Monday, 25 March 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Jordana 'Easy shine' tinted lip color

I know you will say that i've come again with Jordana products. Don't mind me jooor, i just love their products....nice packaging, affordable, and of good quality.

Before i start, i must say again that i am in NO way affiliated with Jordana cosmetics. Remember that i mentioned that i will be doing product reviews on this blog....the aim is so that you will know what products have to offer before you buy that you won't buy 'blindly' and regret later. I do my best to describe and review the products, and then if you feel you want to go ahead and buy it, fine.

Left and right....'Pink Lemonade. Center.....'Sweet Strawberry'

The first time i saw this product was last saturday at my son's school. It was 'Mums day out' (A celebration of the mothers in the school), and some mums came to present their wares, give talks, and other stuff. I gave the talk on skin care and did makeovers for 3 mums. We did the Zumba dance, we had pedicures done, cocktails and lots of food and music. It was fun! Errrrrrrrm.....story for another day...or not. Well, another mum present was selling jordana products and i saw these lipbalms displayed on her table. I bought one there and then. Today, i saw the 'Sweet Strawberry' and bought it also, then i bought another 'Pink Lemonade'.

What caught my eye about this particular product was the packaging as usual. I loved the colors i saw and the way it all looked, so i picked 2 different shades to try them and review. The ones i bought are 'Sweet Strawberry' and 'Pink Lemonade'. They look a lot like the clinique 'Flirty honey' tinted lip-balm i reviewed here sometime last year....if you missed it, click here. There are some differences between the two brands (Jordana and Clinique) which i hope to share.

First of all, the product inside the Jordana brand is more than that in the Clinique brand.
Secondly, the Jordana lipbalm glides very easily and smoothly over the lips because the product is well-lubricated, but the clinique product isn't so easy to apply. You have to apply pressure when trying to rub it on, it doesn't glide easily.
Then thirdly, the clinique product doesn't have a smell...but the jordana product smells divine! Y'all know i'm big on smells. They smell wonderful! and they taste sweet too.....but do NOT eat them....yes you!

You twist it out of the tube

The only grouch i have is that the 'Pink Lemonade' doesn't really show pink on the lips (well, on my lips sha), it shows very faintly. But on the other hand, the 'Sweet strawberry' gives my lips a mild reddish tinge which i love. I will definately buy them again.....perhaps in other colours next time (they have different colours). One good thing is that it's everywhere, you can probably find them anywhere you see jordana products. I bought these ones for N500 each.....some sell N400 though.

Jordana cosmetics corp. is a company in the US, and i can tell you for free that their products are nice. I've used their eyeliners, lipliners, lippies and now tinted lip balms. I'll try their powder and review them too soon.

Till then, Besos!

Do you use any Jordana products? Which ones?


  1. Thanks dear, I will look for Jordana products.

  2. Nice blog regarding beauty more like that on beauty tips

  3. I've tried their eyeliner and was really nice but d lipstick didn't stay all day. At most 4hours. U̶̲̥̅̊ just have to re-coat.

    1. Yeah, that's right, but i mentioned somewhere that it prolly lasted all day 'cos I first of all filled in my lips with jordana lip liner in posh plum before using that cabaret lipstick. When you fill in the entire lips with a liner that is same colour as the lipstick you intend using, it makes the lipstick last longer, and it ensures that you always have colour on your lips even after the lipstick has faded away, and it serves you till you go and re-coat.

      But this sweet strawberry tinted lip colour lasted on my lips oh!

      By the way, 4 hours try na!


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