Saturday, 13 April 2013


Hey people.

Here are some long over-due tips.......

When drawing your eye brows, draw the outline first and then fill in sparse areas.

Avoid drawing 'scouse' brows which happens when the eyebrows are too thick and have a square beginning. You don't want to look like cookie monster of 'sesame street'

To make the brows look as natural as possible, use light strokes all through. When drawing the outline, use light feathery strokes. When filling inside the outline, still use light strokes.

Use your 'spoolie' (A clean small mascara wand) to brush your hair into place before drawing your brows. Also use it to blend and smooth out the brows after drawing.

Use a mascara or foundation and an angled 'eyebrow definer' brush to highlight the drawn brows and make them 'pop' and also look neater

*Expect a picture tutorial on this soon*

Have a wonderful weekend.



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