Monday, 29 April 2013

April 7th-29th training at 'The Deeva Centre' in pictures

Hey's been quite a while! So sorry i've not updated my blog for a while now because i got a 'lil bit busy.

3 weeks ago, i started a training session at 'The deeva centre', and to God be the ended today. It was a fun 3 weeks (have i ever mentioned that i love my job? *the goofiest grin ever*). Again, i had 2 students, and they were ever-attentive and willing to learn. I'm glad they did learn because their makeup and gele skills vastly improved over the past weeks.

Now folks, meet Onyinye and Jennifer, and have fun viewing the pics of some of their works. While viewing, please note that they are works-in-progress, and are not perfect yet. They still need practice in some areas, and like i told them, practice makes perfect so they should practice frequently till they get there.....and they WILL get there!

Onyinye's model

Jennifer's Pretty sister.

Busy (In case you are wondering, no foundation has been applied yet)

Jennifer's box

Hard at work

Lippie time!

Foundation time.

Jennifer applying foundation on her sister's face



Onyinye's presentation to the guests who came to watch them do their projects.

Jennifer's turn. See her!

The lovely models

Jennifer's model for the 2nd look

Onyinye's model


Her model refused to let her shave her brows

It's a bridal look!

Loooooolz at the tiara!


They did they know the areas they need to work more on (drawing and defining the brows and blending eyeshadows)...I'm sure Onyinye and Jennifer might be reading this. You can leave a comment for them. With constant practice, they WILL get there.

Thanks for reading and viewing the pictures and leaving comments perhaps....


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  1. Nice work and congrats to the graduands at The Deeva Centre

  2. Like u sed, practice is the key, I also needed work wif my brows, buh after much practice, I can say dt my brows are a lot beta


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