Tuesday, 9 April 2013

B 'n D Makeover | Bridal look



Today's class at 'The Deeva Centre' was great! Teaching is fun sha. It was our first day of practicals, and I demonstrated a bridal look for my students with a model who happened to be the sister of one of my students (Did you get that?). They were all attentive, and even the beautiful model learnt a thing or two.

So I came home, (happy about today's weather by the way), and despite the strong urge to crawl under my duvet and sleep, I decided to try out a bridal look which has been stuck in my head for some days now. I was happy with the look 'cos it turned out exactly the way I envisaged it.....if only you could see it that way #Sigh.....this my lack of camera is doing me stroooong thing. Anyways, don't worry, i'll soon get one by HIS grace, and you will get to see the looks I create in all their glory!

Well, I finished the look and took pictures for your viewing pleasure. I tried using my phone camera, but I think it just wasn't in the mood.....that one?! *smh*

The pictures are below. I must warn you, it's a lot of pictures 'cos I had fun snapping away.

I'll tell you the products I used in the comments section 'cos i'm not blogging with my laptop (long story). Don't worry....that will end soon too.

Enjoy and tell me what you think.

I'm off for 'Digging deep' service.

Abrazos y besos.


  1. Lovely can't wait to be your student

  2. Dear Chi, you are just excellent at what you do. Keep it up!
    Wecome back from Digging deep. Now, Back to the look, can you say something about the eye lashes? how to get that look, or, are you just using your fine eyes to play us wayo?

    Is it possible to create that exact look on a different shape of face?

    1. Awwww! Thanks Aunt Eya. That's wonderful to hear. I will by the special grace of God.

      I fixed falsies to give my eyes a special effect, or did you mean the eyebrow? When doing my brows, I draw an outline first then I fill in the sparse areas using light strokes to avoid making the brow look too thick 'cos I already have enoff hair there.

      Infact, I plan to do an eyebrow tutorial soon. Stay tuned.

      Yes you can create the same look on a different face shape, but it might not end up looking the same way...depends on the shape of the eyes and the structure of the face. Some eyes have a defined 'crease' while others don't.


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