Friday, 24 May 2013

An engagement look by a B 'n D student

Meet Chime a 'Blushes 'n Dimples' Makeup school student.

I demonstrated gele tying to her...on her head

 It's only her 3rd week of training (she has 3 more weeks to go), and i asked her to do an engagement look on my face. Click to view what she did......

I felt like a proud momma....loool! Obviously, she still needs work in some areas which i pointed out to her, and before her remaining 3 weeks are up, she will be perfect in all areas including her gele-tying skills.

Abi don't you think she did well?

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  1. Very nice...I love her brows....

  2. She did well

    1. Pls bring blushes n dimples makeup skl to abj naaa! I'm sure u won't b as pricey as d ones we hav ere.luvly makeup. Luv d lipstick shade. Whch one is it?

    2. By God's grace, i will do that in the near future. The lipstick is by revlon, and it's called 'Coral'.

  3. for 3 weeks she tried ohhh..infact for her to even get good brows kudos to her..

  4. Just wowwww,lovely nd colourful eye shadow


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