Monday, 8 April 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | The beauty blender

'Allo lovelies, been a while! I trust you are all doing great.

Classes have resumed at 'The Deeva Centre', and i'm super excited....that's why it's good to do something you have a passion never get tired of it. I love to make people beautiful....oh the looks on their faces when I finally hand them the mirror to see the end-results...#DreamySigh.

Today's post as you have prolly guessed from the title is a review of the Beauty Blender sponge. This sponge is just wonderful I tell ya! It's used to apply foundation and for blending. I first saw it being used in a video tutorial, and I fell for the shape and colour (the one I saw was pink....i'm a sucker for pretty things....remember?) I didn't even know that they came in other shapes and colours....I found that out when I was placing my order for it, and I was happy to see how pretty they all were, so I just had to have 4 of them.....yes, 4.

Before purchasing these blenders, I had previously used a foundation brush, a white foam wedge and also my fingers to apply my foundation, but this one takes the cake. I know it will be a while before I use my foundation brush again... I mean, why stress myself when there's an easy way out (beauty blender)? The traditional brush usually leaves streaks in its wake. I hate seeing those streaks, and I eventually use a foam wedge to blend it all out. So now that I have a pretty little egg-shaped foam, it's "bye-bye" to streaks!

These sponges apply foundation easily and blends it all out soooo smoothly. You wouldn't even see any streaks. I apply with bouncing motions (fun!), and in some areas, I just rub. The pointed tip gets into corners your brush might have a hard time reaching. It gives for a beautifully smooth even base for your makeup.

I usually soak it in water and then squeeze out all the excess before applying. This prevents it from absorbing too much of your foundation and wasting your product. When you soak it, it swells to like twice its size, so don't be alarmed when that happens...Hahahahahaha!

The BB is so easy to use and also easy to clean. I usually use a baby shampoo to wash out the foundation, and it's all comes off easily. Then I rinse and place it on a flat surface to air-dry. You can use it till it gets old. I plan to get the best out of my 4 BBs! Yeah, i'll use them till they are old and frayed! Love 'em!

Pictures of the blenders are below.

And to whom might be interested, I have them for sale too. So contact me for yours before it gets sold out. Try it and you will see what you have been missing.

Will I buy it again? What a question!

Hof kes I will !!!

N900 each


  1. Did I mention that it gives your face an air-brushed look after using it to apply your foundation? Yes it does. This is the sponge above all sponges. A dream to use, and a 'Must-have' for all MUAs. I used it to do the bridal makeover I did on my self today, and hours later, my base makeup still looked flawless as though I just applied it. I was sooo impressed that I just had to come back here and testify more about it.

    Ok, i'm out.

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  3. Nice post... please dear where can i purshase it???

    1. I have them for sale dear. I don't know where else you can get it, 'cos I searched for it to no avail before I decided to order from the states. If you are interested, pls send me an email. Thanks.

  4. OMG I've been looking for the beauty blender sponge for like forever, where can I get it from u please

  5. Pls i'm interested in buying them....

  6. Hi, I am a makeup artist currently based in Asaba and would like to purchase the beauty blender sponges. Wld av sent U an email bt couldn't get it off this site. My email is Hope to hear from U soon.


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