Thursday, 18 April 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | My Revlon lippie collection

Good morning Lovelies

I figured it's time i do a review on the set of Revlon lippies i bought the last time.

Meanwhile, 'Grey's Anatomy' broke my heart, and i haven't quite gotten over it yet. Why on earth did Lexie have to die? I even heard that Mark died afterwards....but i ain't watching that horror. Lemme get over Lexie first. I was really rooting for that couple you know?'s just a movie i know, but the characters really come to life as you watch. I heard that Chyler (The lady that played Lexie), needed to be off the show because she wanted to spend more time with her family in real-life, but did they have to kill her off?!


That goodbye scene between her and Mark *shudders*. I cried oooo! i won't lie. They should have ended Lexie and Mark's characters by marrying dem off and sending them faaaaar faaaar away from seattle where they would have lots of babies *Shrugs* Now i have to watch my 'Friends' series to purge my mind of the horror i watched on Grey's is well.


Anyways...where was i? Revlon lippies...yeah. What i love about these lippies is their creamy texture. I beg to differ, but i hate matte lippies. I dont like the drying effect they have on my lips. The creamier the better for me. These lippies are called 'Rosy nude' 'Blush' 'Coral' and 'Carnation'.

From the left : Rosy nude, Carnation, Coral, and Blush
The 'Rosy nude' is a nude lippie that has a rose-colored tint. It's creamy like i've previously mentioned, and applies well. It's also buildable.

Rosy nude
 The 'Coral' is very creamy and very orange....i like! A lot! And just like the 'Rosy nude', the 'Coral' is buildable.

 The blush looks like the 'Rosy nude', but the difference is that it's lighter. It is nuder (if there's a word like that) than the 'Rosy nude', and it has a slightly shimmery, bluish undertone. I think i prefer this to the 'Rosy nude'. The 'Blush' however is not really buildable.

 Now, the 'Carnation' is a soft pink lippie with a bluish shimmery undertone. The shimmer though is barely noticable. It's creamy, and i just love the pink color. This is one of the shades of pink that suits my skin tone and doesn't make me look like i have 'neon' lips. The 'Carnation' is my second favourite lippie in this collection (after the blush). You can tell from the 'lip pose' right?


So, this is my review of the lippies, by the way, they have more color pay-off than what you see in the pictures. I got them from 'Konga'. Click here to read my Konga experience.

If you want to buy the lippies, click purchase. They cost N1,000 each.

Till next time....Besos.

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