Saturday, 20 April 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Tara's eye primer.

Ok people, this is one product i can't do without as an MUA. I don't know if there's a better primer in the market (there probably is), but for now, this is the one i know, and its 'aaah-may-zing'!

Before i got this little wonder, i was using a MaryKay eye primer which was okay, but i didn't know what i was missing until i was introduced to Tara's primer.

Tara's eye primer
This product is cream-coloured, creamy and a little bit thick...thick enough for the eyeshadow to stick to.....thicker than the MaryKay version. I like the packaging, how small it is and the transparent plastic lid/cover.

When i use my Tara primer, my eyeshadow does not crease at all, and it intensifies the vibrancy of the colours i use on my lids (which is what a primer is meant to do). I like the way my eyeshadow sticks to the primer while i apply it.

lol at my finger prints
 A little of this product goes a long way, so be careful how you pack it on your lids. Besides, using too much of it has the tendency of changing the colour of your eyeshadow because of the cream-coloured base, so i gradually build it up to the intensity i want before i start applying my eye shadows, and i use my fingers to apply it.

A swatch of the eye primer

Below are pictures of eyeshadows from Tara's Queen Amina palette applied with and without the primer so that you can compare.....

 Left : With primer  |  Right : Without primer

Left : With primer  |  Right : Without primer

Left : With primer | Right : Without primer
 You can see the magic wit your 'korokoro' eyes. See how sharp the swatches with the primer are compared to those without the primer. I even went further and tried swatching an eyeshadow with both Tara's and MaryKay's primers just to compare them side-by-side...and the difference was clear. I took a picture of the outcome so you can see for yourself......

My MaryKay primer

Left : Tara's Primer | Right : MaryKay's Primer

See?! See what i've been missing since? *wipes brow*. I think Tara's own has that nice effect because of the cream colour of the primer....that cream serves as an under-tone for whichever shadow you apply and brightens it up (just my theory...i could be wrong sha.)

Anyhoo! That's my humble review.

Do you happen to know a better eye primer than Tara's? Please share!

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  1. Where can we get the Tara primer?

  2. Hello, if you are in festac, you can get it at Frannie's cosmetics opposite TFC or Ebenezer cosmetics. If you are on the island, you can get it at House of Tara V.I. If you are at surulere, try the house of Tara outlet at shop rite. You can also check cosmetic stores at the trade fair complex. Also, if you are lucky, you just might find it at any good cosmetics/makeup store near you.

  3. urban decay primer - my favourite


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