Friday, 19 April 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Tara HIP (Queen Amina eyeshadow palette)

Hey, how's your day going?
I'm back with another product review, this time, it's a Tara HIP eyeshadow palette.

This palette has pretty colours… Pinks, blues, gold, brown, silvery white, black and green. They are all shimmery, and very pigmented just as the HIP in the name says. HIP stands for ‘High Intensity Pigments’. I like all the colours in this palette, and i have fun mixing them.
The packaging is just like the sleek palettes, but this one is silver with a black flowery design by the edge. I like it too. House of Tara has another palette like this, but that one is called ‘Queen Idia’ I don’t have that one.

You may experience some eyeshadow fall-outs from this palette depending on the brush you use to apply the colours and on if you use a primer or not. I use my foam applicator for this palette, and i also use a primer before applying. The shadows then stick to the primer and fall-outs are reduced to a minimum….sometimes, it doesn’t even happen at all.
Below are closer pictures of the pots and swatches. I swatched them all without any primer underneath.

Yeah, that pink one broke.

The pink on the right tends to have fall-outs. you can prolly see the loose pigments in the pix.

Now, i really like that brown.

‘Queen Amina’ is presently the only Tara eyeshadow palette i own, and i plan to get ‘Queen Idia’ . Grouches? None whatsoever…. I will definitely buy this palette again.

I bought mine for N3,000

You can get this palette at basically any makeup store.
And of course, you can get it at any House of Tara outlet.

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  1. i own both *Queen Amina & Idia... lovely products but i still prefer Sleek Eyeshadows...

    1. Aaaaaaah! I love my sleek palettes anytime any day. Majority of my palettes are sleek, well, except for my BH cosmetics palette. That one is really good too oh!

  2. Wow, nice post! I have been (and still am) on the search for a perfect sleek palettes.


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