Wednesday, 17 April 2013

PICTORIAL | Basic eye makeup application

Good evening dears

Very busy day, but i just have to do this post. It's a pictorial on basic eye makeup application. If you struggle with applying your eye makeup, then this post is for you. Meanwhile......

Guess what??!!

My lappy is baaaaack! This means that i will do this post in the proper order, and the pictures can come within the post and not at the very end of the post. That was very exasperating while it lasted.

So, this is a very simple eye makeup application method. I only used one color, then i contoured the corner to give the eye more definition. I have already done my brows. check the last post for a tutorial on brows. You can try out this look, it's very easy....below is a step-by-step description.......

I have done my brows, and this is my eye witout any makeup on it

STEP 1.....Prime your lids with an eye primer

My primed eyelid

STEP 2...... Using a blending brush by 'Sigma', I applied a lilac colour in my crease to help me with a transition colour.

The lilac color is in my crease. if you look closely, you can see it. It's faint.

STEP 3......Using a foam applicator, i applied a pink eyeshadow from 'Queen Amina' palette by Tara all over my eyelid, and i blended it into my crease.

STEP 4.....Using a pencil brush by 'Bobbi Brown', i applied a dark brown eyeshadow in a 'v' shape on the outer corner of my lid for contouring the eyes

The dark color hasnt been blended out yet.

I blend out the dark brown with a 'Bobbi Brown' blending brush

STEP 5..... I used a fluffy eyeshadow brush by 'Sigma' to highlight my brow bone with a light 'Estee Lauder' eyeshadow

Highlighting my brow bone

STEP 6......I lined my upper and lower waterlines with Zaron 'Black velvet' pencil....note how the eyeliner in the waterline immediately brightens up the eye.

Applying the eyeliner

STEP 7.....I used my 'Jordana InColor fabuliner' to line my upper lash line....remember to line as close to the lashline as possible.

Applying liquid eyeliner

STEP 8.....I applied my 'Ququige' mascara on my lashes.



My finished eyes.

So, you see? It's not difficult at all! Just try it out and let me know how it goes by email. If you have any questions, please ask in the comment box or better still....send me an email.
Right now, My bed is seriously calling me, and i this is one call i can't ignore.

Abrazos y besos.
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  1. Lovely.... see you on saturday!

  2. Really detailed and nice, will try this out!

  3. Chio, This is really nice work done....Well done!


  4. Whaoo dis is lovely,but still need to attend d lectures for perfection. Thanks dearie

    1. Great. you can still try this out at home first sha.

  5. Good jo! great spirit. Many people wont transfer this knowledge like you did and thats why we are still considered 'third world'. But in actual fact, we have more inventions than some other developing countries. Informations not shared is dead on arrival. Chinazor, posterity will forever remember you. kudos. Go girl.

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