Saturday, 18 May 2013

B 'n D Makeover

Howdy folks.

In this makeover, i did something i've never done before....instead of using a brown or black to contour my eyes, i decided to use a dark green. It turned out pretty well if i may say so myself. Today, i realized i don't have a matte yellow in any of my palettes *Strokes chin thoughtully* I ought to do something about that. I wanted to use a matte bright yellow, but it also turned out that the shimmery yellow i have wasn't bright enough. #ResignedSigh

Today, i decided to try out my Graftobian HD foundation palette. Since i bought it in March, i haven't touched it. I wonder why i've been saving it all this while....maybe because it looked so pretty, brand new and untouched.....maybe because i want to use it to cook soup *Covers Face*.
There's a review on it coming up soon.

An indoors pix

And then i changed the lip colour from 'Ice bloom' by Clinique to 'Mocha freeze' by MaryKay. Loud lipsticks like red or pink wouldn't pair well (i tried), so i settled for mild shades like these two i used.

Mocha freeze

Mocha freeze again

Still Mocha freeze

No 7 face primer by Boots
Graftobian HD foundation (warm)
Mary Kay concealers in Bronze 1&2
Sleek pressed face powder in 'Tropical bronze 470'
Black radiance blush in 'Soft Honey'

Tara's eye primer
Yellow and green eyeshadows from BH cosmetics 120 color palette (4th Edition)
Zaron 'Black velvet' eye liner
M.A.C fluidline eyeliner in 'Blacktrack'

'Ice Bloom' Lipstick by Clinique
'Mocha Freeze' lipstick by MaryKay
Jordana lipliner pencil in 'Hot Cocoa'


So which lipstick paired better with the eyes? The 'Mocha freeze' or the 'Ice bloom'?

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  1. I stumbled upon dis blog yestrdy and I must say dat I'm completely hooked! I'm such a makeup freak bt havnt bin able to enrole in any makeup classes cos they'r so xpensiv ere in abj. *sad face*! Anyways I learn frm style ntwrk and blogs like dis. I'll luv to go into d biz professionally. Hopin to do so someday! D makeup box looks soooo huge and xpensive sha! *whew*!

    1. Ehyaah, i'm sure there'll be somewhere affordable in Abuja.
      Check for nice video tutorials

      Thanks for coming to my blog. *hugs*

  2. I love it...I prefer diz look to d dark contouring

    1. Seriously? I think it looks nice too.

  3. Pls wat do u use to line the inside of ur eyes?

  4. Pls wat do u use to line the inside of ur eyes?

    1. I used Zaron's 'Black velvet' eyeliner in my waterlines, then I used MAC 'Blacktrack' to line my upper lash line.


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