Sunday, 21 April 2013


Yeah, that's what i asked......have you?


What do you mean no? Have i taught you nothing? *raised brow*. How do you expect to have beautiful skin if you won't do what it takes?

Have you forgotten so soon the importance of treating yourself to a facials procedure frequently? Ok, let me break it down again......

You want glowing skin right? Good. Remember what i said about our sheds frequently. Old skin peels off to give way for new glowing skin to emerge. Now, if you don't exfoliate to get rid of those dead skin cells, the new skin wouldn't emerge to maximize its glowing capacity. Your skin will constantly be covered with old skin cells.....gross. And it will continue to look dull, coarse and flaky.

Remember also that the sebaceous glands under our skin secretes oil, and for those of you that have oily skin, it does that excessively. You need to wash away those oils and do a deep cleansing of your pores frequently to get rid of congealed oils that blocks the pores and prevents the oils from coming to the surface of the skin.

When you don't do facials, the oil your skin constantly produces, mixed with dead skin cells will congeal and block your pores. And even though the pores are blocked, your glands will keep producing their oil which will have no way to come out to the surface of your skin. Your pores eventually gets infected and this leads to acne, breakouts and blackheads. So it's safe to say that maintaining a good facials procedure will greatly reduce the occurence of acne and all what-nots on your gerrrrrit?

Facials require deep-cleansing (at least the steaming part of the procedure does that), so if you do it as often as you should, there's no way oil will congeal within your pores and block them. Your glands will keep producing their oil, it will freely come to the surface of your skin, and you easily wash it off twice daily with a good cleanser for your skin-type.

If you have sensitive skin, please research properly to find the products that your skin wont react to. Do patch tests of the products over-time before you use them all over your face please. I've been posting some natural scrubs and masks recipes here.....check out my Facials Fridays can use them if you want.

If you don't remember how facials are done, click here. If you are not sure about doing your facials yourself, you could just go to a spa and have it done professionally. Your choice to make....but the koko is....DO IT!

To those of you who have been observing a facials routine, i'm sending extra-squishy hugs your way. Big ups to you. Keep it up!

To those who haven't..... Repent!

Alrighty then.

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  1. Thank you Chi. This carelessness has to go today. I haven't done facials in a while and this is a reminder.
    btw, this your signature is HOT and abeg I need signature tutorials o.

    1. Aaaaaaah! I knew it! Some pple have not been doing their facials *evil grin*.

      Thanks about the signature....check your inbox soon.

  2. im off to a spa asap...

  3. For me its a weekend routine, I exfoliate my face every sunday night!
    But recently I'v bin exfoliating every two days, its few days to my Trad.Marriage.

    1. Nice! I like the fact that u have a day set aside for the routine. Keep it up.

      And congrats to you on your union....bless.

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  5. This is really educative! Honestly, I don't do facials.
    May I ask? Would weekly scrubbing and masking serve as facials?

    1. Well, it's better than nothing. Scrubbing and masking are 2 out of 5 steps of facials, so they can serve 'cos its better than not doing anything for your face at all. Errrrrm....why not kukuma go all the way with steaming too? I intentionally left out cleansing and moisturizing 'cos i'm sure you do those ones everyday.

      Keep it up dear.


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