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Makeup products you should have for personal use.

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It occured to me to do a post about the basic makeup items every lady should have in her little makeup bag or purse. The size of that purse however is determined by how into makeup the lady is. I mean, for makeup addicts who cant resist buying every makeup product they see, that purse mini-bag is bound to be big!

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As for me, i buy makeup a lot! And funny enough, i'm not a makeup person...i don't really use it on my face. Most of the time, i go out with nothing but lip gloss on my face and i'm good and comfortable. I only started using makeup recently because of what i do, and i only wear makeup on sundays....to church. My hubby doesn't even like it....he says he prefers me without makeup on. So, i buy them for professional use mostly.

This post is for the ladies out there who have no clue about the makeup items they ought to have, and end up buying things they don't need and would never use, hereby cluttering their dressing tables and purses with makeup.


FOUNDATION. Buy one in your exact shade.....not lighter or darker. Read my post about foundation and how to apply it here . Use it carefully so it doesn't spill from the cover and mess up your makeup purse.

POWDER. Just like the foundation, get a powder in your very shade. Remember that the powder sets the foundation and holds it in place. Make your choice whether you want loose or pressed powder...but i'll advice you to get the pressed one because it's portable, and it's tidier. The loose powder can be very messy if not handled properly. You can also get white or translucent ones. Read my past post about the powder here.

CONCEALER. Get this only if you have blemishes and spots to conceal on your face which foundation alone cannot cover, or if you want that 'cleaner brows' effect....but hey! the foundation can do that too. Read up on concealer here too. There are some spots which foundation alone can cover and you will no longer need a concealer.

EYE SHADOWS. You can get mini-palettes (tripple or quad) to fit in your purse or bigger 12 color palettes to fit in ur bigger makeup bag. Be sure to get good quality eye shadows ooo! No post yet for you to read up on yet, but stay tuned.....soon.

BROW PENCILS. Very important. Brows can make or mar your look. Buy your shade of brown...never black. There are various shades of brown in stores, so get the one that matches the color of your brow hair. click here for my pictorial on how to draw your brows.

EYE PRIMER. This is definately optional. You absolutely don't have to get it, but if you want sharper, long-lasting colors, and no creasing, then perhaps you should consider getting yourself one of these. To persuade convince you more, click here to see the effects of a primer with your korokoro eyes. The one in that link is Tara's own ooo! you can get MaryKay if you want...or BM|pro.

EYE LINERS. Black pencils for your inner water-line and coloured pencils for your lower-lash line. Remember that the black pencil in the inner water-line instantly brightens up your eyes and makes them whiter. Then you can use the coloured pencils on your lower lash-line to complement whatever you are wearing. Also, get the liquid, fabuliner or gel to line your upper lash line. Click here to see how it's done.

MASCARA. You can get black, coloured or clear...your choice. Click here to read up about the various kinds of mascara and also how to apply it.

LIPSTICKS & LIP LINERS. Get as many colours as you want, and the liners you get should match your lippies ooooo! gone are the days of black liners for red lippies *cringes*. Click here to see how to use them. Please remember not to store them below room temperature. Don't leave them in your handbag in your care with the windows wound up either because they would melt and the pencils will smear. If they melt, pop them into your fridge and get them stiff again.

LIPGLOSS. If you want that extra shine, get a gloss and add on top of your lipstick. There are lots of colors and brands in stores. Remember that too much of it would make your lips look bigger. If you happen to use too much, roll a cotton swab over your lips to absorb the excess. You can wear the gloss alone if you want...i do.

Ok! that's it! I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, please ask. I'll do another post on the basic brushes you need soon.

For now, I'm off to work.

Besos dears.

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