Monday, 29 April 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | NYX slim lip-liner pencils

So today, in an MUA group i'm in, we were talking about products that get good reviews, but when you buy and use them, you in seriously wonder what all the rave was about *rolls eyes*.

Today, i'm going to do a review on one of such products. When i was shopping on, i saw the NYX slim lipliner pencils and loved the way they were photographed. So to buy or not to buy? I decided to go ahead and read reviews. There were quite a number of great reviews, so naturally i assumed that the pencils were as great as they all said.....and i eagerly bought them *sobs uncontrollably*.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later, i opened my beautiful lip liner pencils which looked as good as they looked on the amazon site. I tried to use one of them and "WHAAAAAT!" It was a chalky mess! See me see nsogbu (wahala).

Don't be decieved by how pigmented they look. I had to rub each one a lot for it to show that way.

First, i had to apply pressure and rub and rub to make the color show.

Secondly, they came out chalky....they didn't glide or apply smoothly at all

I tire!

And they look good.

From the left, you have 835 Pinky, 846 Tangerine, 839 Dolly Pink, 840 Rose, 841 Coral and 824 Orange. The swatches above are in the same order.

I just hate lip or eyeliner pencils that aren't creamy and don't glide. The packaging was cute, i really liked the way they looked. If only they were creamy and smooth....oh well! I went back and read the reviews again, and i wondered if mine was just from a batch gone wrong. How come other people had good things to say about them?

Hmnnnnnn.....ok oh!

Would i buy again? Haff i madt? NO WAY! I'm happy with my Zaron lip liners ooo jare! You can buy them if you want sha....who knows, you just might be lucky.

*Evil grin*

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  1. Thanks fr d info cz i ws planning to get them honestly but now dt u ve talked bout it, well i wont waste some dollars fr nothing. Maybe it comes out beta on oyinbo ppl thats anoda thing cz some reviews they make might actualky work fr dem jus lik lippies too but nt for us black ppl.Sorry bout that but u might find a way to use dem instead of dumping it somewer cz its ur moni. Got to go prep ma kids oooo. *zooms off* BBL

    1. You are welcome my dear. I can't throw them away, so i'll definately find another way to use them. Zaron remains the best for me so far.

  2. I like your blog. The information posted is so real and natural...

    I like. *wink*

  3. I really like your blog. The information posted are really and natural.

    I like *wink*


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