the lips. The other day, i used the cabaret and it lasted on my lips for 7 hours (yeah, i was counting!), it eventually came off because i washed it off by myself..... if not, it would have stayed on my lips some more. I really love the cabaret sha. When i use it, i first of all line my lips with 'Plush plum' lip liner by the same jordana, i blend, then i use a lip brush to apply the lipstick all over my lips. Sometimes, i even use the lip liner pencil to fill in the entire lips before using the cabaret lipstick over it....thats how i did it the time it lasted 7 hours. I have no grouches with the cabaret at all!

I like the Coco malt because it's nude, and you know nude lips goes well with any kind of look including photoshoot/ fashion looks. My grouches with the Cocomalt are...

1. It is bitter! I don't chew my lipstick off my lips like some people do, but anytime my tongue touches my lips while i'm wearing the lipstick, i taste that bitterness which i do not anytime i'm wearing the Coco malt, i avoid letting my tongue touch my lips.

2. It's really thick, and as a result, it's stiff and hard to apply. So what i do is that i usually mix it with a clear lipgloss while applying. This is how i do it...i  rub the gloss over the tip of the lippie with a lip brush, mix it up and then apply on my lips. This makes it smoother, and it glides better over the lips.

I love these 2 lipsticks, and they are cheap. N350-400 depending on where you buy them. I heard some sell N500.

Will i buy again? Yelz....if i find them, especially the Coco malt which is scarce.


Any good cosmetics shop around you.

Abrazos y besos.


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