Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ann got re-defined!

Today is Ann's wedding day.

'Blushes 'n Dimples' was there to re-define her, and oh my, she was pleased with the end results.
During her trial session, i did 2 looks for her. She liked the latter, but i prefered the former..... but today, she said i should just go with my guts and i was so pleased she said that.

Ann's 'before' look

 Thankfully, there wasn't too much traffic, so i got there waaaay early which was good 'cos i dont like to be late at all. I'll rather sleep over at my client's house than be late.

I got there, did my thing, and she was so happy with the look i did for her. I also did her maid-of-honor's makeup.

Here are some pictures.....

And oh! Ann shocked me you know she made her wedding dress herself? she actually made her gown by herself. It took her 1 week to finish it. Not only that, but she also made her reception outfit. She's soooooo talented, and the wedding gown looked perfect on her! The other outfit looked wonderful too, though i didn't see her wear it.

And her sister Mary was her maid-of-honour

Mary's 'before' look

Happy married life Ann......

Thanks for choosing 'Blushes'n Dimples Makeovers'.


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  1. Nice make over,nice dress,and I like ur signature,just noticed it *covers face*

  2. Wow i love the makeup. Girl you are good..

  3. Thanks a lot. Thanks also for coming by.

  4. Beautiful makeova. She did well wt her dress too.

    1. Thanks dear, I wish you saw the dress in person.... This pix didn't do it justice at all!

  5. Well done....


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