Saturday, 4 May 2013

Light got re-defined!

Yep, that's her name, and i think it's beautiful.

Hello everyone, hope your weekend is going well.

Yesterday, a friend called me up and asked if i could give another friend of hers a bridal makeover. I said "beht of course!", so today, i carried my stuff over to the bride's place and re-defined her. Since it was impromptu, we couldn't do a trial makeup session which is the norm with me. But i already had a look in mind for the bride. I finished the look, and everyone in the room loved it!


Light was the calmest bride ever. Even though they were running late, she remained calm through the chaos....i must commend her for that. Her gown looked absolutely gorgeous, her hair looked great too.

Doing my thing

Brides and their phones sha.
 Everyone loved the way the look came out....i did too.

Congratulations Light, and thanks for choosing B 'n D......Here's wishing you a joyful, peaceful, fruitful and love-filled union.
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  1. Complete transformation. You did a great job on her.

  2. Well done B n D and congrats light

  3. Her name make sense, n u did a grt job besides her gown is gorgeous, wld hv luv 2 c d full pix. Beautiful bride

  4. Love her shadow. Congrats dعar!

  5. Great work!

  6. Weldone darling. If you need a stylist visit.

  7. U really did a great makeover on her..mi luv it wait o wat was dat indian abi na kim kardashian style she put on her forehead.abeg brides show knw dat u dnt need too much accesories for ur white wedding d one in front n d one on d hair haba na*winks*


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